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Chapter 69 Manipulate Public Opinion

“Really, Mr.

Morado Can my family come with me, too”

“Of course! Do this thing for me, and youll become a Neigerian in no time! You cant do it alone, though.

I remember you mentioning that you have a society of some sort and that the members are all people who want to come to Neige”

Back in Moon, in the city where the sacred temple was, a chubby man in his forties was nodding excitedly at the phone.

“Thats right, Mr.


The society was set up fifteen years ago, and weve gathered some very loyal members.

Theyre all looking forward to going to Neige but have never been given a chance.” Morado smirked.

“Then listen carefully.

Im giving you an opportunity.

If you can do this thing for me, all your members will be granted permanent Neigerian residence.

The outstanding ones can even become citizens!”

“Really” The chubby man was both astonished and excited.

He asked tentatively, “Did you say all of us”

“Yes! All of you! Ill give everyone permanent residence but not citizenship.

You need to make some contributions to earn that status.”

“We got this, Mr.


Whatever the task is, well get things done!”

“Glad to hear it.

Do you know whats going on with Viclan” Morado asked.

The man nodded.

“Yes! I watched the live stream! Viclan is an ungrateful man! I cant believe it! Neige has treated them so well, but theyve humiliated the country in front of the whole world! How ridiculous!”

“I like where youre going with it.

The task Im giving you is related to Viclan.

He hasnt gone back to your country yet, so heres what youre going to do.” The call lasted for nearly forty minutes.

The man nodded from time to time and made solemn promises.


“Sure! “Of course!

“No problem!

“You have my word!”

It was three oclock in the morning in Neige when Viclan and his people boarded the flight.

It was three in the afternoon in Moon, three hours after the Nobel Prize ceremony.

At first, people rejoiced and were celebrating the return of the scientists.

Numerous posts with such themes were posted online.

No one knew when it started, but some people began to offer differing opinions.

Such posts were created alongside the celebrating ones and gradually became the mainstream.

“Asking Viclan to come back is the dumbest decision ever!”

“Whats that supposed to mean Do you know what youre talking about”

“Whats wrong with what he said Didnt you watch the ceremony Didnt you see what Viclan was like Dont you know what he and his people have said and done He doesnt deserve to come back!”

“I agree! Raising a person is so much more effort than giving birth! One can never do enough to repay a person or a place that has raised them! Yes, Viclan was born here, but Neige is the country that has made him what he is now! Not only wouldnt he show any gratitude, but he has humiliated Neige in front of the whole world! This is nothing personal, and Im not targeting Viclan, nor am I saying that Neige is better than Moon.

Im just stating the facts!”

“Totally! I dont like Neige either, but it doesnt change the fact that Viclan isnt the most upright person! He and all his colleagues! Yes, they can turn Neige down, but they shouldnt have said it in front of the whole world! Its like accusing ones adopted parents!”

“Nicely said! They shouldnt have treated Neige like that!”

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“I agree with all of you! Youre absolutely correct! Its not about the grudges between the two countries.

As far as I know, Viclan is 52 years old now.

He was born in Woodia, came back to Moon at five, and when to Soilia at 18 years old.

He moved to Neige at 20 and has stayed there until now.

He has only spent 13 years in Moon.

Thats less than half the time he spent in Neige!”

“Gosh! Viclan was born in Woodia and only came back at five! Hes only lived here for 13 years Does he even love this country Do you think he has a hidden agenda”

“Agenda or no agenda, he has abandoned the country that has supported him for 30 years.

He has only lived in Moon for over ten years, so are we sure that he wont abandon us one day when he has better offers”

“Why do you even ask Of course, hes going to leave us one day! All traitors are like that! No, we cant have Viclan back! I dont feel safe having him here! One day, hell leak all our secrets!”

“Thats right! We cant have him here!”

“I think what you said made some sense.”

“Shit! Youre giving me the creeps! Is Viclan coming back to steal our secrets”

“He has abandoned the country that has supported him for 30 years! We cant accept an ungrateful bastard! Whos to say that he wont betray us one day!”

“No, he cant come back!”

“Go away, Viclan!”

“Viclan isnt welcomed here!” Some people began to manipulate public opinion.

Not everyone online had the best judgment, and many people would agree with everything other people said.

Many people found the “analysis” reasonable and joined the boycott.

Only half an hour ago, they were welcoming Viclan back.

However, almost everyone was opposing the idea now.

“Its too dangerous for us to have Viclan in this country!”

“Our country will support them and provide them with many resources.

If his return is a plot against us, wed lose too much!”

“Totally! I dont want Viclan back! Never! Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe must consider these possibilities! We cant have a traitor here!”

Morado put the laptop on Oramans desk.

Oraman was pleased when he read through the comments.

“Viclan has abandoned all the nice things and left us.

However, his fellow countrymen arent moved.

Not only that, but theyre also accusing them of those things.

I think Viclan will be very disappointed.”

Morado laughed.

“When that happens, Viclan will come back!”


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