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Chapter 75 The Meteorite

“A space cannon I think we have it! Is it like an air compressor” Gordon asked curiously.

Viclan said, “Thats far from being called a space cannon! Yes, the air cannon has been invented.

Its shooting range is mostly within a hundred meters, and 50m is the most effective range.”

The air cannon was also a weapon, and compressing air wasnt rocket science.

Everyone knew it.

However, the air cannon was nowhere near as powerful as a space cannon.

“The space cannon our Patriarch mentioned is heavy ground-to-air equipment that doesnt require oxygen.

As you know, air consists of more than just oxygen.

A space cannon is more than enough to destroy our nearest satellite.”


“Is it that powerful”

“By compressing air alone”


Everyone was astonished, including some of the scientists.

Those who hadnt lived in Neige didnt know much about scientific research there.

Viclan had been working for Neige and put forward the Soanian Theory, which was also essential to the construction of the space cannon.

To be more precise, the space cannon was based on the Void Definition.

However, the Void Definition was a supernatural power, not science, and Himmel Soan couldnt explain it with plain words.

Even if he could, the skill couldnt be used by people without spiritual essence.

Therefore, they had to transform it into a scientific theory before implementing it.

Take teleportation as an example.

If Himmel Soan recovered ten percent of his strength, he could teleport from Moon to Neige in an instant.

To do that, he needed to fixate his mental force on a specific location in Neige, tear open the space with his spiritual essence, and use his mental force to create a portal to that location.

Tearing open space would create a suction force like a magnet.

When two spots were torn open simultaneously, the two spaces would overlap.

As a result, one could enter from one side and walk out from the other side.

Only a physically strong person could do that.

Space wasnt always intangible.

At Himmel Soans stage, he could see the folds in space, and they were folding upward and downward.

Therefore, when he tore open the space, he needed to tear it in a downward motion.

Otherwise, it would be too tough to budge.

That was the principle of teleportation.

Himmel Soan was aware of it.

However, he didnt know how to explain it to Viclan.

Even if he could, would Viclan be able to do it

Viclan could only study it step by step from the very basic theories.

He didnt even know the shape of space.

Himmel Soans explanation would be too profound for him.

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Besides, Himmel wouldnt be able to do it if he didnt have the spiritual essence.

Therefore, it would be very difficult to communicate with Viclan on this subject.

To create the teleportation equipment, Viclan needed to figure out the shape of space first.

He might make other discoveries in the process.

The Soanian Theory was the result of a similar process based on the principle of the Void Definition.

After that, he needed to find a controllable substance that could tear open space.

Then, he needed to figure out a way to tear open the targeted space.

Only then could he complete the teleportation.

The procedures sounded straightforward, but each step was more difficult than the previous one.

Without Himmel Soans help, it would take the scientists three to five hundred years before they could get somewhere.

Himmel Soan said, “When the super meteorite enters the solar system, itll affect all the planets.

Earth will be overwhelmed by natural disasters like super tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and plate collapses.

Therefore, we must be prepared.

Since the catastrophe is caused by the meteorite, itll be accompanied by energy from space.

Ordinary protection wouldnt be enough.

I think anywhere within 500m underground wont be


He sounded so grave that Henry and Gordon were alarmed.

“Even 500m underground isnt safe enough, you said”

“Thats right.

The meteorite will create a lot of heat when it enters the atmosphere, hot enough to incinerate everything above ground.

500m is already a conservative estimate.”

Henry asked, “What about the space cannon Can it stop the meteorite”

That was also what everyone else had been wondering because even Viclan didnt have the answer.

Only Himmel Soan could answer it.

Himmel shook his head.

“No, it cant! The meteorite has entered the solar system, but its still too far beyond the space cannons effective range.

Even if we have the space cannon now, we still cant avoid the impact.

We need to start building the defense system right now.

We have to build a bunker 500m underground as a shelter, and the wall has to be… We have to use…”

He stammered, not knowing how to describe the substance.

He asked Viclan, “Do you remember an insulation substance I mentioned to you when I told you about the Void Definition”

“Yes, I do!”

“Have you been able to recreate it yet”

Viclan said guiltily, “Not yet, but Im on the right track.

Ive combined T02 with Y43, and the material invented is very similar to that substance.”

Himmel Soan said, “Show it to me tomorrow!”

The material was in fact Himmel Soans vigorous energy.

All cultivators had innate vigorous energy of their own.

It was activated by the human body.

Himmel Soan knew how to do that, but he didnt know its origin.

He had told Viclan about it.

If they could discover all the secrets about the human body, they would be able to wake up the innate vigorous energy in ordinary people.

There were so many secrets buried in the human body, and only less than 1% had been discovered.

Even 500m underground didnt feel safe.

Heat could be transmitted.

Once the meteorite hit, the earth would be very fragile, and the ground could cave in.

There was the possibility that everyone would be buried alive.

However, the bunkers would be secured if the walls were infused with innate vigorous energy.

Viclan had found both T02 and Y43 in the human body and noticed that when the two substances were combined, they could create a type of energy similar to the innate vigorous energy Himmel Soan talked about.

He didnt know if they were the same thing.

It was possible that cultivators were training to control their bodies.

Maybe in the language of science, Himmel Soan could activate the innate vigorous energy because he found a way to combine the T02 and Y43 in his body.


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