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Chapter 84 Message, Finally

Before they came along, the task was entirely carried out by the people of Sky Eye, the Dragon Tribe, and the Soan empire.

These people were very careful with confidential information and didnt have time to use the internet.

Hence, nothing had been posted online.

As ordinary people joined in, the situation here became known to the outside world.

It didnt make much difference, though.

Sooner or later, things happening here would come to light.

It was only a matter of time.

“Thats gigantic!”

“Was what Sky Eye said true, then Are we really building a shelter But why Is a meteorite really going to hit Earth” “That shouldnt be happening.

Why hasnt any other country announced it They shouldnt be keeping such things from us!”

“I dont care why they do it, but I trust my country! There must be a reason behind it!” “Me, too! Im busy this afternoon, but Ill sign up tomorrow! Its not like were not getting paid for it.

Its a proper job, and the factory I worked in has shut down.” “I heard all trains, buses, and flights to the Pegasus Grassland are free, and they come with meals.

Meals are also included while we help build the shelter and the space cannon.”

“No reason for hesitation, then.

Lets do this!”

“What if its true In that case, well only have twelve days left! Guys, lets trust our country for this once and finish the shelter and the space cannon in the next twelve days! Im on my way now!” “So am I!”

Someone started posting such comments online.

It attracted much attention, and people began to sign up for the construction.

No one knew if these people were paid to do it or if the comments were spontaneous.

All in all, these people did the government a great favor.

Countries like Neige, Woodia, and Soilia wanted to get involved.

They thought they could hire some paid posters to stall the construction of the shelter and the space cannon.

While at it, they could spread panic in public as well.

However, they decided there was no need to do such things.

They believed Sky Eye had made a very stupid decision.

Not only did it slow down the economy of Moon, but it would also cost them a lot of resources and workforce.

How foolish!

It had been three days since Moon made the announcement about the super meteorite, but scientists of other countries hadnt noticed anything yet.

The news had to be fake.

Therefore, they didnt try to stop their opponent from destroying itself.

They were waiting for Moon to make itself into a joke.

They couldnt wait to see what would happen to Moon.

Moon had an ample amount of cheap labor.

If its economy collapsed, the other countries could hire the Moonian laborers at an even lower cost.


Maybe they didnt even need to pay the Moonians at all.

They probably would work for free, as long as the food was paid for.

The following day was uneventful.

Few Moonians questioned the countrys decision online, and most of the working labor had arrived at the Pegasus Grassland to help with the construction.

Not many Moonians were active on social media either.

Instead of arguing with people of other countries, they probably had gone to work on the Pegasus Grassland.

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The next day, the world felt a threat.

They saw what a country could do when its people united and worked as one.

Almost a hundred million people joined the construction, significantly speeding up the process.

The efficiency increased by a thousand times in one day.

The space cannon took up half of the Pegasus Grassland.

It was 150km long and 140km wide.

It was even visible from the moon.

That was its actual size.

The frame would be finished in one day, and the next step was to fill the interiors.

The shelter was making decent progress.

They had dug out a space that could hold five million people 1km below the surface level.

But that wasnt enough.

Moon had a population of two billion.

To save them all, they would need 400 such shelters.

They didnt have time to build that many.

There was no time to think about that.

They could only dig as many shelters as they could manage.

After all, five million was only the standard capacity.

They could always squeeze more people into the space.

If fifty people could be squeezed into a seven-passenger minibus, one shelter could probably hold five to ten times its capacity, if the people inside were pressed together.

The shelters could also be divided into multiple levels because they had a thousand meters to work with.

Ten levels would give them a total capacity of 50 million.

A hundred levels would make it have a billion.

If they stretched it, they would probably build twenty levels in one shelter.

The top priority was to keep everyone alive.

They werent meant to live comfortably down here, so personal space didnt matter as much.

Himmel Soan had made some progress as well.

Once he had some clues, he made much faster progress than Viclan and the other scientists.

He was confident that he could find out the components of the spiritual essence in a week.

The third day arrived.

It was also the fifth day after Himmel Soan announced the incoming meteorite.

Finally, the world began to panic.

Neige received a blurry image from their satellite, and the high-ranking officials were frightened out of their wits.

The information was classified as highly confidential.

Winland was the next country to discover the satellite.

After that, Soilia, Woodia, and Goldia all received the information in the next couple of hours.

The first video footage was captured thirty days ago.

In it, one could see a spot of light in the distance.

Fifteen days later, the spot became much larger.

Light traveled at a speed 360 times that of the super meteorite.

In the first video footage, it was hard to tell how far away the meteorite was from Earth.

However, in the second video, the distance could be easily calculated.

The meteorite was a long distance away from Earth thirty days ago.

It took fifteen days to send the videos back to Earth.

By then, the meteorite had moved much closer.

Nothing could travel faster than light, and nothing manmade could travel faster than that meteorite.

When the other countries finally discovered the meteorite, it was too late.

If it werent for Himmel Soans mental force, Moon wouldnt have discovered it in advance either.


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