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Chapter 89 Metal Ark

“Are you mentally challenged, or are you deaf Didnt you hear what Mr.

Soan said The super meteorite is much heavier than you think, and its even harder than the sun.

Can your energy cannon destroy the sun”

“Panthera! Youve crossed the line!”

“Were always like this.

If you dont like it, talk to your boss and see what hell say.

Youre welcome to visit us any time!”

The Pantherese were natural warriors who were used to the cold climate.

It was said that the grown men there could fight bears and wolves with their bare hands.

Even the Neigerians were intimidated by them.

Of course, they wouldnt want to visit Panthera.

“You…” The other mans face darkened.

This was an international conference.

Panthera had just humiliated him in front of the world.

By “boss,” Panthera was referring to Neige.

However, Neige didnt want to offend Panthera either because the Pantherese would fight like they had nothing to lose.

Their opponents would gain very little even if they won in the end.

“Panthera, thats enough.

Focus on the subject.

Dont make it personal.”

“Did I make it personal”

It was impossible to argue with Panthera, so Oraman ignored the president and cut to the chase.

“That Himmel Soan didnt make any sense at all.

He was only trying to scare us.

No meteorite can be more sturdy than the sun.

Its not like we havent studied meteorites before.

The energy cannon is more than enough to destroy it!”

“Yes, the energy cannon has been a taboo, but I have faith in it.

Its definitely going to destroy the meteorite.


Oraman, please give me a list of the things you need.

Ill find them for you as soon as possible.” “Same here.


Oraman, please send us a copy, too.” The Pantherese president snorted and smacked the desk.

“You idiot! Do you ever use your brains at all Oraman, have you shut down your brain as well”

“Sir, I dont like your choice of words!”


I wont say another word.

You guys have fun.”

The meeting didnt reach a consensus.

Of the seventy or so countries, sixty supported Neige, and the remaining ones werent all on Moons


Only Panthera and six other countries sided with Moon.

The rest remained neutral.

Moon had done all it could.

They had told the other countries everything.

If they still wouldnt believe it, there was nothing Moonians could do.

Luckily, Moon still had a few allies.

Otherwise, Moon might not be able to gather all the resources it needed.

Panthera was a close ally and one of the largest countries in the world.

They provided Moon with most of the resources it needed to build the space cannon.

Henry spoke again before the meeting ended, “I forgot to mention something, but I think you should know.”

“What now Spit it out.

We need to start collecting resources.”

Henry gave that man a harsh look before saying, “Even with the space cannon, we wont be able to stop all the disasters.”

“Dont worry about it.

We dont care about the space cannon either.

We have the energy cannon!”

“Can you let me finish”

“Sure! Go ahead!”



Henry continued, “Mr.

Himmel Soan suggested that when the meteorite is close enough, our planet will be affected.

The surface temperature on Earth will rise significantly.

He didnt specify how high it would go up.

However, its more than any ordinary human can bear.

Even staying 300m or 400m underground wont be safe enough.

All the countries should start building shelters now, preferably 500m or deeper underground.

1km would be much better.

“The rising temperature wont be the only phenomenon.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions may happen simultaneously.

Please make the preparation in advance.

Otherwise, itll be too late!”

Someone said, “500m underground Thats too deep.

100m should do the trick.

No one can dig 500m downward.”

“Theres no need to do that.

We can use the energy cannon earlier than planned.

Director Lang, what concerns you isnt going to happen!” “Thats right.

We can destroy the meteorite with the energy cannon before it gets too close.

Thatll save us a lot of trouble.

I dont think well need to build any shelters.

We can carry on our life as we used to and treat this meteorite like all those who have visited us before.”

“The energy cannon will solve all the problems for us.”

Henry shook his head.

These people were so stupid!

He decided to let them be because he had fulfilled his duty.

He couldnt force the others to believe him.

“Gosh! The meteorite is real!”

“Moon wasnt lying!” “Our country is amazing! That meteorite was detected so many days in advance.

Where are the people that have been calling us a liar Where are they now If you dont believe it, dont hide in the shelters, then!”

“Our technology has made some great progress! Were more advanced than so many countries!”

“Im so proud of our country!”

The Moonians were both concerned and excited.

This news meant that the super meteorite was real.

The human race was threatened.

However, it also repaired Moons reputation.

Before, the world was questioning and laughing at Moon, claiming that it was lying and trying to spread panic.

But now, none of those people said a word.

It was as if they had switched to the mute mode.

“@Bruce Werent you laughing at Moon Why are you so quiet now I wont let you hide from us forever!”

“@Gilian You bitch! Youve been slandering my country all the time! How do you feel now Speak! Youre from Iceana, right I know you live in southern Iceana.

I hope the meteorite will smash right into your house!” “@Kolumba Werent you so active before You said you wanted me to be your maid.

Youre not saying that now, are you Wheres your shelter What You havent built one yet We have shelters.

If you become my servant, maybe Ill take you there!”

Moonians started creating such posts and comments all over the world.

Even the approaching doomsday couldnt stop them.

The foreign netizens seemed to have gone off the grid simultaneously.

Everything went quiet.

However, it only lasted for half an hour.

Soon, forums and social media websites became busy again.


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