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"Oh, thank you," Leo took the bowl of soup from the woman, gave her a polite smile, and nodded.

"You should try it. Unfortunately, you can only find this dish in the heart of our village," Nojiko, who was also drinking some soup, said to him.

The soup did taste pretty good, and he liked the softness of the seaweed as it was in his mouth. "It is pretty good," Leo commented as he drank some more. He was wiping away the drop of soup on the corner of his lips.

He noticed that Nami didn seem to be at the party, so he turned to Nojiko, who was also drinking some soup beside him. He asks her, "Did you see where Nami went?"

Nojiko looked up at the cliff to the ocean and said to him, "Shes probably still at our mothers grave."

Leo looked over in the direction of the cliff top, which oversees the entire ocean. He could sense the faint presence of someone, like a tiny dot near the beach.

Through the village, he was able to locate the sight of Nami. He slowly and discreetly walked beside her so it wouldn disturb her.

She saw him standing to her left, and she looked up with a faint smile, and Leo lightly smiled back. Shes huddled on the cliffs soft grass and has a smile on her face as she looks at the grave in front of her.

In front of the grave is a small tangerine that Nami must have placed there for her mother. Namis eyes are a bit wet from the tears that she shed. Leo was happy that she didn bottle all the emotions inside.

"Mom, this was the man I was telling you about who saved our village," Nami said to the grave with her mothers name engraved. "You don have to worry anymore. From now on, there wouldn be anything that can stop me from pursuing my happiness."

Leo didn say anything and stood there watching her. Even he felt a little emotional watching this girl act so brave. He tries to restrain the tears from his eyes.

Nami stood up from the ground and stood next to him. A gust of wind blows across their face, filled with the strong smell of the sea. It is a refreshing smell.

The cliff top presents a clear view of the ocean. And behind him, Leo could notice the shining lights belonging to the lively village.

Without knowing why he felt a small hand grasp hold of his. When he looked to the side, he saw Nami with her cheeks warm in pink color. She looked up at him with shyness.

He looked at the hand holding his and looked back at the tiny smile on her face, "Nami, you…." He didn know exactly what to say.

"We can lead a simple life here together," she says to him. It wouldn be much. But I promise it would be a happy life with us together." Her smile was warm and filled with affection. At the same time, her eyes look at him with hope and attentiveness.

Leo doesn even know if this is the same Nami from the original story. She looked down at the ground and looked back up at him. This is the one scene he was sure that Sanji would die to have.

He thought about the simple life that she was speaking about to him. And maybe it wouldn be so bad, having a family and living on the farm with her. Maybe one day grow old together and hold her hand even when she has wrinkles across her face.

She moves her face close to his and closes her eyes. Seeing this, Leo watches enough rom-com to know what this means. Although he wasn sure, this was the ending he wanted for the story.

"Leo, a marine officer is asking to see you!" Nojiko stormed up to the cliff. She then felt embarrassed when she noticed that Nami was holding onto Leos hands. "Did I come at the wrong time?"

When the two heard this, they smiled and slightly glanced at each other.

"Well, lets see what it is about," Leo followed Nojiko to where the marines were.

He soon finds himself going down the cliff and noticing a group of marines. He saw a figure leading in front with a strongly mouse-like appearance. And his facial hair consists of a thin goatee and six long, wire-like whiskers on his upper lip.

When they got there, Leo saw clearly that the marine officer was pointing a gun at one of the villagers foreheads. When the marine officer saw the three approaching, he stopped his gun and kicked the villager to the ground.

"Looks like you must be the pirate hunter they are talking about who killed Arlong," Nezumi asked while squinting his eyes. Then, he waved his hand and commanded the men, "Go arrest him."

The marines that were following him were carrying guns with them in their arms. And now, more villagers have arrived at the beach to watch what is happening. Many villagers had a disgusted look on their faces when they noticed it was this marine officer.

"Such a despicable man," came a whisper.

"What a useless marine."

"At least give a reason for why you

e arresting the kind man." Some of the villagers finally spoke up.

Nezumi then shouted with arrogance, "You

e arrested for intruding into the duty of the marines. We were going to catch him, and your action interrupted our tasks."

"Where was this trash when we needed him?"

"Leave our island, you good-for-nothing marines!"

As a marine approaches his side, Leo uses his Conquers Haki to exert pressure on their bodies. He put enough pressure so they couldn move a single inch from their spots.

It is like sleep paralysis, as their bodies freeze on the spot. He walks closer to Nezumi, who was at the back of the marines, and puts a sword to his neck.

Leo says to him coldly, "Only someone like you is dumb enough to attack a fighter strong enough to defeat Arlong. Now you can go to hell along with him."

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