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Chapter 54 Himmel Soans Chatterio Account

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“Patriarch, please forgive us…” Warren lowered his head and spoke in a shaky voice.

There was nothing scary about young Himmel Soans delicate face, but no one dared to meet him in the eye.

Just by sitting there, he gave off a suppressive air that

reminded one of a mountain.

The others found it hard to breathe.

“Forgive you How Tell me, what place does our country have in the world”

No one dared to answer that question.

“Third” Himmel Soan asked in an uncertain tone.

No one answered, and everyone seemed nervous.

“Fifth” Himmel Soan made another guess.

Still, no one answered.

That didnt seem to be the correct guess either.

Himmel Soans face darkened.

“We have to be in the top eight, right”

He still received no reply, and the others looked even more nervous.

Beads of sweat were trickling down their faces.


Himmel Soan punched through the wall next to him and bellowed at the others, “Are you telling me our country isnt even in the top eight!”

“Patriarch, we—”

“Shut up! Im not your Patriarch since you clearly didnt follow my orders! You must all have a death wish!”

Yosef wiped away his sweat.

“Patriarch, please dont be angry…”

“Dont be angry Im not angry! Im homicidal!”

The high-ranking executives of the Soan empire fell off their chairs, knelt on the floor, and begged for mercy.

“Patriarch, were so sorry!”

“Patriarch, please forgive us! We were only worried about your safety!”

“Master, Im sorry.

It was all my fault.

I shouldnt have stayed behind in the Himmelian Village all those years.

I should have sent the three divisions out to search for you!”

“Master, Im the one to be blamed! Drake had wanted to go out to look for you, but I stopped him! Master, Ill take full responsibility!”

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The look in Himmel Soans eyes grew colder.

“Shut up, all of you! Do you still think searching for me was the right decision Liam, did you say you would take full responsibility Its too big a responsibility for you to

take! Drake, do you remember what special instruction I gave you When Im not around, youre the head of the Soan empire.

Is this how youve been running things”

Drake prostrated on the floor and wept.

“Master, Im sorry…”

Himmel Soan turned around and crossed his hands behind his back.

“Of course, you should feel sorry! Releasing those people was the only right thing you did! If you had

killed them, the first thing I would have done when I came out of the coffin was to kill you!”

Drakes stomach lurched, and he felt he had dodged a bullet.

Luckily, he was lenient in the end and set the trolls free.

Otherwise, Himmel Soan would have executed him

out there in the ocean.

“Master, I wont do it again!”

James knelt on the ground.

“Patriarch, please forgive Uncle Drake.

If he hadnt intervened and let us do it our way, we would have made a huge blunder.

Luckily, Uncle

Drake took care of those people in the end.

Otherwise, they would have all been dead!”

“What makes you think youre in the position to plead for someone else” Himmel Soan turned to James, who was so frightened that he prostrated on the ground and

didnt dare look up.

James was the first person to turn radical.

Despite his anger, Himmel Soan was still reasonable.

James was right.

If it hadnt been for Drake, the Martial Arts Association and the Guardians would have killed all those people.

He had kept everything under control.

Although he initially wanted to kill all those people, he showed mercy in the end and chose to let them go.

Drake believed that since Himmel Soan was dead, killing the

trolls wouldnt achieve anything.

It wouldnt bring their Patriarch back.

He knew that all Himmel Soan ever wanted was to guard the country, and he had been doing it for years.

The thought of killing the people his master had tried to protect made Drake uneasy.

It felt like a betrayal of his ideology.

That was why he relented and let everyone go.

Unexpectedly, he escaped certain doom and was rewarded for his good deeds.

f he really had killed so many people, Himmel Soan would have taken his life.

“Patriarch, please forgive Drake!” said Hayden.

Hayden was the only one that Himmel Soan wasnt so angry with.

He had tried to stop the people of the Soan empire, but he was only a doctor.

Although he was the most

famous doctor in the country, he didnt have any actual power.

His words didnt mean anything to those people.

Moreover, he didnt have much to contribute to making this country the greatest one in the world.

There was only so much he could do, and he had given the country everything.

He had been treating citizens of this country ever since he gained his fame.

He hadnt done anything wrong.

What about the others

Caroline was the president of IF Security.

Instead of running her company, she went out to search for Himmel Soan.

Warren, the head of the Orient Chamber of Commerce, left his post to look for Himmel Soan.

James was the president of the Martial Arts Association, and he also abandoned his responsibility to look for Himmel Soan.

Yosef was one of the captains of the Guardians and a radical member.

Of course, he did the same!

Hayden was the only one that hadnt disappointed Himmel Soan!

“You… 1 dont know what to say to you!”

Himmel Soan was so angry that he was at a loss for words, but he also couldnt bring himself to punish them.

“Youll atone for your crimes by doing good deeds!”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

His followers prostrated on the ground and replied in unison.

In the anline world


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