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"Hey! It is Leo!" Luffy also poked his head over and looked at the wanted poster with delight. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8--Thats 60 million!! So much money for his head?!"

"Looks like Leo is not too shabby," Sabo said, tipping his hat a little as he looked at the wanted poster. They haven news from Leo yet, so it was nice to see him thriving well on the great sea.

"One day, I will surpass him," Ace said with a confident grin. He is sitting at the bar table as he drinks something from the cup in his hand.

"Being a pirate must be so nice," Luffy said with shining eyes. "All the money in the world can buy all the meat I can eat." Saliva was already dripping down and creating a puddle on the ground as Luffys imagination became all full of food. He imagines all the different kinds of meats that he can eat. There was even a mountain of meat that he could see.

"You idiot probably wouldn even survive a day as a pirate," Ace joked, teasing Luffy with a laugh. "You don even know how to navigate in the sea."

Sabo looks at his two brothers, who are laughing with joy and competing against each other about who will have bigger achievements as pirates.

As he looked closely at the picture of that familiar face on the poster, he thought, I wonder what Leo is doing right now.

The Baratie or the ocean-going restaurant by Zeff...

"Dear Mademoiselle, I hope the food is to your liking," Sanji, dressed in the decorative black suit, came up to two female diners.

It seems to be quite a nice diner and contains a calming atmosphere. A dark vanilla-colored carpet and white noise make it ideal for conversations. The customers all seem to enjoy themselves and are absorbed in the delicacies on their tables.

"Oh, the food is absolutely delicious," said the lady. She seems like the kind of woman that Sanji would like. In fact, Sanji is already falling in love with her.

Shes wearing a light blue dress that reveals her full figure and brown hair flowing down below her shoulders. She smiles lightly as she talks with Sanji, and her fingers hold onto the fork she uses to eat the food.

"Mademoiselle, I have an important question to ask you," the lady noticed that Sanjis eyes turned quite dreamy as he looked at her with unbreaking eye contact.

The ladys cheeks immediately became flushed upon being looked at like that. Then, with a sense of shyness, she looked up at Sanji, waiting for him to ask her the question.

Getting down on the ground on one knee, Sanji brings a red rose out of thin air and offers it to the lady. Seeing someone on one knee in the restaurant causes the other diners to look over in their direction.

With his chin downwards and his eyes looking at her in a soulful way, he asked, "Mademoiselle, can I have the privilege of a dance alone with you?" Everyone in the restaurant is looking over in their direction in silence.

"That little brat!" Zeff, who was cooking inside the kitchen, came out after one of their waiters told him there was a commotion going outside. "When hes not beating up customers, he is womanizing the ladies." He puts his hand on his forehead in an annoyed manner.

"Then would you be willing to die for her?"

Looking up, Sanji finds a large man with dark tanned skin, with a horrible smell from his clothes, now standing before him. He is smiling in a way that reveals his broken teeth, and some of his other teeth are decaying from the cavity.

A hole of a gun pointed at his forehead, and before any of the customers could react, a loud gunshot rang through the entire restaurant.

It came from the two men who blocked the entrance, and then 5-6 customers got up from the tables. They pulled out guns to point at the other diners heads.

They removed their coats on their body, which revealed themselves to be part of the gang since they wore the same pirate emblem on their back.

The customers were scared, and some screamed from fear as they huddled on the floor. Finally, the pirate who had a gun on Sanjis forehead said in a threatening way to the customers, "Everyone, take out all your valuables, and nobody will get hurt. We, the Krieg Pirates, can be reasonable people too."

"Damn it! The Krieg Pirates? Why would they be here," there were some whispers that went on from the customers who huddled their heads on the floor after hearing the gunshot.

Nobody dared to attack back, and even Sanji didn dare to strike back at the pirates because it might endanger the customers. And one by one, the gang of pirates went to collect the wallets and other pieces of jewelry that were on board.

"Why would they be here? They are one of the most infamous groups in the East Blue, with a fleet of fifty pirate ships and five thousand pirates!"

The chefs watching with their bodies trembling, watched from afar and whispered to each other. And Zeff could only watch with knitted brows as he began to think of how he could overcome this situation. But he doesn want to arouse the anger of the Krieg Pirates.

Sanji knitted his teeth angrily as he watched these pirates take the jewelry into a large bag. He was especially seeing the young lady from before with tears in her eyes, which is unforgivable for Sanji.

That little brat, he better not do something impulsive right now, Zeff thought. He knows the personality of Sanji, and he watches closely at Sanji from a distance. He knows Sanji all too well.

As Sanji was about to try and make a gamble by kicking the face of the pirate holding a gun to his face, there came something that caught his attention.

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