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Chapter 61 Purpose of the Guardians

“Patriarch, you… You didnt tell me back then.” Yosef sounded tentative.

Himmel Soan put his hands behind his back and looked out the window.

“The five big countries have been smooth sailing for decades, and its expected that they would be more advanced than our country.

Moon has seen better days.

It used to be a great country in ancient times, but what happened a century ago drained us of its energy.

To restore our greatness, we need to wait patiently, take one step at a time, and slowly build up our strength.

“One day, they will try to turn on us.

I stationed you, Brandon, and Joan overseas so that you could all take roots in those countries.

Before you, Timothy and the Guardians have been doing a good job.

They managed to make some progress in establishing themselves.

“I thought given enough time, you and the others would penetrate the five countries.

When they decide to turn on us, we wouldnt feel so helpless.

However, youve achieved nothing! Youve spent the last thirty years looking for me! Im so disappointed!” Yosef immediately bowed his head.

“Im sorry, Patriarch! Ive disappointed you! Please punish


He then dropped to his knees, willing to accept any punishment coming his way.

Himmel Soan took a deep breath.

“Get up.

If I wanted to punish you, I would have punished all of you when we were out there.

Ive told you to atone for your crimes with good deeds, and I intend to keep my words.

Send in Brandon, Joan, and other leaders of the foreign division of the Soan empire.”

“Yes, Patriarch!” Yosef then summoned Brandon, Joan, and the others.


“Patriarch, did you want to see us”

“Patriarch, were at your service.”

Himmel Soan pointed at the sofa and calmly said, “Sit down.”

“Thank you, Patriarch!”

He only started talking after they all took their seats.

“All the people Ive requested to come back are outstanding members of the society.

Their absence would be a great loss to the five countries.

I dont think those countries will be willing to let them leave.

Theyll do everything in their power to stop our men.

I dont think many of them can get back.”

Brandon shouted, “How dare they! Do they think the northern division will just stand by and let them do that! No one is allowed to touch members of the Soan empire!”

Joan said, “I agree! If they try to hold back members of the Soan empire, our forces in the south wont allow it!”

Yosef said, “Patriarch, what do you want us to do Were waiting for your order.”

“Go abroad and bring them back!”

“No problem, Patriarch! Im on it!”

“Wait!” Himmel Soan said, “Try not to start a conflict.

Be subtle and use covert strategies.”

Brandon, Joan, and the others looked at each other, confused.

“Patriarch, why Were not afraid of them!”

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“No, were not, but conflict is unnecessary.

We shouldnt give up too much information just yet.

If possible, we should bring them back quietly!”

The others looked at one another, and all nodded at Himmel Soan.

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Himmel Soan said coldly, “Are you sure If I ever find out youre not following my orders and doing as you wish as you did thirty years ago, you know what will happen…” “Patriarch, please be reassured that we wont repeat our mistakes!” “Alright.

Start working.”

“Damn it!”

“This is bull**!”

“Bloody hell!”

“Go to hell!”

The resignation of the top scientists grabbed the attention of the country leaders.

Nearly all the countries were holding conferences, and people were saying the worst things they could think of.

It was a scarce thing for high-ranking officials.

as a sca

“Fuck! You havent been doing your job! How could you let them leave Who gave you that right Did I permit you to do that”

Oraman was the greatest president Neige ever had, and he had been reappointed consecutively eight times.


Eight times.

In most countries in the world, one term of the countrys leader was four years.

What made Oraman so popular that he could be president for over thirty years

The reason was the Moonian scientists.

They came here a little over thirty years ago.

Since then, Neige had been at the forefront of technology in the world until it became the most powerful country.

Oraman first became the president at 60, and he was 92 now.

However, he was running for reelection again and had a high chance of winning.

That hope would be gone if the scientists left.

“Screw all of you! I dont care how you do it, but you must bring them back! Dont you know how much we can lose if they leave this country How can you let such things happen!”

Jerry said, “Mr.

President, its not Lab 213s fault.

I dont think we should have foreigners lead our top science labs.

Their departure can be a good thing…”

Oraman smashed a laptop into Jerrys face.

“You idiot! What the hell do you know Use your brain!”

A young woman stepped out and pointed the remote control at the big screen.

Some data came up, and she started explaining it to the audience.

“Weve collected and analyzed some data of the past thirty years.

Please have a look.

Viclan is taking the famous Soanian Theory with him, and the next stage of our development needs that theory.

Itll take us approximately fifteen years to figure out that theory independently.

That is to say, our technology development will pause for fifteen years, plus or minus five


The high-ranking officials looked at one another in bewilderment.

Jerry, who used to belittle Viclan, seemed astonished.

“I didnt know they were so important.

Have our own scientists achieved nothing in the past thirty years”

The young woman said, “Of course not, but starting from 22 years ago, all our science projects have been based on the Soanian Theory.

Thats how weve been staying ahead in the game.”

“If the Soanian Theory is so important, why didnt we ask him to give it to us”

“We did, but the Soanian Theory consists of seven fundamental theories, three advanced theories, two core methods, and over ten thousand equations.

Viclan only gave us one theory!”

“What will happen if we dont have those theories and equations”

The woman clicked the remote control, showing the next slide.


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