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Chapter 68 Another Way

In an airport in Neige.

The Soan empire had gathered over five hundred scientists there.

They had bought tickets for the first flights available, and in three hours, they would leave Neige and be on their way home.

However, they knew that it was going to be the longest three hours.

At the same time, they also believed that the Patriarch and their country wouldnt let them down.

Therefore, they remained very calm.

They were right.

Before long, the airport was surrounded by black sedans.

The airport was cleared out until Viclan and his fellow scientists were the only ones left.

Over a hundred stalwart Neigerians wearing sunglasses and suits rushed into the airport and marched toward Viclan.

The leader of the team was called Ricardo.

Meanwhile, a similar number of Moonians appeared behind the scientists.

They also wore sunglasses and suits with their hair slicked back.

Theo Soan was the one leading them.


Viclan!” Ricardo walked up to Viclan, saying, “Theres a problem with your flight, and it needs temporary adjustment.

Please come with us if you still want to go back home.

Well arrange a special flight for you.”

Theo replied before Viclan could say anything, “That wont be necessary.

If the plane cant take off, well drive to Woodia, the neighboring country, and fly back home from there.

Thank you, sir, for your kindness, but well take it from here!”

Ricardo asked, “Who are you”

“I dont think thats any of your business.”

“What if I said no Mr.

Viclan, you must come with us today!”

“I wont worry about that.

Youre in no position to say no.

You can try if you dont believe me.” Theo casually put a hand on the back of Viclans chair as he sneered at Ricardo, not the least bit threatened by him.

Filled with rage, Ricardo said, “I take it that youre Mr.

Viclans bodyguard.

In that case, Id like to give it a go!” “I cant wait! Bring it on!” Theo shrugged.

Ricardo narrowed his eyes and was ready to strike.

Just then, someone shouted from behind, “Stop!”

Ricardo and his men turned around and saw another group of Neigerian men entering the airport.

This time, they were led by a Moonian.

He walked up to Ricardo and showed him his credentials.

“Hello, Mr.


Im Philip, the captain of Team 213.

Im here with an order and will be in charge of this operation!” Ricardo believed him when he saw the credentials.

Only a handful of people in Neige had his level of clearance.

People with such credentials were very high up the food chain.

No one would dare to impersonate them.

Besides, it was impossible to duplicate the credentials.

They all came with special chips that could be verified by a scanner.

Ricardo took out the equipment, which made a beeping sound when he put it next to the badge.

The guy was real!

“Thank you, Philip, for coming out here!”

Philip nodded.

“I should thank you, Ricardo.

Youve come all the way here for nothing.”

“Dont worry about it.

Its all for the best of Neige!”

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Ill take over from here.

You guys can go back now.”


Ricardo only followed orders and didnt care about anything else.

After receiving the instruction from Philip, he left the airport with his men.

Theo looked at Philip in bewilderment and asked in his native Moonian language, “Are


Philip shook his hand and replied in the same language.

“Im Philip Soan from the first branch of Timothy Soans division!”

“Im Theo Soan, the leader of the third team of the Guardians.”

“Pleasure to meet you!” “I didnt know we had infiltrated Neige.”

Philip chuckled.

“Im not alone either.

We paid a small fortune to build this identity, and it has come in handy! I know you could handle the situation without me, but we should always avoid conflicts if possible!”

Theo said humbly, “I dont know about that.

I dont think I could have handled the situation without you.

Thank you so much!”

“Lets chat when were back home.

Ive arranged a fight for us; its been waiting for us for two hours.

We can board in ten minutes.

Lets get ready!”

Today was the last time Philip was going to use this identity.

Ten minutes later, he would leave Neige together with Viclan.

Oraman kicked the desk, knocking it over.

“What did you say Theyre all gone! Goddamn it! Didnt you promise me that they would never leave Do you remember what you


He then kicked an official to the ground.

The man said timidly, “Damn those Moonians! I didnt know they had people in Team 213, too! It was so careless of me!”

“I dont want to hear your bull**! Scientific technology in Moon will make rapid progress in a short time! Tell me, what should we do then Huh!”

The official remained silent in frustration, not knowing what to say.

Another official said, “Mr.

President, I have an idea!”

“Spit it out already!”

“Yes! I know some Moonians are looking forward to coming to our country.

They want our permanent residence.

We can use it as a bargaining chip, asking them to spread rumors in Moon to boycott Viclan and his people! When that happens, theyll be disappointed in Moon!”

The idea appeased Oraman slightly, and the other officials in the room also seemed pleased.

“Thats great! When Moon disappoints Viclan, even if he doesnt come back here, he wont give the Soanian Theory to Moon either.

Well still be the greatest country in the world!

“We can then offer them some more rewards and win them back again!”

Oraman nodded and told one of the officials, “Ill leave it to you.

Dont disappoint me again!”


President, Im sure Ill bring them back this time!”

The official left the office and called a number on the phone at the other end of the corridor.

“Its me.

Didnt you always want permanent Neigerian residence Im offering you an opportunity.

If you succeed, I can even give you Neigerian citizenship!”


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