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Chapter 85 Panic

Metaphorically speaking, it was like seeing a derailed train smashing into a train station at 500m/s.

The safety officer stood 50m away from the station.

He spotted the train from 10km away and started running toward the train station.

Although he was only 50m away, he was much slower, and it would take him ten seconds to get there.

In those ten seconds, the train would cover 5km and was ten seconds away from crashing into the station.

What could he do in those ten seconds

He wouldnt have time to evacuate the station.

Himmel Soans mental force enabled him to detect the “train” in advance.

It would be like warning the others when the train was 20km away.

That would give them forty seconds to prepare for the impact.

It wasnt much, but it was better than ten seconds.

Himmel Soan sensed the meteorite fifteen days in advance, whereas the other countries only had seven days.

There wasnt much they could do.

“The meteorite is real!”

“We need to report it!”

“Its so large and moving so fast!”

“Theres no time! We only have seven days! Thats not enough!”

In Neige.

In Woodia.

In Winland.

In Soilia.

By the end of the next day, all other countries received the information.

In Goldia.

“What A super meteorite Why didnt you say something earlier What have you been doing!”


Prime Minister, we didnt have enough time! Its moving too fast! This is already the latest information!”

“The latest Bull**! Youre all idiots! Notify the homeland security and tell them to get the missiles ready! We must bring down the meteorite!”

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“We cant! Data shows the meteorite is 2.5 times the size of Earth.

No weapon on this planet can destroy such a large object.” “What did you say Nothing can do it Weve spent so much money on research, and this is your answer You cant even bring down a meteorite”

“For the smaller ones, yes, but this one is too big! It has the power to wipe out the entire planet! No country has weapons that are powerful enough to destroy it.

In theory, maybe, but no one can build them.

Its possible that Neige could have some secret weapon.

We can ask them.”

In Soilia.

“The Moonians werent lying! A super meteorite really is coming!”

“The news will cause a nationwide panic if it gets out! We must keep the information confidential!”

“What Are you telling me to keep it a secret How We only have seven days left.

How long do you think you can keep it from the public”

“What should we do now Weve never seen a meteorite of this size.

If it hits Earth, itll vaporize us all!”

“Neige! Theyre our only hope! Its the greatest country in the world, and its technology is about thirty years more advanced than ours.

Theyve been doing secret experiments as well.

Im sure they have some formidable weapons hidden somewhere.

Maybe they can destroy the meteorite.”

“Contact the other countries and ask Neige if they need help.

If they can destroy the meteorite, we can send them supplies for free!”


“Damn it! You people are all useless! Why didnt you tell me before”


President, we wanted to, but we couldnt! Weve only just received the information ourselves!”

“Why did the Moonians discover it so many days ago” “Well…”

“So what if they knew No technology on Earth can save us from this catastrophe unless Neige has started working on advanced weapons for many, many years! But thats next to impossible! Theoretically, we can build weapons that target space, but thats it! We dont have most of the materials to build such weapons!”

“Enough with this crap! Contact Moon now!”

The heads of state from all over the world held an emergency meeting.

After that, they started discussing the matter with neighboring countries.

Neige received the largest number of distress calls.

Winland, the second-largest country in the world, was also contacted by many countries.

Despite being a developing country, Moon received the third-largest number of calls.

Moon had a close ally, the country of Panthera.

The Panthera folk were known for their ferocity and had always been on friendly terms with Moon.

It kept a low profile and didnt get involved with international affairs.

However, after seeing the image taken by its satellite, Panthera also panicked.

Back in Moon.

Sky Eye headquarters.

“General, Neige, Iceana, and Flamia want to hold a video conference.”

“Director Lang, the president of Panthera is on the line.

Do you want me to pass you through

“Ice Tribe threatens to sanction us for not sharing the information with the world.

“Globe Tribe is asking us if we have a plan.”

All hell broke loose, and everyone was multitasking.

It was especially the case with Henry and Gordon.

Both were holding half a dozen phones, and neither knew which they should answer first.

Some countries were calling to ask how they obtained the information in advance.

Some called to accuse them of not being sincere enough and questioned them why they didnt release the information earlier.

Others were seeking help.

They thought because Moon was the first to make the discovery, the country must have formed some sort of plan.

“General, the president of Neige is inviting all heads of states to a video conference.”

“I see.


President will be here in a minute.”

It was a global conference.

There were over a hundred countries on Earth.

However, most of them werent large enough to have any influence.

Neige initiated the meeting, and 72 relatively large countries participated.

It had been seven hours since Neige received the news, and a video conference started at six oclock that evening.

The Moonian president, General Marlow, and Henry Lang were there.

So were the high-ranking officials and heads of countries like Panthera, Goldia, Woodia, Neige, and Soilia.

The screen was divided into 71 sections.


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