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Chapter 97 Done

All he needed now was the actual space cannon, which was built according to the energy channels in the human body.

It should be mostly finished by now.

Building the space cannon was a major project, and the country had already started working on it over a week ago.

Viclan, Branco, and several other scientists were in charge.

Himmel Soan only needed to work on the core structure.

The most vital part was the spiritual essence.

After that was the compression structure that mimicked the function of the dantian.

These two parts were essential to the space cannon.

Once Himmel Soan figured out how to build them, the space cannon would almost be finished.

Now that he had succeeded in reproducing the spiritual essence, mimicking the function of dantian wouldnt be too difficult.

He also had a backup plan.

If nothing worked, he would use himself as the energy source, although it would have some detrimental effect on his health.

But that wouldnt be necessary anymore.

Once the problem with replicating the spiritual essence was solved, mimicking the dantian wouldnt be an issue.

He was going to fill his dantian with the refined spiritual essence and see if he could fire the space cannon with it.

He drained the spiritual essence in his system, extracted some processed spiritual essence from the device, and injected it into his body.

Outside, Gordon and Henry sat by the door, whereas Warren and Yosef were a few steps away.

They trusted Himmel Soan.

However, they had to do something about the panicking public.

They would be in even bigger trouble if the people lost faith in them.

What was Himmel Soan thinking

Something exploded at that moment, shaking the entire Pegasus Grassland.

Henry, Gordon, and several other people waiting outside the lab were blown away by the blast coming out of the lab.

Some smashed into the corridor walls, while some fell out of the second-floor window into the flowerbeds below.

If it hadnt been for the flowerbeds, they might have lost their lives.

From a distance, people saw a beam of light shooting through the roof of the building into the clouds.

The building covered an area of thirty acres, but it swayed when the beam of light rose and almost collapsed.

Luckily, it held up in the end.

“Whats going on”

“What happened”

“Are you alright, Henry Wake up!” “What was that”

“Is the meteorite coming I thought we had over a hundred hours!”

The explosion spread out from the building to the entire Pegasus Grassland.

All the people working on the grassland saw the beam of light, and the sound seemed to linger for over ten seconds.

Some workers were moving machines around.

The blast knocked them off their feet, and they passed out from the impact.

The entire Pegasus Grassland was panic-stricken.

“Patriarch Patriarch!” Warren ran toward the lab after he steadied himself.

The door to Himmel Soans label had lost its original shape, and white smoke was coming out of the cracks.

Yosef and James started banging on the door.

They wanted to tear the door out of its frame.

“Patriarch, are you alright Patriarch!”

“What was that”

“I have no idea! I think it came from the Patriarchs lab! Patriarch, please answer us! How are you feeling Are you there!”

Panic set in.

They didnt care what caused the explosion.

Himmel Soans safety was their top priority.

“Im fine.”

They were relieved to hear Himmel Soans voice.

“Patriarch! We were so scared.

Glad to hear youre okay.

This door…”

“Guys, lets tear this door open!”

“Patriarch, please wait a moment while we get you out of that room.”

“That wont be necessary.

Stay away from the door,” Himmel Soan spoke again.

Immediately after that, strange energy surged out of the room, pushing the distorted door out of the frame and almost hitting Yosef on the head.

Luckily, Yosef was a martial arts practitioner as well.

He dodged the flying door and patted his chest, still shocked by the narrow escape.

Himmel Soan walked out of the lab, glowing from the excitement.

“Patriarch, what happened”

“Are you hurt”

Himmel shook his head.

“Im fine.”

He then turned to Gordon and Henry.

“I have two things to tell you.

First of all, make an announcement, telling the people that Im going to hold a press conference in ten hours.

Ill answer all the questions during the event.

Second, Ive figured out how to fuel the space cannon, but I need a special metal to refine the fuel.

You need to purchase it in large quantities.

Tell Viclan and Branco to stop what theyre doing and come here.

Ill give them the blueprint.”


Gordon and Henry were worried at first.

As they listened to Himmel Soan, the looks on their faces changed from bewilderment to delight.

“No problem!”

Himmel Soans explanation would work wonders in convincing the wavering netizens.

“Patriarch, did you want to see us” Before long, Viclan and Branco arrived at Himmel Soans office.

There was a roll of cloth on Himmel Soans desk.

It was quite thick and about 30cm in diameter.

The cloth would be at least 30m long when unfolded.

“Yes.” Himmel patted the roll of cloth, saying, “This is the blueprint of the space cannon.

Ive noted down all the relevant theories on it.

Take it back with you and study it.

You have to master it in the next 24 hours and build the space cannon strictly following the requirement on it.

We dont have much time left.

You need to hurry up.”

Viclan was dumbfounded and looked around the room.

“Wheres the blueprint”

“Youre looking at it!” Himmel Soan patted the cloth again.

Branco and Viclans mouths fell open.

“Why is it so big”

“Enough with the chitchat.

Take it back and start working on it.”

The two men wiped away their cold sweats and carried the roll out of the room.

They had to master it in a day!

Was Himmel Soan making fun of them

He didnt say only Viclan and Branco could see the blueprint.

Since they had hundreds of scientists on their team, they decided to divide the task among them.

After they left, Henry and Gordon went to see Himmel Soan again.



“Have you made the announcement”


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