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“I thought you were waiting for an opportunity to meet Mr.


Why…” The secretary was bewildered.

“Which part of my words cant you understand Stop everything youre doing.

Youre fired! Zack, get my private jet ready! Im going out!” Tom Matcon gave the order.

“Yes, Sir!”

The same thing happened to the other three of the Five as well.

Kevin Matano, Tom Matcon, Jack Wattcon, John Lius, and Pearl Dona all boarded their private jets and headed for where Warren was.

The five of them looked at one another in amazement when they landed, but they realized what was going on almost right away.

It was rare for Warren to see all of them at once.

It hardly ever happened.

Most of the time, only two or three of them would be summoned.

The fact that the five of them were all here meant that it must be something very serious.

That was why they were all amazed when they saw one another.

“Youre all here!”

“Thats right.

So are you!”

“Do you know why the boss wants to see us”

“Is something going to happen Is one of us not doing well Is someone going to be replaced”

“I dont think so.

If that were the case, that person would have been summoned alone, but were all here now.”

“Are we all getting replaced”

“No problem! Dont worry about it!”

A few minutes earlier, in Gary Mats ocean view villa, Gary was making a phone call in the pool while surrounded by several sexy women in bikinis.

He had his arm around one of the girls shoulders while laughing into the phone.

“Stella, I havent seen you for ages.

Come and see me some time.

By the way, I saw that many people were talking about you online.

Whats that about”

Stella was indeed the person on the other end.

“Its a long story.

Anyway, thank you, Director Mat, for helping me without asking any questions.

I appreciate it.

Ill come to see you as soon as Im done with the work on hand.

Is it still the same villa”

Gary chuckled.

“Thats right.

Its still the same place.

Remember to bring the outfit I sent you earlier.

I like it!”

“Dont worry, Gary.

I wont forget! I actually need to ask you for another favor.”

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“Of course! Ill do anything for you.

What is it”

“My company has dismissed me, and my contract was terminated prematurely.

All my accounts and assets are frozen as well—”

Before Stella could finish, several men landed in Garys courtyard.

Moreover, two helicopters were hovering overhead.

“Who are you people”


The women around Gary shrieked and fled from the pool because the intruders all gave off an intimidating air like professional killers.

One of them walked up to Gary, grabbed what was left of his hair, and dragged him out of the pool.

Gary grimaced in pain and bellowed at the two men, “Youre dead! Do you know who I am How dare you treat me like this! Ill—”


One of the men slapped Gary on the face, stifling his shouts in the throat.

He immediately calmed down.

A wise man knew when to retreat.

Seeing that he was outnumbered, Gary thought, Youd better not let me find out who you are.

Otherwise, youll pay for this when Im out of here!

“Take the phone.

The chief of the SARFT is on the other end.”

Stella heard everything on the other end.

Gary Mat didnt have time to hang up the call, and the phone was dropped on the ground next to the pool when he was dragged out.

“The state administration is calling me” Gary was perplexed.

“I dont know what administration hes from.

Just pick it up! Stop asking questions!”

Gary took the phone.


“Gary Mat, you can stop making films from now on.

No film company will work with you again, and youve been completely shunned by the industry.

Not only that, but all the films youve directed, no matter how well-received they are, will be removed from all media platforms.

All of your information will be removed from the internet as well.

Itll be like youve never existed.”

Gary was dumbfounded.

He couldnt believe his ears.

He was astonished.

What have I done he wondered. How did this happen

“I… You… Are you Chief Johnson”

“Who else do you think I can be”

“Chief Johnson, what have I done Why is this happening Please dont do this, Chief Johnson! If Ive done something wrong, please tell me, and Ill apologize! Ive made some great contributions to the industry! You can condemn me, but you cant deny my talent and my work!” Gary shouted.

“Im sorry, but your talent and contribution are nothing compared to Mr.


Youre banned from the industry.

Thats it.”

The conversation ended.

The man hung up immediately after.

“What…” Gary sat on the ground and mumbled, “How could this happen Whos Mr.

Soan When did I offend him”

Stella heard everything on the other end.

Her face had turned livid.

It was almost purple.

“Gary Mat is no longer a director and has been banned, but by whom


Soan… Could it be…

“Could it be that old fool

“No… It cant be…”

Stella stared at her phone and muttered to herself.

The man picked up Garys phone.

“Miss Shane, is it I think if youre not deaf, you must have heard everything.

You dont have a choice now.

Make a public statement and tell everyone the truth.

If you dont apologize to Mr.

Soan, your end will be more miserable than Gary Mats!”

Something happened 20 minutes after Gary Mat made that statement.

He posted something else.

It was a very long article and was obviously prepared beforehand.

In the letter, Gary apologized repeatedly to Himmel.

It went viral in minutes, and the Shanes became desperate.

Who was Himmel Soan Even Gary Mat had been defeated!


“Stella, what should we do now”


“How am I supposed to know!” Stella screamed.

She was panic-stricken.


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