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Upon hearing Hugos instructions, the boy hurriedly asked for water, as he was currently feeling very hot and thirsty. Which is quite strange given the chaotic weather that has no evidence of being even remarkably temperate.

While in the midst of requesting water, he noticed an Asian man, slightly shorter than himself staring at him. And much more bewildered than anything else. The Asian man had adorned the club staff attire as well as wearing the proper footwear.

"Hey, Im Kai." the newly appointed coach was quick to introduce himself. In a hurried manner, and all the whilst handing the boy a bottle of water, and handing him his own blue water bottle. Then he raised an eyebrow, leaning closer to the boy as if he was expecting an answer.

"Um. Bernard. Bernard Pape." The teenager, lanky with a timid demeanour replied. But in disjointed sentences that were not a result of broken French, but of pure shyness. Strange, given his towering physique would indicate anything but.

"Giddy Up, You

e late to training and now you have the audacity to have chit-chat?! MOVE YOUR LEGS!" Hugo, who was not exaggerating, was definitely looking extremely vexed at this young player. His face was now almost Satanic-like.

Kai wasn quite as surprised though. In his previous life, he could still vividly remember how much dedication Hugo puts in for his youth team members. Always a man that has time to spare for the players. Though in his heart, Kai always had a sneaking suspicion that Mr Four Eyes, Hugos unofficial nickname given by the players, has a split personality. The normally serene and tranquil coach becomes absolutely livid when a player doesn show up to training in time.

He has anger issues when players don abide by his schedule...

Round the field, he ran, as the lanky, dark-toned teenager ran laps around the football pitch. All the whilst the players, coaches, and medical staff sat near the benches minding their own business. And before long, the players on the pitch broke their monotonous rest and interacted with Bernard as they continued the drills as instructed by Manager Marley.

The drills were highly physical and focused on stretching the muscles of the body. They mainly focused on the forearms and elbows. The more vital areas of the body. Though instead of using ordinary weights to teach the boys the correct form, Hugo instead opted for a dumbbell filled with sand and one they needed to beat to keep fit.

But it appears that each individual dumbbell is different in size, with each of the weights that the players are using to train their physical strength are customised to fit their individual needs.

Bernard, as most of the players quickly realised, is the worst one as he has to walk with a bent arm, as the dumbbell hes using has an unusually short handle.

But the most notable physical change is with Bernards leg. Where each time he flexed his thigh muscles, his skin would go pale white. As the boy concentrated, he seemingly caught up with the other players, though only just, as visible sweat from his forehead started to crystallise.

A towering yet skinny man, its just another day at the training ground for Bernard Pape. Though he couldn help but wonder why he was even here in the first place. Coach Hugo doesn look very happy. And Bernard doesn look that thrilled either. But the question was no more important than the eventual answer.

Kai keenly observed the players as they train, and was almost sombre in the direction he was gazing at. At first, the boy was interested in what was happening as all his friends had mentioned it. And what caught his eye was the intense training that those players were performing, however, the lacklustre performance by Bernard, in which he struggled to keep up with his teammates, left a slightly sour taste in Kais mouth.

Kai had always had a little bit of a soft spot for Bernards gentle disposition, but judging by his performance on the pitch, the only explanation could be that he is somewhat of an introvert. Which the Asian could still remember somewhat from his memories.

The realisation took a moment for Kai to register, for he had always thought Bernard was far too timid to be an athlete in this game. And, it seems that he may not have been very far from the truth, as Kai couldn recount any mention of Bernard after leaving France. Perhaps the man is yet just another failed player. A boy that has chased a dream, but failed.

When the players finished with their regular training, they spent the next few hours being put through some conditioning and strength training. All the whilst the players were made to run laps around the pitch. And the more the boys struggled to keep up with the coaches, the more they were punished.

With a snide smirk plastered on his face, Coach Hugo watched as the weaker players are forced to run, and the stronger players are allowed to rest. Each workout progressively becomes harder. And the more you run, the fitter youll get. And this rule was best kept in mind by most of the players.

But as a side note. Hugo knew secretly that changing their routine this dramatically may cause some of the players to be overwhelmed.

Le Havres academy always had a particular coaching philosophy ingrained from youth to senior level, that a player should be first and foremost an intelligent footballer.

The club have long been famed for having an academy with a holistic approach to teaching, be it psychological, technical, or tactical, as well as working with how a player handles their nutrition and lifestyle. But in the coaches opinion, these players have turned into slightly content with the low-demand training. And that more "playing matches" and less "gym work", is more effective in helping players achieve goals.

But that doesn mean that the training is entirely dull. A significant amount of physical exercise is still carried out. But with younger players, theres also an emphasis on a reward. However, its up to the more mature players to "go above and beyond" what is expected. And make the final step from their youth contract to the important professional contract.

"If you don want to run today, you don have to. I won make you do more than you feel you can," said the bubbly manager with an easy expression on his face. Its apparent that the players are a bit out of it. This is certainly due to their dramatic and surprising increase in physical training.

But as the player fell back exhausted onto the ground, Hugo found the perfect time to have a word with him.

"I said no? I just want to rest," uttered the glum-looking Bernard. But his train of thought was cut short as he was ordered to stand up and carry out the drills which he missed by coming late to training. All of which were performed under the watchful eyes of Hugo.

The practice has come to an end, and all the players stretched their muscular and sweaty bodies before they headed indoors, where the players would be tactically coached. All but one man, the lanky French teenager, Bernard Pape.

Alone by himself, with Hugo keenly counting the number of reps he has done. Bernard paced around, waiting for his coach to announce the conclusion of his individual training. Hugo was counting the reps one by one, by when he suddenly wish to take a seat on the benches. Hugo noticed that another individual was also with them. They were not alone.

The same Asian coach, the newly hired greenie of the team is still keenly observing by the sidelines, quietly observing the individual training that is performed by Bernard.

"A bit uptight isn he?" said Hugo. "The scouts found him playing on the streets if I remember correctly. Well, at least hes passionate about the game." Hugo smiled as he took a seat right beside Kai on the benches.

Under the moonlit sky, with the sun long hidden from the sky. Two coaches observed the player practising alone.

Though the silence between the two coaches was awkward, with them neither continuing the conversation. But a silent understanding of each others thoughts allowed them to enjoy each others presence, even if no words were exchanged.

The mega lamps surrounding the pitch lit up, as well as the windows of the facility lit up, signalling the beginning of the night.

Alone on the football pitch was a boy, laid flat with all four of his limbs spread out like an eagle. With him panting his breath heavily that his chest moved and heaved up and down.

Long gone was the presence of Hugo, he left the pitch long ago when Bernard finish what he has missed. In truth, Bernard has done much more than Hugo required him to do, the kid just forgot to ask if his training has finished.

"Can I go now, Mr, sir?" said Bernard as he turned around expecting the presence of Mr Four Eyes.

Though his vision was impaired by the dark. But he was sure, even if he couldn see too well, that he could hear just as sharply as usual. Thus, he was confused as he heard a voice that he was not expecting.

"You may go now. Mr Bernard."

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