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Chapter 95 Alarmist Talk

“What about the people inside

“Thats all going to die!” Parkson then gave some further explanation.

“Weve never seen anything moving as fast as that meteorite except for light itself.

Because of that, itll affect the surface of Earth when it approaches the atmosphere.

No, the impact will start even long before that!”

“How will it affect us exactly”

“In many ways! First of all, theres the ocean.

The force of the super meteorite will create a pressure thatll bring forth rising tides and tsunamis in all seven oceans.

To make things worse, even the larger lakes will erupt, and the water will flow into the cities.”

“Wont the cities be flooded”

“Yes, they will be! Then there are volcanos.

The pressure will squeeze out the magma, and all volcanoes on Earth will erupt simultaneously.

The surrounding cities will all be destroyed.

Dont scream just yet because theres more.

Right after that, well be hit by earthquakes of a magnitude 10.

“Now shown on the big screen is the range of the earthquakes our scientists have predicted.

All the areas circled out will be affected.”

A world map appeared on the screen, and over 70% of the area had been circled out.

The host was shocked.

“The earthquake hit us as well But were not on top of two joining tectonic plates! We never had any earthquakes!”

“Its inevitable!” Parkson demonstrated with two tables in front of them.

“The earthquakes we know of are indeed caused by plate movements.

They will occur when two plates squeeze against each other, but things are different now.”

He started shaking the tables.

“Compared to the super meteorite, Earth is too small.

All tectonic plates will be moving, and only someplace very deep below the surface level will be spared.

Those places cant escape the earthquakes entirely.

Theyll still feel it, but the magnitude will be reduced.

If the magnitude is ten around the world, those places will only have magnitudes of two or three.” The host nodded.

“That is to say, the whole earth will be shaking.”

“Thats right!” Parkson nodded.

“What about the underground shelters”

can r

“Underground shelters are a joke! Unless they can reach the core of Earth, theres no way they can survive this catastrophe! Do you think one kilometer is deep Its much shallower than the focus of an earthquake!”

The host asked, “What about the people inside”

Parkson said, “Theyre all going to die!

“I dont even need to run any simulations.

Once the earthquake starts, all underground hollow spaces will cave in.

The shelters will collapse even if theyre 2km underground! The deeper they are, the more lethal they will be! The person who made that decision should be condemned! Hell be responsible for countless lives, but he still hasnt realized it yet.

Whats even more ridiculous is that some countries have accepted his suggestion.

How pathetic! May God forgive him.

Hes just a boy.

“Himmel Soan, the sinner of the human race.”

That was how this topic was created.

The host said angrily, “Mr.

Parkson, why are you asking God to forgive that Himmel Soan when he has done the most unforgivable thing He should be executed!”

“God has mercy, but I dont! God can forgive him, but I cant! I hereby ask all my fellow human beings not to believe such rumors! The underground shelters and the so-called space cannon will only destroy us! Metal arks and the energy cannon are our only hope to get through this catastrophe! Theres still room left on Neigerian arks! Were a selfless nation.

No matter what your nationality is, youre welcomed on the arks! Book your ticket now!”

The show went viral online.

Even some heads of the state grew excited.

Arks werent hard to build; all countries could build them.

However, not all arks were the same.

Neige was the largest country in the world, and it was supposed to have the best arks.

They would have much higher defensive power.

After the interview was aired, the comments online became much harsher.

Pantherese netizens wrote, “I agree! Arks are the only solution! I dont know what our president is thinking! Please listen to your people, Mr.

President! Wake up! We dont need any underground shelters! Theyre useless!” Goldian netizens wrote, “Ignore the Moonians.

They have so many people, and they can afford to lose a million or two.

Hell, theyll still have more people than us if 99% of them are dead!”

Winish netizens wrote, “This Himmel Soan person will be condemned forever! Moonians, good luck! LOL.”

Moonians wrote, “What the hell Why arent we building arks Mr.

Himmel Soan, what are you thinking”

“Should we trust Mr.

Himmel Soan, or…”

“How I respect him, but it doesnt mean he can put all our lives in danger! Underground shelters wont work! @Himmel Soan: Mr.

Himmel Soan, please talk to Mr.

President and build the arks! Otherwise, youll be condemned forever! We dont want that to happen!” Grassian netizens wrote, “Our country is Moons ally, and weve always followed its footsteps, but I beseech my president to revoke his command.

We cant build any more underground shelters! They wont help us! If Mr.

President still wont change his mind tomorrow, Ill take my own life to warn my fellow countrymen!”

Woodian netizens wrote, “Ive bought a ticket to the Neigerian ark.

I cant wait to see what will happen to the Moonians.

Himmel Soan has done us a big favor!”

Moonians wrote, “We want to talk to Himmel Soan! We dont want underground shelters!”

“Thats right! Let Himmel Soan speak! We dont want shelters! We want arks!”

“Himmel Soan must answer for this!”

Soon, Moonian netizens began to protest in groups, trying to force Himmel Soan to give them an explanation.


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