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Chapter 78 To the Point

Himmel Soan was a fast reader because he could scan whatever he was reading with his mental force.

Viclan had reached where he was after spending half of his life in scientific research.

Himmel Soan could reach his level in a matter of days.

They had ten days to prepare for the event.

The Earth would be affected on the 11th day.

Ten days would be enough.

Himmel Soan was confident that he could master all the knowledge in the next few days.

He knew how the Void Definition worked, but he needed an external device that could work as his body and release an air cannonball with a tremendous force.

He would rather do the research himself than give the job to others.

Before, he didnt think the work was important enough.

After all, as a cultivator, his body was his best device, and his spiritual essence was the best form of energy.

He could achieve the effect he wanted on his own.

However, a lot of things were happening at the same time.

He couldnt recover his full strength any time soon, and a super meteorite was coming.

He had no choice but to study it on his own.

“Patriarch, why do you need the textbooks”



Ill get them for you right away.”

Viclan soon got Himmel all the chemistry and physics textbooks he could find.

Himmel Soan started from the basics and memorized the periodic table within one second.

“[image] I shot this photo at the Pegasus Grassland this afternoon.

There are so many people.

I think theyre all from the Soan empire.

What are they doing”

“[image] I saw it, too! Here are some of the pictures.

Does anyone know what theyre doing”

“Holy crap.

Thats a lot of people!”

“Its not just happening in the Pegasus Grassland.

I saw people from Sky Eye in the Loess Plain, too.

There are a lot of tunneling machines.

I wonder what theyre digging for.”

“Is it some ancient remains An old tomb, maybe”

“I dont think so.

This one is much bigger.

I dont think its a tomb.

Theyre digging a huge


“Seriously Are they building a shelter Im joking.”


Is a meteorite really going to hit us”

“Bull**! Thats not going to happen!”

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“If you ask me, its very straightforward.

We can wait for what Neige will do.

The news is real if theyre also building a shelter.

If not, we dont have anything to worry about.

Theyre not idiots.

If danger is coming, theyll be the first ones to flee.

If theyre not panicking, why should we”

“So true.

Fifteen days, is it I cant wait to see what will happen in the next two weeks.”

“General Marlow, Director Lan, Maruse, the vice-president of Neige, has just called.

Seven countries are holding a negotiation this evening, and theyve asked the two of you to attend it.”

“A negotiation with seven countries” Gordon liked the sound of that.

“Great! I was hoping to talk to them as well.

Lets not wait until this evening.

Call them now.”

His secretary immediately initiated a video call and invited the high-ranking officials of other countries.

Soon, six people appeared on the screen, each from a different country.

There was Maruse from Neige.

Koji from Flamia.

Park from Soilia.

Saul from Woodia.

They all looked very serious with no smile on their faces.

They all seemed displeased.

Henry and Gordon had the same demeanor.

Henry said, “Hello, everybody.”

Maruse said, “Long time no see, Director Lang.”

Park said, “Quit the pleasantries.

Lets get to the point.”

He was talking to Maruse, but Gordon took over the conversation.


Ill cut to the chase.

A major event is going to happen.

Weve detected a super meteorite coming toward the solar system at an extremely high speed.

Itll reach us in 15 days and enter the trajectory of Earth.

Unfortunately, its going to hit our planet.

“This is a catastrophe the human race has never seen before.

We need to work together.

The only instrument that can stop the disaster is a space cannon.

However, its very expensive to build, and we dont have many of the chips and spare parts.

Its time that every country put in its share.”

He then took out a list and showed it to the others.

“Here are all the things well need.

Flamia is known for its copper alloy, so we hope you can send us ten thousand tons asap.

Needless to say, Neige has the best chips.


Maruse, please let President Oraman know that we need the chips in two days.

The list contains some other materials well need.

Please take a look and send the materials to us in the next three days.”

The other six people laughed.

They were here to ask for compensation.

It had never occurred to them that Moon would make their request first.

Instead of giving them money, the country was asking them for free materials!

How arrogant!

Maruse said angrily, “General Marlow, am I hearing things Did you just ask Neige to send you chips How much are you going to pay” Henry said gravely, “Its not about money anymore.

If Earth no longer exists, what good will money do We can settle the account after we get through this.

You can always take shelter in my country.

Itll be free!”

“Take shelter Thats hilarious!”

Saul laughed and said contemptuously, “Do you really think youre some superpower now Take shelter in your country If a meteorite really is going to hit us, how good can your shelter be Your lie is so elaborate that youve even fooled yourself! Why havent we found anything” Koji smirked.

“Did you say you detected a meteorite With what Dont tell me you have more advanced astronomical technology than Flamia and can see further into space than us.”

Park smashed the desk.

“Thats enough! I dont want to hear another word about this meteorite! General Marlow, Director Lang, Branco, and his fellow scientists have left us and returned to your country.

Shouldnt you compensate us for our loss Weve spent a fortune in training them, but you end up harvesting their intelligence.”

Maruse chimed in, “Thats right.

Weve also invested a lot of resources in Viclan.

I wont ask for too much.

Give us three trillion, and well drop the matter!”


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