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Chapter 93 Innate Vigorous Energy Device

Maruse licked his bosss boots.


Oraman, youre going to be the most outstanding president in the history of Neige!”

“I hope thats the case! Cheers!”


The countdown went to the last 140 hours.

Global News.

“Good morning, everyone.

Daphne here.

Youre watching Global News.

Today, were going to show you the different policies of eight countries.

Were lucky enough to visit the shelters in all those places.

Follow us and have a look.

“First of all, youre going to see the Soilian shelters.

Soilia is going to build nineteen arks in total, and each can hold two million people.

However, the most popular topic in Soilia at the moment is to take shelter in Neige.

The ark youre now seeing is made by Winland.

Its quite unique, isnt it It looks like a small cyclone…”

Global News was a popular program, and they used twenty-four hours to record the arks in eight countries.

The Neigerian ones attracted the most attention.

So far, they had built over eighty arks, and a hundred more were under construction.

When the meteorite came, Neige would have the largest shelter space in the world.

Countries like Woodia, Soilia, Winland, and Goldia adopted the same approach, building arks as Neige did.

They believed that concealed containers like these arks could provide the human race the most protection because they were water-, fire-, and collision-resistant.

Hence, they were the safest.

Not all arks were the same, though.

Luxurious arks came with recreational facilities because calculations showed that people needed to spend at least 72 days after the initial impact.

Half a year would be even safer.

Leaving the arks prematurely would get one killed.

Therefore, the arks had to be equipped with all the living facilities.

To rich people, it would be a vacation.

Only the poor would see it as taking refuge.

However, if one could get into the arks, they were already much more affluent than most people in this world.

The people left behind had no chance of surviving.

Luxurious arks even came with their own cooks, basketball courts, and gyms, whereas the ordinary ones were mere living quarters.

The passengers in the ordinary arks should count themselves lucky if they had a bed of their own.

Everyone was allocated an area of no bigger than five square meters, and the rooms were filled with bunker beds.

Being cooped up in such a place for six months could be insufferable.

Panthera didnt build any arks.

Global News didnt just show the arks in eight countries; they also interviewed the people there.

In Neige.

“My opinion Why do you even ask Neige is obviously our ultimate solution.

Maybe we might not even need the arks in the end.

The energy cannon can solve the problem before the meteorite hits us.”

“The arks are just double insurance, and I dont think well need them in the end.

When the meteorite comes into range, our country will immediately destroy it with the energy cannon.

The debris may not land on Earth.

Even if they do, they might land in some uninhabited area.”

“Im not worried.

Neige has seen it all.

Im sure we can get through this! Mr.

Oraman is an amazing leader!”

In Soilia.

“Although our country has always valued technology, its common knowledge that we dont have the most advanced technology level.

If I have the money, Ill go to Neige.

After all, its the greatest country in the world.”

“The arks are the most effective way to protect us in a catastrophe.

What The country of Moon Theyre just a bunch of clowns.

I heard theyre building shelters hundreds of meters underground as if thats going to save them.

If the meteorite really lands on top of them, even a 5km-deep shelter cant save them.”


“Space Cannon Never heard of it.

Whats that”

In Panthera

“Thats right.

We dont have arks.

Were going to the underground shelters, like the Moonians.”

“We shouldnt trust Moon Are you saying we should trust Neige That meteorite is moving so fast.

Are you sure the energy cannon can hit


“I think its the worst decision weve ever made! The president shouldnt trust Moon too much! The energy cannon is the key! We shouldnt have built shelters like the Moonians! Were doomed!”

“I dont care.

Im going to Neige!”

As the doomsday drew closer, people no longer hesitated to speak their minds.

Even in Panthera, many people questioned the presidents decision and chose to trust Neige.

What Moon said was too novel to be convincing.

No one understood the space cannon theory.

As a result, not many people held much hope for Moon.

Even some Moonians felt the same way.

Ten hours had passed since the first announcement, and Moon had transferred some people into the shelter.

Lyton had also started working on the ark.

The Moonian ark was enormous.

They had enough funds to build two arks, but Lyton spent them on a single ark to make sure they built the safest shelter.

Two arks could save more people.

However, they wouldnt be as safe.

Safety was their top priority.

No matter how many arks they built, if they werent safe enough, they would be useless.

Poorly built arks would get everyone killed.

The arks were built to save people.

If they failed to do that job, they shouldnt be called “arks.” Therefore, Lyton spent trillions of dollars on a single ark.

It was much bigger than ordinary arks, estimated to fit seven million people.

However, it was going to be packed.

That was acceptable as long as the people inside could survive.


Himmel Soan fiddled with a big device in the lab.

He was thrilled because, after twenty hours of testing, analysis, and experiments, he had finally created this vigorous energy assistance device.

It could help ordinary people focus and create the innate vigorous energy that only cultivators of the innate stage could generate.

The innate vigorous energy was key to the underground shelter.

“Anyone out there”

Warren and Yosef replied, “Yes, Patriarch.”

“Find me twenty members of the Soan empire.”


They left the lab and came back shortly after with twenty men.


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