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Soan is so adorable.”

“Did Mr.

Soan think that he could contact those people by tagging them Mr.

Soan, it doesnt work like that.

They can only get the notification after they download the Chatterio app and log into their accounts.”

“No, they may not see the notification even if they log in.

They must get thousands of notifications every day.


Soan, they wont see it!”

“Yes, Mr.

Soan is so adorable.

Its understandable, though.

After all, he has just opened his account.

Go_Against_Trend: “Gosh! These people were born in our country, but theyre all living in Neige now while still keeping our passports.

What are these scientists thinking Are they really going to come back”

Himmel Soans latest post became the center of attention again.

The comment of a user named “Go_Against_Trend” brought attention to a new level.


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