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Chapter 64 Patriarch Knows

Branco and his fellow scientists sat in the car in the middle.

They were almost at the airport when the incident happened.

Branco had anticipated something like this.

They had a safe trip until they reached the last few miles, making him nervous.

Then, over a dozen men pushed through the cars from both sides and surrounded Brancos vehicle.

One of them stared at the Flamians and smirked.

“The Moonians are leaving, and no one is going to stop them!”

“Who are you” the leader of the Flamians asked coldly.

The captain of the men in black said proudly, “Im Theo Soan! Get lost now, or youll be in great trouble when he gets angry!”

The Flamian leader snapped.

“I dont care who you are! We wont let Branco leave Flamia, even if it means killing him!”

Theo Soan smirked.

“And what makes you think you can do that”

“Try me!” The Flamian leader gave the order, and his men charged at the Moonians.

Theo shouted, “Jack, Fred, protect Uncle Branco.

The rest of you, attack!”

The Guardians were far more capable than ordinary people.

Although they werent as formidable as the three divisions, no ordinary people would be their match, not even members of James Martial Arts Association.

They defeated the Flamians without any difficulty.

Theo tapped Brancos car window, and the latter rolled it down.

“Uncle Branco, were the Guardians.

The Patriarch has sent us here to escort you back! The award ceremony is taking place tonight in Neige, and the Patriarch wants to know if you want to attend.

If the answers yes, you can go to Neige, and someone there will get you back to Moon.

You dont need to worry about anything.”

Branco was delighted.

“Youre the Guardians!” He then asked in surprise, “What did you say The award ceremony”

“Yes! Viclan has won the Nobel Prize!”

“Viclan I have to go, then! But the Patriarch wanted us back…”

“Its alright.

The Patriarch is the one who asked us to deliver this message.”

“Thank you! Ill stay a night in Neige, then, and go back home tomorrow!”


In Winland.

“William, you cant get away.

Please come back with me, or we wont be so civil anymore!” A few Winish men cornered William and his colleagues.

They might sound sincere, but they were trying to intimidate the scientists.

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Himmel Soan had anticipated incidents like this.

That was why he sent the Guardians.

Over a dozen black men jumped down from the building roofs on either side of the alley.

“Im sorry, Uncle William.

We should have come earlier.

Are you alright”

“Who are you”

“Were the Guardians.

The Patriarch has sent us here to pick you up.

He knew these people would give you trouble, so he sent us here to help you!”

Williams eyes lit up.

“The Patriarch is a wise man! Thank you for your help!”

“My pleasure! The Patriarch also told me to deliver a message.

The Nobel Prize ceremony is taking place tonight in Neige.

If you would like to go, you can go to Neige first before returning home!”

The Winish men were furious.

“Who are you”

“Its none of your business! Get out of my way!”

“You clowns! You think so highly of yourselves, dont you Guys, lets teach them a lesson! No one can take William away!”

It was the same as what happened in Flamia.

The Winish men charged at the Guardians, but they werent their match at all.

They were defeated in no more than three minutes.

Similar things happened in other countries.

Many scientists headed for Neige when they heard that the Nobel Prize was to be given to Moonians this year.

Back in Moon, people were discussing avidly online.

“What The Nobel Prize ceremony has been moved forward Why”

“The rumors are true, then.

The scientists really are coming back, and Neige has stalled them with the Nobel Prize!”.

“Dont make me laugh! Youre living in a dream! Why do you think theyre ever going to come back With or without the Nobel Prize, theyll remain where they are! Stop dreaming!” “Dont take such news too seriously.

Neige is always behind everything.

Theyve tampered with the Nobel Prize every year.

Although, why is the ceremony so early this time I thought it wouldnt happen for another two months.”

“You people are hilarious.

Do you seriously think theyre coming back tomorrow Do you still believe it now Youre so dumb!”

The netizens bickered online as they watched the Dragon Cave trial.

“We still have time.

Its too early to tell.

Im sure theyll be back tomorrow!” “Look! We have another naive little fool here! Im laughing so loudly right now.

You really believe theyre coming back tomorrow!”

“Lets wait and see if theyll be here tomorrow! I hope you can still be so certain by then!”

It was going to be an eventful night for Neige.

Because of the 12-hour time difference, it was daytime in Moon when everything took place.

By the following morning, people were saying all sorts of things online.

“What did I tell you They would never abandon what theyve earned in Neige! You people must be dreaming! You idiots! Dont make me laugh!”

“Its noon already.

Didnt they say they would arrive at Sacred Temple Airport by noon Where are they now”

“Where are the people who were so sure they would come back @CandiceMain, dont play dead! I remember what you said yesterday! Why have you gone radio silent Say something! Answer me!”

“Thats right! Say something! What You cant face reality now Have you lost your faith Do you still love your country”

Some vloggers were even waiting at the airport so that they could broadcast the scene live.

“Hello, everybody.

Im at the Sacred Temple Airport.

Ive been waiting here since ten oclock this morning, but I havent seen a single scientist.

I think its safe to say that the accounts that have replied to Mr.

Himmel Soans post were all fake!”


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