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Chapter 88 Do You Believe Him

“Do they have no talented people at all”

“Forgive me for being harsh, but if you keep doing this, its only a matter of time before your country declines! You have to be more serious about it! Science is too important a matter to be overlooked!”

Panthera was Moons ally, and its president couldnt stand such criticisms anymore.

“Whats wrong with you people Do you want Moonians to be as foolish as you Who they consider a scientist is none of your business! Stop interfering! I can call my son a scientist if I want to.

You talk too much! Just shut up!”

“You…” “What did you say”

“What Do you have a problem with that Do you what to see how Panthera does science Youre welcome to visit my country.”

Panthera was one of the most influential countries in the world, and Neige was about the only county that was Pantheras match.

Even Winland wouldnt mess with that ferocious country.

The president of Panthera was a straightforward man that would always speak his mind.

He then turned to Himmel Soan with a smile.

He was curious what a teenager had to say over such an important matter.

He knew Moon well and didnt believe they would treat science so lightly.

The fact that Himmel Soan was in that conference room had proved his competence.

“Go ahead.”

Himmel Soan smiled.

“I think we all know some basic physics.

For instance, friction generates heat, and high temperature generates kinetic energy.”

While he explained, Viclan and the others set up a model.

Himmel Soan held a miniature meteorite and used the model to imitate what was to happen.

“Because the meteorite is moving very fast, it had created a unique defense system on its surface level.

So far, we havent formed a theory on what type of energy it is.

The meteorite is moving at 1/360 of the speed of light.

Weve never seen anything that fast!

“Why do planes and rockets have to have hard shells Its because they move very fast.

The high speed will change the shape of substances.

Even iron will be distorted.

“The meteorite isnt a plain stone.

Despite being extremely fast, it can still stand the heat, and its not changing its shape.

Do you really think the energy cannon can destroy it I know how powerful an energy cannon is.

It can easily destroy our moon, but youll be disappointed if you think it can destroy the meteorite.

“Yes, theres no friction in the vacuum, but no other object can move that fast in outer space.

I estimate that it has destroyed over thirty planets so far, and they were all larger than Earth.

Thats how hard the material is.

“Ill use T as a basic unit here.

1T is equivalent to the impact of a car explosion.

To destroy the moon, we need 46,000 T.

To destroy the sun, we need 1.2 billion T.

To destroy this meteorite, well need 4.9 billion T, and the power of the energy cannon is somewhere between 500 to 800 thousand T.

The energy cannon wont make a dent in the meteorite, let alone destroy


“Youll be terribly mistaken if you count on the energy cannon to save you from this catastrophe.”

Himmel Soans explanation was very straightforward and easy to understand.

One of the presidents smirked.

“What was that Destroying the sun requires 1.2 billion T, and that meteorite needs 4.9 billion T Are you saying its tougher than the sun”

“Thats right.

Although the sun is 1.3 million times the size of Earth, and this meteorite is only 2.5 times, its denser than the sun.

If the meteorite is iron, the sun is cotton!”

“If thats the case, are you saying we should prepare for death It sounds like we have no hope at all,” said another person.

Viclan said, “No, we still have the space cannon! It can concentrate the energy in the air.

My country is building one, and it has far surpassed our budget.

Not only can it compress air, but it can also concentratespace. The power of space and time has always been a mystery.

However, its not all bad news.


Soan has advanced knowledge in space, and he estimates that the space cannons power can exceed 10 billion T.

Thats more than enough to destroy the meteorite.”

“You must be dreaming!”

“Stop bragging! 10 billion T Weve never heard of a space cannon before! Wheres your research Show me your research!”

“You Moonians are full of bull**! If you have such a weapon, why are you still a backwater country” “Himmel Soan, the scientist Hes just a nobody! He doesnt know a thing!”

Just like what Himmel Soan had predicted, these people wouldnt believe him.

However, he didnt try to convince them either.

He only delivered the message.

As for where the other countries would believe him, that wasnt for him to decide.


President, thats all.

Heres a list.

If anyone believes our theory, we can ask them to help us with the resources on that list.”

Himmel Soan handed the president a piece of paper, who said, “Thank you for your hard work.

If you need anything for your research, feel free to let me know.

Well do everything we can to help you!” “Deal!”

The president gave the list to Henry after Himmel Soan left.

Henry said, “Mr.

Soan has told you nothing but the truth.

Hes also the first person who discovered the meteorite.

Right now, we need all the help we can get.

We only need to fire the space cannon once.

If we can collect all the materials on this list, well get through this catastrophe.

We cant do it on our own.

Please help us.”

“I see.

Youre asking for money!”

“The catastrophe will affect all the countries no matter where you are! You wont be helping us.

Youre helping yourself and everyone else!”

The president of Panthera considered for a moment and said, “We believe you.

Send me the list.

Ill find everything we have and deliver it to you as soon as possible.”

“Seriously Do you buy that bull** What the hell is a space cannon Ive never heard of it before!”

“Should I believe you, then Or do I have to count on the energy cannon”

“The energy cannon can destroy Earth.

Why should you trust it”


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