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Chapter 67 Screwed

Viclan then put the medal on the floor.

Behind him, over a dozen Moonian scientists also did the same.

“Yes, you can have it back!”

“Take it!”

“We dont want it! Its moral blackmail, and we wont have it!”

“Yes, we wont take it!”

The Neigerian officials were furious when the scientists started giving back their trophies.

Oraman, who was watching the ceremony somewhere else, was also infuriated.

“What are those idiots doing Are they trying to offend the scientists Stop them now!”

However, things had gone out of hand.

When Oraman gave the command, all hell had broken loose.

The Neigerian officials rushed onto the stage and started throwing punches at Viclan and the scientists.

The host and other scientists had to pull them apart.

“We dont owe Neige anything!”

“Yes! We dont owe you anything! You owe us!”

“I didnt see this coming! You were trying to attack us! I cant believe this is your attitude!”

Viclan and his colleagues were fuming.

They soon left the ceremony in a huff.

Everything was broadcasted live.

This years Nobel Prize ceremony was bound to become a joke.

Posts from Flamia:


The Neigerians have just made themselves into a laughing stock! They tried to bribe the scientists, but they wouldnt take the bait!”

“Neige moved up the ceremony by a month, but they achieved nothing!”

“Nice work!”

“Did you see that The Moonians are like that! They never feel grateful for anything!”

“I agree with you! The Moonians are like that! Our Moonian scientists are leaving, too! Weve treated them nicely for nothing! Moonians suck!”

Posts in Soilia read:

“Neige really has screwed up.

Who would have known that Moonians would be so fiery!”

“Fiery You call that fiery Thats being ungrateful!”

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“I agree! Moonians are like that! Thats why their country is so weak! They had it coming!”

“I disagree.

Theyre just patriotic.

Whats wrong with loving ones own country” “Do you know what Neige has done for them” “That doesnt give them a reason for moral blackmail!”

The Winish netizens wrote:

“Whats Neige doing Arent they supposed to be tough Why dont they just lock up the scientists”

“Dude, you sound really grumpy!”

“Grumpy Do you know weve lost our Moonian scientists as well Weve provided them with everything for thirty years, and theyre taking research materials away with them.

Do you still think Im grumpy” “What I cant believe it! Kill the ungrateful bastards! I side with Neige!”

Back in Moon.

The bullet chats went back to what they were before.

Everyone was singing praises for the country once more.

“Nice job! We Moonians have backbone!”

“Did you hear that Viclan said hes coming back here! Go to hell, you trolls!”

“Viclan is awesome! Ive made up my mind.

To hell with the celebrities.

From now on, Ill idolize scientists only! Im Viclans fan!”

“I think that should have been the case a long time ago.

The young people should value science above anything else!”

“A country is only as strong as its younger generation.

Do you see the kind of people the youngsters idolize nowadays”

“Will Viclan and his colleagues be alright”

This piece of comment raised much attention.

Would Viclan and his friends be safe

After all, Neige was known for its relentless means.

The country was used to having things its way.

If they couldnt get what they wanted, they would destroy it.

Now that Viclan had publicly announced his decision to go back to his home country, people worried Neige would try to harm them.

“We should let Sky Eye know whats going on!”

“Ive sent the Dragon Tribe a message!”

“Our country should intervene!”

“Yes! Those scientists are the future of our country! We cant let people harm them!”

Numerous people left comments on Sky Eye and Dragon Tribes Chatterio accounts.

Both of them replied to the publics concern.

“Please dont worry.

Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe will make sure Viclan and his colleagues are unharmed!”

Meanwhile, Oraman summoned the high-ranking officials to his office and slapped them in the face.

Being the president, he simply assumed he could slap whomever he wanted.

The officials had thrown a tantrum during the ceremony, but now, they looked like children that had been caught stealing red-handed.

They didnt dare to speak a word.

“You idiots! All of you! What have you done! What did I tell you before the ceremony started Have you forgotten all about it!”



“Did I tell you to speak!” Oraman slapped the man again.

He was puffing and panting from shouting at his men.

They had a chance to turn things around, but that window of opportunity had closed for good.


President, what should we do now” one of the men asked.

“With everything that has happened, no matter what we do now, Viclan and his men arent going to stay!” A man said viciously, “In that case, Mr.

President, we cant let them go back! If we cant have the Soanian Theory, neither can Moon!”

Oramans gaze was malevolent.

“Lets do that while theyre still within our borders! Im leaving the task to you! Make sure you dont leave any loose ends.

If you screw up again, Ill throw you all behind bars!”

The officials shivered when they heard this.

“Dont worry, Mr.

President! Weve done it before.

Viclan will never get out of Neige!”

“Well make sure they dont get on that plane tonight!”


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