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Chapter 71 Slander

The paragraph was followed by more screenshots of the comments.

They were all questioning the authenticity of the accounts, and some of the comments were left by VIP accounts.

Jesper wrote, “In other words, these people believe that Moon is the worst country globally, and they worship the foreign countries.

To them, nothing good can ever happen to us.

They consider everyone to be ungrateful and are capable of betrayal at any given moment.

If someone compliments Moon, theyll only call those people hypocritical.

“I want to ask these people how tiresome your life must be Whats the point of living like that You talk about facing reality, but you cant even comprehend what reality is! “You claimed that all those accounts were fake, but as it turns out, theyre all authentic! Viclan, William, and Branco are all coming back! I hope that you lot would finally shut up or join the celebration.

However, you just wouldnt give


Attachment 1.

Attachment 2

Attachment 3.

Jesper then posted another dozen or so screenshots.

They contained the comments those people just posted.

Jesper (verified account) wrote, “Have a look and see how shameless your comments are! You said there was no way the scientists would return, which was baseless speculation! Now that theyre actually on the plane, youre trying to keep them out of our land.

Can you even see how ridiculous your comments are No one with the right mind can say such things!

“Do you want them to come back or not Get your opinion straight! Let me guess.

If the scientists cant come back, in the end, youre going to accuse them again, right Youll say theyve disregarded their homeland and call them ungrateful bastards that have forgotten about their origin.

Nothing they do is ever right in your eyes!

“Were all adults here, and we should be able to form our own opinions.

Dont agree with everything other people tell you.

These opinion leaders all have their hidden agendas.

I have reason to believe that theyre either deluded and paranoid, or they belong to some organization that doesnt want the scientists to come back!

“Their purpose is to sabotage our plan! Our country has been making little progress because these people have been stalling us! These people are sinners of this country! Theyre worse than traitors! @Sky EyeV (verified account) I think the government should look into it! These people should either be sent to a mental hospital or prison!”

Jespers lengthy post soon went viral.

The misled people were rendered speechless.

They realized that they had been agreeing to everything other people said.

They had no opinions of their own and had been repeating other peoples views.

Viclans return should be great news to Moon.

Why should they try to stop it

Viclan had fallen out with Neige in front of the whole world.

They had made it clear and left no other choice for themselves.

Wasnt that enough to show how determined they were

The post made many people open their eyes.

However, a small group of people was still criticizing Jesper, saying he was trying to manipulate public opinion and whitewash Viclans reputation.

Some people even started a live stream.

In it, they trashed Jesper with everything they could think of.

They also revealed Viclans “past.”

They talked about things that happened when Viclan was little.

Even his parents wouldnt remember such events, but these people spoke about them as if they had been with him.

“Viclan showed up in Grosen, Neige in the spring of 2012, wearing a thin coat only.

Grosen is hundreds of miles away from the capital.

Why do you think he went there He was there to close a deal, and the buyer was a government official from Woodia! Thats right! He sold the findings of Project T041 to Woodia at a very low price!

“Do you know how much he made You wouldnt believe it! 100,000 Neigerian dollars! Thats 1.2 million in our currency.

Do you know how much Neige spent on that project 1.3 trillion! However, he sold the findings for 100,000 only! How can we trust a person like that Hes a thief! We cant allow him to enter our country!”

That came from “Forever Boss,” a famous influencer.

Even Viclan didnt know he had done such a thing, but Forever Boss sounded like he had witnessed the whole process.

Forever Boss wasnt afraid of making up such things.

His employers had told him that if he could sway public opinion in their favor, he would obtain Neigerian citizenship and start a new life there.

By then, no Moonian law could touch him.

He could say whatever he wanted.

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Jensen, another famous influencer, was doing the same thing on his channel.

“Viclan has cheated on his wife multiple times with his friends wives! You wont believe how repulsive he is! I learned it from a friend in Neige who just happens to work in the same research lab.

Almost everyone in that lab knows what Viclan has done! We Moonians are the only ones kept in the dark!” These two people werent the only ones spreading such rumors.

There were Mr.

Fly, the influencer with over 10 million followers, Winnie, the once-famous director, and also Lulu, the pop idol.

These influencers all opened live-chat channels and broadcasted Viclans “old history.” Their purpose was to ruin his reputation so that the whole country would boycott him.

They believed that Moonians were stupid enough to believe everything they said.

They didnt care about Moons future.

After all, they would soon become Neigerians.

What they didnt know was that Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe had noticed what they were doing.

Slandering Viclan and the other scientists was unacceptable!

Viclan was a renowned personage.

Moon couldnt wait to welcome him back.

However, these people were telling such incredible stories that even Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe hadnt heard of them.

How could they be more informed than the two forces


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