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Other Worlds Reader Chapter 3: Faced with Death

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Was my life that boring for me to treat such a life-threatening situation like a game?

No… I must be crazy.

I couldn even feel half my arm and here I am being thrilled. I don even know if escaping this lizard will make any difference. What was the state of the world for lizards this tall to just walk around?

I know there is something out there trying to kill me.

And whoever or whatever it might be. I don plan on running forever...

A few minutes passed and the only noise audible, are the beats of my heart and my breath.

My arm was still in immense pain, but it was good enough for me to ignore it for a while.

… I finally have some time to think.

Theres no plausible explanation for any of this. The only realistic situation was this was a film set, and the lizard was an actor. But that hypothesis was only possible about 20 minutes ago before I almost died from that monster.

Im sure no human could jump so high, and actually try to murder a co-actor.

Its just full of nonsensical solutions and answers. Well, it is also a nonsensical situation, so I would be more amazed if I somehow came up with something sensical.


Was I abducted by aliens? Did I skip through time, like in some messed-up film? Was I transported to another world?

There were multiple possible answers that I could think of but all of them just makes me uncomfortable. These are solutions I could think of but are something I wouldn want reality to be. There could possibly be some other rational solutions out there, but Im out of ideas.

Its better to prepare for the worse, or Ill just be a hoping, sitting duck waiting for fate to decide my end.

Its not like I have an answer right now anyways. Besides, I have a pressing matter at hand. These preparations wouldn matter if I can even surpass this one.

That bastard…

I don know if it left me, but it was incredibly silent as of now.

Though its not like that would affect my cautiousness. Silent or not, Im not heading out without any plans.

Alright, lets calm down.


Taking a long deep breath, I start to focus trying to remember everything I managed to see. Though it was a little chaotic... no incredibly chaotic during that chase, I still managed to scan the surroundings.

Besides, I managed to look around for a bit before entering the convenience store in the first place, and there was one spot I spotted that was definitely of use. The construction site next alley...

There was a large crane carrying metal pipes there. That would definitely help me out in this case.

Im guessing even the largest creatures would die from that. Ive operated a crane before on a set once. I should be able to do something about it.

But thats that for when I actually arrive there. It might be silent right now, but if I based that lizard on the fantasy lizardmen and real-life lizards Ive read about, they have excellent night vision and from what I saw, are incredibly quick. They can regenerate their tails and even limbs from the lizardmen in the stories Ive read. The only way to kill it is to hit its head or torso. And it even has one of humankinds strongest weapons, hands.

Its an absolute killing machine with quite one of the most broken sets a monster could have.

And I somehow have to think of a way to kill this thing without risking my life... no even if I have to risk my life it would be an almost impossible task. But its not like I could do something about it. I have to prepare if I want to live. It would be great if he gave up on me, but I wouldn go out there acting like everything just went back to normal.

Tsk... its easier said than done. I have almost no information on the thing and Im just basing it off reality and some random fantasy setting.

Though there was something I managed to pick up when my life was almost taken away from me.

Why didn the lizard attack me despite me falling over from the impact of its tail?

Well, Ive got an idea. This is typical behavior from house and exotic lizards. They typically prefer live food such as mealworms and crickets. They don really kill nor do anything of the sort normally. This was even boosted on Earthly Guardian, where the lizardmen had a unique trait with them.

Due to their habit of naturally eating their meals in one bite while they

e alive, blood isn something they are used to.

Their eyes can process the color of blood properly, while its smell overwhelms their noses even further. That was why I had room to even escape after that devastating attack.

Though Im not fully certain if this was the main reason as I didn dare to look back when I was escaping with my life on the line, it was the only reason I could think of why it stopped its onslaught back then.

Its quite a decent guess with some observation and I guess basis from similar creatures, but thats not enough for me to gamble my life.

Besides, I don have any other source of blood here except from myself. For all I know, I might already have anemia from all that blood I just lost earlier. I wouldn be able to use it to bury the great eyesight of a lizard. I do have my clothes full of blood, but its stopping my arm from bleeding. The pain would also be too much if I try to mess with it right now.

It should still be enough to bury my scent. But as I said, thats not enough reason for me to gamble my life.

The best bet would be to go when Im sure its not here.

And that is now...

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