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Chapter 83 A Great Country

Sky EyeV (verified account) wrote, “Hello, my dear fellow citizens.

“Were lucky to be born into this peaceful age! However, our happiness is now facing a great threat.

This is no joke.

Sky Eye has been paying attention to your situation and knows that youre going through a difficult time.

Therefore, weve made the following decisions!

“First of all, all banks and creditors shall not recover the debts of this month, and the arrears shall be compensated by the state.

The borrowers who fail to repay the loan this month will not be recorded in the credit registries.

“Secondly, your loss is the result of the decision of Sky Eye.

Therefore, everyone is entitled to apply for compensation from your local government.

The actual amount will depend on the specific case, and the maximum amount will be 20,000 dollars.

“Thirdly, because of the increasing unemployment and the fact that Sky Eye urgently needs more staff, as long as youre between 18 and 60, healthy, and have some form of ability, youre welcome to work for us.

Youll be paid on the basis of your contribution, and the minimum wage per day is 500 dollars.

There will be no upper limit.”

The announcement went viral.

“Holy crap! 500 dollars a day Thats more than what I earned before! Is that possible”

“Whats going on Can our country afford that”

“This is so amazing! Were such a great nation! No other country in the world can pull it off!”

“Im so proud to be born into this country! Its the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!”

“500 dollars a day Seriously Where can I find them Im so broke right now! I dont care if I have to sell my blood or my kidney!” “Why would they want your blood or kidney Things really are getting serious now.

I do hope we can get through this.

We need our peaceful life back!”

“Our nation is on the rise! I cant believe were getting paid! By my very rough estimation, Moon has lost at least five trillion this time! How much will the government need to pay to compensate all of us”

“Thats incredible! The country will support us forever! Itll never let us down!”

The measures pacified the public.

Most of the netizens stopped panicking.

However, there were bound to be negative opinions.

“I dont buy it! I dont believe theyll pay us!”

“500 dollars a day And thats the minimum Are they tricking us into hard labor”

“Our top priority should be reconnecting with the world and repairing diplomatic relations.

If we dont do something, it wont be long before we drain our treasury.

We cant do this forever!”

However, the objections were negligible.

These people couldnt be considered Moonians.

They believed all countries were better than Moon, and no matter how hard Moonians worked, they could never be as good as the others.

They would gladly accept anything the other countries dumped at their doorsteps.

The patriotic Moonians soon buried them with criticisms.

“Shut up, you idiots! What kind of hard labor will give you 500 dollars a day Let me know when you find such a job.

Ill do it! Youre so ungrateful! All you ever do is blame the country for everything!”

“Have you lost nothing How can you say such things! You people disgust me! If you dont believe it, keep your mouth shut and just watch! Nobody wants your opinion!”

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“Youre so subservient to foreign countries! If you love them so much, why dont you leave They must love people like you!”

People from other countries had been laughing at Moon online in the past few days.

It frustrated the Moonians, but apart from replying to the comments with insults, there was nothing else they could do.

However, they knew what to say now!

They felt courageous and confident.

Posts from Flamia:

“Moon will be finished soon! They cant last much longer!”

“Its people will abandon the country in a few days!”

“Thats got to be the dumbest decision the country has ever made!”

Moonian netizens retorted.

“Shut up! Our country has a culture thats thousands of years long, and we can always see the big picture! Its beyond you idiots comprehension! Flamia is going to be doomed! We have excellent policies now! Check out Sky Eyes official website, losers!”

“I didnt believe something serious was going to happen, but I do now.

When the meteorite arrives, where are you going to hide” “Youre a bunch of short-sighted losers! Do you know how much damage youve done to Earth Even without the meteorite, we still should be prepared.

When a tsunami hits us, Flamia will be the first to go down! I hope youre still laughing when that happens!” Similar situations were happening on social media websites in Woodia, Winland, and Neige.

Moon had the largest population on Earth.

The country had over two billion people, and the population of a province was larger than that of many countries as a whole.

In Neige.

“Moon doesnt have unlimited funding, and they cant keep doing this forever.

Im looking for a nanny.

If any Moonian wants a job, I can arrange the smuggling service for them.

Anyone interested” “Screw you! Ive checked your front page.

Youre over 200kg, and youre still looking for a nanny Are you ever going to use your legs You cant even run out of that house when theres an earthquake!”

All social media websites became battlefields.

The Moonians demonstrated their great vocabulary of sarcasm to the world.

That very night, nearly a million people arrived at the various branches of the Dragon Tribe and Sky Eye.

The first batch of workers was soon taken to the “battlefields.” There, they would help with the construction of the space cannon and the shelter.

Sky Eye didnt try to keep any secrets.

Anyone could post pictures online.

“Holy crap! It really is a construction site!”

“Shit! What the hell is that Its humongous!”

“Is that the space cannon It looks bigger than a pyramid!”

“Guys, Im working underground and digging a tunnel! Theres a huge site here.

Let me show you!” (pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]

In the photos were members of the Dragon Tribe, Sky Eye, and the Soan empire.

They were all working hard.

Digging machines, drills, and excavators were all humming, and soil was carried out of the tunnel by truckloads!


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