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Chapter 58 Group Return

“Come back!” William burst into excited tears when he read Himmel Soans post.

He replied with shaking fingers, “Yes, Patriarch!”


Les TT Research Center.


Someone slammed a file onto the desk.

A Moonian with black hair and black eyes looked at a Flamian behind the desk and spoke decisively in the native language, “Mario, Im going back home.

Heres my resignation letter.

Ive written down everything you need to know.”

Mario buried his face in his hands in a melodramatic manner and spoke gravely, “What Oh my god! Branco, thats not funny at all! Damn it! Thats the worst news! Are you still mad about what happened the other day Ill buy you dinner.

The best hotpot in town.

How does that sound”

“Im not angry, Mario.

Im serious! Im quitting this job without your permission.

Im leaving today!” “Gosh! Are you listening to yourself Have you lost your mind Thats the most ridiculous thing youve ever said! I know a great doctor.

I think youll get better.” “Mario, Im going to repeat it: Im not joking! Im going back, and Ive already bought my ticket.”

Mario nervously walked away from his desk, asking, “Branco, why Can you give me a reason Has Flamia disappointed you in any


“No, it hasnt, but Im a Moonian, so I must go back!”

After that, Branco took out his phone, logged into Chatterio, found Himmel Soans post, and replied, “Yes, Patriarch!”

In Neige.


231 Laboratory.

Viclan wrapped up his research program and handed a file to his assistant.

“Rachel, heres my resignation.

Please hand it to the boss for me.”

Rachel seemed shocked, but she secretly rejoiced because she would have a promotion opportunity now that Viclan was gone.

231 was a top research facility in Neige, and all the members were elites.

Rachel couldnt understand why her boss let some foreigners run this place.

Viclan was even made the deputy chief.

How annoying!

Just like Viclan, all those foreigners were going to quit today.

For the longest time, Rachel couldnt stand the sight of them.

She wasnt alone.

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Many other people in the research center were glad to see them gone.

However, Rachel still feigned a sorry tone.

“What Youre leaving Why Viclan, what are we going to do about our program”


“Ive handed over everything.

With your ability, Im sure you can continue the research from there.

Im not asking for permission to resign.

This is my final decision.

Im leaving, with or without permission.”

He then took out his phone and opened Chatterio.

“Yes, Patriarch! Ill arrive at Sacred Temple Airport in no more than 12 hours!”

Rachel said, “Viclan, I cant imagine what this place will be like without you!” “Youll get used to it.”


Have a safe trip home, Viclan.” Rachel happily took the file, left the office, and handed it to her boss.

Back in Moon.

The two sides were having an intense argument on Chatterio when something unexpected happened.

The top international scientists Himmel Soan contacted earlier began to reply to his post, and the number of replies had been growing.

Before long, over five hundred scientists and other famous people all replied to that post.

“Neige231ViclanV (verified account) @Himmel Soan_Elder of Moon (verified account): Yes, Patriarch! Ill arrive at Sacred Temple Airport in no more than 12 hours!”

“FlamiaBrancoV (verified account) @Himmel Soan_Elder of Moon (verified account): Yes, Patriarch!”

“WinlandWilliamSoanV (verified account) @Himmel Soan_Elder of Moon (verified account): Yes, Patriarch!”

“SoiliaJacksonSoanV (verified account) @Himmel Soan_Elder of Moon (verified account): Yes, Patriarch! Im on my way!”

“NiseanCarlBenceV (verified account) @Himmel Soan_Elder of Moon (verified account): Yes, Patriarch! Ill be there tomorrow morning!”

The replies of the top scientists astonished the people on both sides.

There was a brief moment of silence.

Then, they began to post comments faster than shooting bullets.

“Holy crap! What the hell Whats going on” “Seriously Theyve all replied! Am I seeing things”

“For real Are those the actual scientists themselves”

“I have no idea! They all haveV in their IDs, and those are all verified accounts.

I think theyre the real ones.”

“Patriarch Did they call Mr.

Himmel Soan Patriarch Are they also members of the Soan empire”

“How powerful is the Soan empire Thats so


“Holy crap! Are they all coming back Theyre all top scientists in the world! Our country will benefit greatly from their return! Im so glad! Im literally laughing right now!”

“I cant believe it! Mr.

Himmel Soan is so incredible! Where are the idiots that looked down upon our country Theyre not talking now, are they Come out, you dogs! Didnt you say our country isnt strong enough Didnt you call them ungrateful and accuse them of ignoring their homeland Youre not so sure now, are you!”

“Things are looking up for our country! Theyre coming back!”

However, no matter what happened, doubters always existed.

Some people would always disagree with things for the sake of it.

“I dont believe theyre coming back!”

“Neither do I! Theyll never leave those countries.

I had a look just then.

None of those accounts are usually active.

I think theyre all fakes!”

“Thats so true.

Probably someone else is using those accounts.

You people are celebrating too early.”

“I dont buy it.

Neige has everything.

Flamia has the best laboratories in the world.

Winlands research department pays the best.

Over there, they can earn ten or twenty times more than they do here.

Why would they come back at all”

“Its more than that! As far as I know, Soilia values scientific research above anything else.

Young people here only idolize celebrities, but over there, they worship scientists! Theyre the pillar of society and more respected than anyone else.

They have to be idiots to abandon such a high salary and nice working environment!”


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