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Chapter 79 Negotiation Failed

Henry and Gordon were both angry and frustrated.

They were telling the truth, but it was evident that the others didnt believe them.

That was what frustrated them the most.

But they felt more anger than frustration.

The Moonian scientists had worked for them for thirty years.

During that time, they had made significant contributions, and their research had supported their economy.

Instead of showing gratitude, they were asking for compensation now.

And the amount was in trillions.

That was outrageous! How preposterous!

Koji said, “We wont ask for too much.

One trillion will do.”

“Woodia wants a trillion, too.”

“The same with Winland.”

“Soilia values scientific research and has invested heavily in this field.

Therefore, well ask for one and a half trillion.

Director Lang, General Marlow, please make the payment as quickly as you can manage.”

Henry was so angry that he laughed.

He no longer cared about the shelter.

He only wanted to argue with these people about the compensation.

If the compensation had to be paid, their countries needed to pay Moon!

“What Three trillion One trillion And one and a half trillion” Henry pointed at the other officials, his face blushing from anger.

“Are you going to pay Moon”

Maruses face darkened.

“No, youre going to pay us!”

“Bull**! My people have worked for you for over thirty years, and youre asking us for money! Youve got to be kidding me! Have you lost your goddamn mind”

“Director Lang, wed appreciate some respect!”

“Youve shown us no respect at all!”

“Yes, we have! Weve been polite the whole time!”

“What you said has nothing to do with respect!” Henry shouted at Maruse.

Gordon tugged at his sleeve.

“Thats enough! Lets get down to business!”

Henry took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

No matter how frustrating the other side was, the Moonians decided that they should remain polite, which was their tradition.

They believed that one had to have the ability to tell right from wrong.

The compensation and the shelter were two different matters.

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That was how a responsible country should behave.

“The compensation can wait.

Once we get through this catastrophe and Earth is safe again, we can talk about it then.

Is that alright Now, lets get back to the construction of the shelter and the space cannon…”

“No more shelters or space cannons! Shut up, you idiot! Were not shooting a movie here!” Gordon was displeased as well and said with a darkened face, “Mr.

Maruse, we dont have time for such nonsense.

If everything goes as planned, youll all spot the super meteorite in a week.

By then, youll only have seven days left, and you wont have enough time to build a shelter.

Without your help, we wont be able to complete the space cannon either.

“Its time that we work together to defend our planet.

We cant afford internal strife now.

I hope you can keep a clear mind on major issues like this.

If Earth doesnt exist anymore, what good will money do”

Henry added, “Thats right! Gentlemen, this is a major issue! Were not joking! Were perfectly aware of the nature of our jobs, and well never try to pull a prank under such an occasion!”

Park said, “Shut up already! Listen.

Ill say one last time.

I dont want to hear about f*cking meteorites, disasters, or shelters again! Understood If you cant understand English, get your president here!”


Park, thats enough!” Gordon finally lost his temper.

“Weve been deadly serious, but you kept insulting us and wouldnt show us any respect or trust! The meeting is over! If you dont-“

“General!” Now, it was Henrys turn to calm Gordon down.

“We need to look at the big picture!”

If other countries didnt believe them, they should try to convince them instead of getting angry.

Gordon sighed.

“Guys, well buy the materials from you, okay Just ship the goods.

If what we said would happen doesnt happen in the next two weeks, well pay you ten times the original price! If the meteorite does hit us, youll be helping humanity as a whole.

How does that sound”

“No!” Maruse refused.

“Pay the three trillion you owe us; then well sell you the materials!”

“Yes! Pay up.

Well talk about the rest after that!”

“I agree! Pay the 1.5 trillion you owe Soilia, and well ship you the goods you need in the next 15 days!”

Gordon stomped his foot in frustration.

“You people are incorrigible! We dont have time for this! This is not the time to talk about who owes who what! If you ask me, you all owe my country! Can we put that aside for now!”

“Thats not an option!” Maruse refused again.

“The sole purpose of this meeting is to talk about compensation.

What else do you want to talk about The meteorite that is supposed to hit Earth in two weeks The shelter Im not a three-year-old! You cant fool me!”

Koji said, “If we have to talk about that, well do it after you pay us!”

Park said, “Thats right! Pay up!”

Gordon and Henry sighed.

It seemed they werent going to persuade these people today.

They couldnt be blamed either.

Even Gordon and Henry found it hard to believe at first.

If they hadnt heard it from Himmel Soan himself, they would take it as a joke, too.

However, it came from Himmel Soan.

The man had lived for hundreds of years and could revive.

He had spent his life making contributions to the country.

He wouldnt lie to them.

“If you dont pay us, we may resort to means that you wont like to get our money back,” Maruse said grimly when he saw that Henry and Gordon had stopped talking.

Henry nodded, still angry.


Maruse, I think your purpose today is to make things difficult for my country.

Money is just an excuse, isnt it”


Lang, if you think that way, theres nothing I can do.

Your best option is to cough out the money.”


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