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"Boss! Bad news! One of our men had his arm cut apart during his task," the pirate that had been putting a gun at Sanjis head from before was kneeling on the wooden plank boards of the ship. Hes kneeling in front of the captain of the Don Krieg Pirates.

Hearing the news caused a stern expression on Kriegs face. Hes wearing heavy golden armor, while his subordinate, Gin, is standing beside him. Gin held an expressionless face when he heard the news from the man that was kneeling on the floor.

"Hm… What an insolence," Krieg slammed on the armrest of the chair while standing up from his chair. He turns his head to look at Gin. His eyes already speak of what hes going to be doing next. "Those who dare to go against the Krieg Pirates will all suffer consequences!"

In the Baratie, Sanji smoked a cigarette while looking out at sea. His eyes seem motionless as he thinks of something in his mind.

"What are you thinking about?" a voice came from behind him. When Sanji turns back to notice the cloaked figure, he grins while blowing out the smoke from his nostrils.

"I was betting you had left already," Sanji said, while dropping the cigarette and stamping it out with his shoe. He returned to looking at the sea, saying to Leo with a calming and mature voice, "We are preparing for the Krieg Pirates. You caused an uproar, with heavy consequences landing on us."

"Ill be ready for them," Leo said, standing right next to Sanji and overlooking the blue sea that shines with sparkling light before the sun.

"Aren you afraid?" Sanji asked, looking at the cheeks of the cloaked figure behind whose face he couldn recognize clearly.

"They should be the ones to be afraid. My blade doesn have eyes," Leo turns to him. Sanji could barely see a pair of red eyes that seemed to shine through the darkness of the dim hood that cloaked him.

He took a step back as his back suddenly felt like an icy wind blowing across his body. It was the aura of the man standing before him. It was a fearsome aura as the words ushered from his mouth.

This man, he is extraordinary. Just who is he? Sanji thought as he noticed a grin spread on the corner of Leos face. There will soon be a heavy bloodbath coming.

When Don Krieg was sailing for an afternoon, he finally saw the restaurant his subordinates spoke about.

"Boss, are you sure its safe to go over there without proper investigation?" Gin asked with a serious expression as he peered over at the Baratie. Something from his instincts is telling him that there is something amiss about this whole situation.

He doesn know how to describe the instinctual feeling in his guts, but he feels worried in his chest. Krieg bats his hand in the air and says to Gin, "Whats to worry about? Whos more infamous than the Krieg Pirates in the Blue Sea?"

Maybe I am worrying about nothing, Gin thought to himself, as the ship sails closer to the Baratie inch by inch.

There was just an unsure feeling that aroused from the pit of his stomach, as the wind seemed to feel icier than usual. After taking their ships dock upon arrival, Gin followed behind his captain. The ship was entirely empty of passengers and diners and leaves an eerie silence in the air.

The people employed in the Baratie kept their silence and dared not meet the eyes of the infamous captain Krieg as he strolled through the door of the restaurant and took a seat amongst the tables.

"Boss! It was them! They were the ones who were showing disrespect to us before," that underlying pointed his fingers at Zeff and Sanji. But Sanji doesn seem to care the least in this situation, as he takes out a cigarette lighter and lights up a cigarette, blowing a puff in the tense room of the restaurant.

It made Krieg, who was sitting there with his legs dangling on the table, angrier upon seeing Sanji taking his time to smoke while walking across the restaurant and blowing the smoke through the opened window.

"You idiot! Can you see what situation you

e in right now?!" Zeff called out to Sanji while seeing him still so at leisure despite being stuffed together with these infamous bastards.

"Hey, is there like a VIP discount for spaghetti if I kill these guys here," Leo said while standing behind Krieg with his hand on his shoulders.

"What?! Protect the captain!!" The pirates were all confused as to how a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was standing behind their leader. But behind the veil of bullets piercing into the air, Leo seems to be tiptoeing in the air like a dancer that is gracefully escaping them with ease.

"Gosh, these little flies, just when we

e about to have a little fun. So annoying," with a twist of his wrist, the pirates around Leo had their necks cut off like slicing through soft tofu.

"Who are you?" Gin had fear in his eyes as he watched Leo kill their men as though he was merely clapping off some fruit flies, and the bullets didn even manage to touch him as he danced on the floor.

"Who am I? Thats a good question," Leo laughs like a weirdo before scratching his hair. "Yo Sanji, you still got more of those cheesecakes in the kitchen?"


"Damn it! For Gods sake, stop talking about food and answer the question!"

Leo sighs, "Stop being so serious, you, random side characters, are going to die in the next second anyway."

Sanji coughs up from hearing Leo still asking about the spaghetti and heads into the kitchen. The next thing that could be heard in that awkward restaurant was the sound of someone cooking up some food with oil.

The last thing that these Krieg and Gin saw was a smiling devil looking at them while putting a sword that sliced through their necks.

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