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Chapter 72 Cat out of the Bag

“Viclan is a wolf in a sheeps skin.

His return wont do us any good! Hell only slow us down.

Just think about it.

When he wants to start a new research program, the government will have to fund the research.

Thatll be hundreds of billions of dollars at least!

“But its not like hes going to give us any results! All hell do is waste our resources! We dont need him back here! Have you heard what vile things he has done That man is trash! In ancient times, a person like him would be put in a cage and thrown into the river! Why would our country take him back”


Fly, the famous influencer with over ten million followers, was dissing Viclan in one of his live streams.

His viewers bought his gibberish and were also posting angry comments.

“Thats so true! He cant come back!”

“That man is abominable! Im so mad!”

“What Did you say his mother died from a heart attack because she was so angry at him What kind of animal does such things!”

“Thats why he had to leave Neige.

He has run out of his luck and needs a new patron!”


Fly laughed inwardly as he read the comments and bullets chats.

He believed he had made an outstanding achievement.

He was going to become a citizen of Neige!

He was already picturing his beautiful life over there.

Just then, several strong men wearing special uniforms smashed open the door to his room.

They were from the Dragon Tribe.

“Who are you” Mr.

Flys face darkened.

He rose to his feet and glared at those men.

The leader took out a warrant.

“Are you Mr.

Fly Mr.

Flynn Chance” “Yes, its me! Who wants to know This is trespassing! Guys, are you seeing this Our country is always like this! No one has any privacy! This would never happen in Neige!”

The team leader spoke to the camera and greeted the viewers with a smile.

“Hello, everybody.

Im Howard, a member of the second division of the Dragon Tribe.

My service number is 5671.

If you dont believe me, feel free to call the Dragon Tribe to verify my identity.


Fly, aka Flynn Chance, is suspected of libel and fraud.

This is a warrant for his arrest.

Please take a look.

“I can tell you all with confidence that nothing this man said about Mr.

Viclan was true.

Its completely fabricated.

Weve run a thorough investigation, and we wouldnt have arrested him without enough evidence.

Please do not believe anything he says!

“Some of you still may doubt me, so let me tell you one more thing.

Flynn belongs to an organization that has been working for Neige.

Everything he has done was under that organizations instruction.

All the members have a tattoo on their arms that saysNeige. Were going to roll up his sleeve now.” Mr.

Fly was terrified.

“What are you doing Let go of me! Im going to sue you! This is a violation of my privacy! Youve broken into my house! You have no right!”

Of course, he wasnt the soldiers match.

No matter how hard he struggled, he couldnt break free.

They rolled up his sleeve, exposing the tattoo.

The viewers didnt believe it at first.


Fly had paraded himself as an upright guy.

No one had thought he would be working for Neige.

He was supposed to be a patriot through and through!

He used to sing praises for Moon all the time, talking about how great the country was.

However, the viewers were convinced when they saw the “Neige” on Mr.

Flys arm.

“Holy **! Mr.

Fly is working for Neige!”

“He made it so real! Has he been lying to us this whole time”

“Shit! Weve misunderstood Viclan!”

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“I feel so ashamed! I said so many bad things about him just then! Damn you, Mr.


“Well done! Arrest him! He must be punished!”

Howard smiled when he saw the change in the viewers attitude.


Fly was still trying to make excuses, though.

“I didnt do any of those things! Where did you get that Guys, dont believe them! Theyve made it up! The Dragon Tribe has set me up! I have this tattoo because it looks cool! It doesnt mean anything! Im innocent! Please help me!”

His viewers wouldnt buy it anymore.

“No one is going to help you now! Neige isnt exactly the first thing anyone wants to tattoo on their arms! Evenhandsome would make more sense!”

“Ive heard of that organization before.

I didnt think it was real! But I believe it now!”

“Help you Youre going to prison! Youre worse than a traitor!”

No one would believe Mr.

Fly now.

His viewers stopped defending him and were accusing him instead.

“Take him!”

With a wave of his hand, Howard shut down the live stream and took Mr.

Fly away.

He wasnt the only one the government cracked down on.

All the influencers who had insulted Viclan in the live streams were visited by either the Dragon Tribe or Sky Eye.

Sky Eye had remained silent until then, not because they didnt care.

Instead, they had been trying to figure out who was behind the plot.

All the crackdowns happened simultaneously so that no one would have a chance to stop their live stream and run off.

“Theyve made all those things up about Viclan Damn them!”

“Why would they do that What was in it for them”

“They deserved it! Theyre the poison of our society!”

Things became much quieter online after those people were arrested.

Once the netizens learned the truth, they apologized for their comments and became Viclans supporters again.

Banners were set up at the Sacred Temple Airport, and people had spontaneously lined up at the arrival hall so that they could welcome Viclan and his fellow scientists back.

Other countries had been waiting to laugh at Moon, but they were disappointed by how things turned out.

“Patriarch, Viclan and the other scientists will land at eleven oclock this morning.

Well pick them up and bring them here right away!” Warren reported to Himmel Soan.

Himmel smiled.

“Ive learned that online already.

You dont need to bring them to me.

Take them to see the Sky Eye first.”


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