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Martial arts field


   Zhou Li was stunned for a moment, then looked at Lu Minghua subconsciously.


   In Zhou Li's eyes, fiancee Lu Minghua was beautiful and gentle like water.

No matter how you look at it, it doesn't look like someone who is playing with knives and swords.


  However, Lu Minghua took it for granted: "Okay, I'll go right now." Then, she glanced at him shyly: "The martial arts training ground in Lu's residence is famous in the capital, and Young Master Zhou can also open his eyes today."


   Zhou Li: "..."


   Facing those pair of tender black eyes, Zhou Li's heart was about to melt, and he nodded in response.


   Then, his tender-hearted fiancee led him to the martial arts field.


   At this time, the training of the personal soldiers had ended, and the ones on the training ground were the Lu family sisters and brothers.


  Lu Mingyu held a long sword with a sharp edge.

Lu Mingyue and Lu Xuan had not blocked fifty moves together.

Soon they dodged and fled in embarrassment.


  Lu Mingyu saw a flaw, kicked Lu Xuan hard, and sent him flying.


  Lu Xuan rolled over in mid-air before he landed, rolled around in embarrassment, and got up quickly, he didn't dare to slip if he wanted to.

Disgraced but still continued to step forward to be beaten.


  Lu Mingyu's subordinates showed no mercy, and reprimanded Lu Xuan: "Have you been lazy in practicing martial arts these few days Your feet are frivolous, and your subordinates are weak.

Someone has to stare at you every day!"


  Lu Xuan frowned and tried to justify himself: "Fourth sister, I don't dare to be lazy, I just get up a little late every day...



  Lu Xuan was kicked again, and the corners of his mouth twitched in pain.


   Zhou Li gasped, "Do you practice martial arts like this every day"


   He had been studying since childhood and never practiced martial arts.

At this time, seeing the Lu family's sister and brother making a move, he was dazzled and terrified.


  Lu Minghua was accustomed to it and replied with a smile: "Well, the sixth brother is smart and clever, but he likes to be clever and lazy.

Only the fourth sister can control him."


  No Mercy, too hard, too strict.

This is what martial arts training is supposed to be.


  Lu Minghua said: "This is how martial arts are.

If you don't have a hard heart, how can you learn martial arts."


   Zhou Li looked at his fiancée with beautiful eyebrows and gentle eyes and was speechless for a while.


  Lu Minghua whispered softly: "I am average in martial arts, and I prefer to read.

My adopted father asked me what kind of husband I want to marry, and I told my adopted father that I was attracted to Jinke Tanhua Lang."


   Zhou Li's heart was burning hot when he heard this, he was moved, and he reached out to hold Lu Minghua's hand.


   "Third sister," Lu Mingyu's voice suddenly sounded: "You come too."


  Lu Minghua replied with a smile, turned around, and went to the weapon rack, holding her usual long whip.


   Zhou Li's hand was empty, and he shrank back awkwardly.


  Lu Minghua didn't notice, she quickly entered the martial arts field, waved her long whip, and joined the battle.

With Lu Minghua joining in, Lu Mingyue and Lu Xuan can finally take a breather.


  Lu Minghua claimed to be mediocre in martial arts, but she was not humble.

Among the six siblings in the Lu family, her skills were similar to that of the youngest Lu Xuan.

However, compared with ordinary personal soldiers, it is much stronger.


  Even if she faced two or three strong men, they were not her opponent.


  She had been practicing the long whip since she was eight years old, and she had practiced for eight years and was skilled in whipping.

The long whip in her hand swam and danced like a snake.

Moreover, while the long whip was waving, the whip's shadow filled the sky, looking powerful.


   Zhou Li: "..."


   Zhou Li's mood suddenly became complicated.


   After getting married, if there is a fight, wouldn't Lu Minghua whip him all over the place with a few whips




   "Master Zhou," a familiar voice rang in his ears.


   Zhou Li came back to his senses in an instant, and reflexively squeezed out a smile: "Why did Fourth Miss Lu suddenly come here"


  Lu Mingyu said nonchalantly: "The third sister is with the fifth sister and the sixth brother, and so I happened to chat with Zhou Gongzi."


  For some unknown reason, when Zhou Li saw his future wife and her sister, he felt a little guilty and a cold sweat broke out on his back.

He also had to show the kindness and demeanor of her future brother-in-law: "The Fourth Miss has something to say, but it's okay to say it."


  Lu Mingyu twitched the corners of her mouth as if peeping through Zhou Li's uneasy and guilty conscience: "Young Master Zhou, don't be nervous.

The marriage has been decided.

When the third sister marries into the Zhou family, I have to call you the third brother-in-law.

We will be a family in the future."


  The eyes of a girl who has not left the boudoir were so bright and sharp.


   Zhou Li kept calm and maintained a graceful demeanor: "What the fourth lady said is true.

I sincerely asked to marry the third lady.

In the future, I will never wrong her."


  Lu Mingyu smiled and said: "Distance tests a horse's stamina, time tests a man's heart.

What happens in the future will naturally be known gradually."


"Speaking of which, our six siblings have different temperaments.

The third sister is understanding and gentle.

I'm different.

I'm irritable and born with a bad temper.

If anyone provokes me, I'll have a hit on the spot.



   "By the way, we're almost a family.

I won't hide some things.

I'm naturally strong.

Today, Young Master Zhou came to the martial arts field.

Just take a look and open your eyes."


  Her gaze landed on the folding fan in Zhou Li's hand.


   That folding fan was made of high-quality wood and was very delicate.


   Zhou Li was reluctant to give up, but it was inconvenient to not give it, so he had to offer a folding fan.

He sighed secretly in his heart, these martial arts practitioners were just so impulsive and reckless.

A good fan must be folded into two sections to show your ability.


  Lu Mingyu held the fan in the palm of her hand and held it up in front of Zhou Li.


   When she squeezed her hand hard, the folding fan made a strange noise.

Let go a little, and the shards of the wooden fan will slide from the palm of your hand.

A gust of wind came from out of nowhere, blowing the sawdust into the air.

Just like Zhou Li's heart, dangling in the air.


   Zhou Li: "..."


  Lu Mingyu slowly turned a whole folding fan into crumbs, and smiled at Zhou Li who looked stiff: "I am making a fool of myself today."


   Zhou Li: "..."


   Zhou Li's scalp was numb, and he wanted to take a few steps back and stay away from this terrifying girl with amazing supernatural powers in front of him.

But being swept away by her eyes, he didn't even dare to move at all.


  Lu Mingyu continued with a smile and said, "I'm only one year younger than the third sister, and I have a deep relationship.

After the third sister marries the Zhou family, I would have to visit often.

At that time, I hope the brother-in-law doesn't think I go too often."


So kindly changed his name and called him brother-in-law.


  Zhou Li was drenched in a cold sweat on his back, but he finally didn't lose his composer on the spot and stood still: "How can this be.

The fourth lady is willing to visit Zhou's house as a guest, I wish for it."


  Lu Mingyu glanced over Zhou Li's trembling legs, and smiled again: "I just wanted to show my hand in front of my brother-in-law and broke my brother-in-law's fan.

I'm really sorry."


   Zhou Li responded immediately: "A mere folding fan is nothing.

If the fourth lady likes it, I will send some fans to you another day."


  Lu Mingyu smiled happily and said, "That's fine.

Didn't my brother-in-law say that he would come to visit the third sister often I also want to talk to my brother-in-law and get closer"


   Zhou Li: "..."


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