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Chapter 81 Collapsing Economy

The other countries demonstrated how serious they were in the following two days.

Even more people joined the discussion online.

Flamia, Neige, Soilia, Woodia…

Seventy-three countries joined hands in boycotting Moon.

The Moonian economy took a dive in those two days.

In the city where the sacred temple was, Lex, the owner of a processing plant, got out of his car with his bag under his arm, looking depressed.

He walked into the workshop and waved at his staff.

“Thats it.

Everybody, please stop what youre doing.”

“Why Boss, isnt the deadline today Dont worry.

Im sure we can finish by the end of the day.

Have some faith! We dont mind working overtime.

Right, everybody” Chad, the manager, was a smooth talker.

He chuckled when he heard what Lex said.

“Just buy us a big lunch tomorrow.

Wed all love the sound of that!”

“Yes!” all the staff replied in unison.

Lex was a good employer.

He treated his employees well and often took them out for lunch.

He had promised the staff that after this delivery, he would take them all on a trip and a nice restaurant as a reward.

However, there was no smile on Lexs face today.

“Sorry, guys, but the trip isnt going to happen.

Weve run into a problem, and theyve canceled the order.”

Chad was surprised.

“What Canceled Theyll have to pay the penalty!”

“No, they wont.

They wont even talk to me.

Theyve blocked me, and I cant sue them.”

Chad was astonished.

“How can that happen It doesnt make any sense!”

“I dont blame them.

Theyre in a worse spot than us.

Theyve lost orders that are worth billions of dollars.”


“Dont you watch the news Dozens of countries are boycotting us at the moment.

Those goods were supposed to be shipped out, but the buyers dont want them anymore.

The cargo ships cant even leave the harbors.

What can they do Nothing!”

Chad said, “In that case…”

“Just go home.

You people have always wanted a vacation, havent you Youre going to have a very long one now.

As for your salary, please give me some time.

I havent been able to collect any money, but dont worry.

Ill pay you what youre owed.”

In other words, he was sacking them.

To be more precise, the factory was closing down.

Lex had thirty partners, and all of them had run into problems.

He had lost everything and almost wanted to jump off the building.

Their orders with foreign countries were terminated.

Some of those partners were domestic.

One would think that orders with them wouldnt be affected.

However, the partners also had partners of their own, which included business partners overseas.

When they terminated their contracts, Lex was indirectly affected.


“Just go.

Im fine.”

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“Boss, you dont look fine!”

“Im—” Lex suddenly collapsed.

Chad caught him in the air.

Everyone panicked and sent Lex to the hospital.

“Whats going on Why is this happening” “Its all because of the announcement Sky Eye made! Is a meteorite really coming”.

“What do you think I dont buy it! So far, no other countries have made that announcement.”

Some of Lexs employees chatted in his ward.

“I hope Sky Eye will give us an explanation soon.

If things keep going like this, well starve to death before the meteorite kills us all.”

Sandy was filled with frustration when she saw the empty racks in her supermarket.

She was so angry that she kicked over the cash register.

All the manufacturers had stopped producing goods, and the supermarket couldnt replenish its stock.

What it had was already sold out.

Sandy didnt know why she was still opening for business.

She would lose the supermarket if things didnt improve soon enough.

Sandy and her husband had borrowed 800,000 from the bank to open this supermarket.

They hadnt paid back half of it yet.

Who would have thought something like this would happen

She hated it!

“What meteorite Why do they have to make up such things Theyre ruining our future! I still have a mortgage to pay this month! What should I do Can someone help me”

The pressure was crushing her.

It was the last straw.

Sandy couldnt take it anymore.

She fell forward onto the counter and burst into tears.

Justin sat in the lobby of a sales center, scratching his head in distress.

He had bolted the door from inside, but the closed door couldnt block the voices.

“Justin, get out of there!”

“I need my money back now!”

“Weve paid the deposit! Why did you stop the construction Why! When can we get our flats!”

The manager came out of another room, carrying his bag and looking panic-stricken.

Justin glanced at him, and the manager said, “Boss, Im sorry, but I cant take it anymore.

Im leaving.

Otherwise, those people outside are going to kill me! Boss, you should get out of here, too! We dismissed the construction team after the engineers went back to their own countries.

We cant finish this project.

If they knock that door down before you can get away, theyre going to kill you!”

The manager slipped and fell to the ground.

Despite the pain, he scrambled to his feet, grabbed his back, and slipped away from a side door.


Where to

Justin had nowhere to go.

The people outside were all shareholders that had invested in this property.

The buildings were of a Woodian style, so they hired Woodian designers.

However, they ran off with the money two days ago, and Justin couldnt go after them because he couldnt enter Woodia.

The shareholders had all lost tens of millions of dollars.

If they knocked down that door, Justin would meet a miserable end.

It was all because of the boycott.

Almost all the countries had joined hands and worked against Moon.

Justin couldnt stop the designers from leaving.

Moon hadnt stopped anyone from coming in or leaving the country.

However, other countries wouldnt let any Moonian enter their borders.

“Im begging you! Please remove that announcement! Youre killing people!”

Similar situations had been happening everywhere in the country.

The bigger and the more prosperous the city was, the more severely it was affected.

With how things had been going, people would start jumping off buildings in three days.

Lex, Justin, and Sandy already wanted to take their own lives.


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