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“I didnt know that a captive from the Nujiang Kingdom had such anillustrious identity and such capabilities!” Qiao Yanhui looked at Zhuo Wuyou with a sneer.

When the two gazes met, there was tension in the air, as if they might burn their surroundings in the next second!

Xu Qing was a little surprised.

She didnt expect Zhuo Wuyou to be a captive from the Nujiang Kingdom! She had long heard that there was a crown prince of the Nujiang Kingdom in their country.

When he was seven years old, he was sent to their country by his father to be a captive.

It could be seen how unpopular he was in the royal family of his country.

When he was a child, he was exchanged as a captive for an unfamiliar country.

What kind of importance could he have Therefore, Zhuo Wuyou had been bullied since he was young.

Perhaps it was the bullying that made the current Zhuo Wuyou a cold-blooded killing machine!

When Xu Qing thought of Zhuo Wuyous past, she started to understand him.

All his ruthlessness was for the sake of protecting himself!

Qiao Yanhui naturally saw the pity and sympathy in Xu Qings eyes.

Although he knew that they were just friends, Qiao Yanhui was still very unhappy.

Xu Qing was his wife.

How could she sigh at another man Even if she pitied him, she couldnt! The more Qiao Yanhui thought about it, the angrier he became.

As a result, the two of them started fighting just like that.

Of course, it was impossible for them to fight in front of the Eldest Princess residence.

The two of them suppressed their anger along the way.

As if they were telepathic, they chose an empty place and started fighting without another word.

None of them was willing to submit to the other.

Qiao Yanhui wanted to teach this man who dared to covet his wife a lesson.

If he didnt beat this man up until he was unrecognizable, his surname wouldnt be Qiao!

Zhuo Wuyou also wanted to beat Qiao Yanhui up for a long time.

Not only because Qiao Yanhui was his love rival, but also because Qiao Yanhui had left Xu Qing for two years, making those two years extremely difficult for Xu Qing! The more he thought about it, the more murderous Zhuo Wuyou became.

His movements were filled with killing intent, and he wished he could kill this guy now.

Xu Qing was speechless when she saw the fight break out.

Why were these two men so childish

“Mom, why is our father fighting with Uncle Wuyou” Xu Hanxue asked with a dumbfounded expression.

She liked these two people very much.

Now that they suddenly fought, who should she help It was so difficult to choose.

“Your father is just competing with Uncle Wuyou.” Xu Qing laughed awkwardly.

“Oh… are they sparing like Big Brother and Second Brother usually do” Xu Hanxue immediately understood.

She felt that she was very smart for immediately understanding what her mother meant.

In that case, she wouldnt have to choose.

“Thats right.” Xu Qing patted Xu Hanxues furry head and ignored Qiao Yanhui and Zhuo Wuyou.

She let them fight while she brought the children home first.

In any case, with their strength, they probably wouldnt hurt each other.

Men were too energetic, so they should vent their anger on their own.

Xu Yuandeng looked at the figures that were getting further and further away from him and his eyes lit up.

He wondered when he would become so powerful! He looked at his short arms and legs in disdain.

It seemed like he had to eat more to grow taller! At that time, he would definitely be able to do it too!

When Xu Qing returned to the Qiao familys courtyard with the three children, she realized that Qiao Yanqi wasnt around.

After all, if she was around, she would definitely be crying.

How could it be so quiet Then, Xu Qing asked Uncle Yu, but he said that Qiao Yanqi had never returned! Xu Qing was a little surprised.

Qiao Yanqi was severely injured, so where could she go

Moreover, after Qiao Yanqi was beaten unconscious, she asked someone to bring Qiao Yanqi back!

Qiao Yanqi…

“Qiao Yi, call Xu Sizhi over,” Xu Qing said lazily as she sat under the garden pavilion.

After a while, Xu Sizhi returned with news about Anning Village.

Yi Chulins matter didnt affect them.

“By the way, why isnt there a letter from Little Xiang this time” Xu Qing had a puzzled expression.

Every time she sent news, her younger siblings would write her another letter.

When he heard this, a rare look of embarrassment appeared on Xu Sizhis fair and handsome face.

He stammered, “Little Xiang… said that everything is fine.”

Xu Qing looked at Xu Sizhi suspiciously.

So Xu Xiang stopped writing to her since everything was fine Sigh, the child had grown up and was starting to keep secrets.

Of course, Xu Qing didnt know that Xu Xiang had indeed written a letter.

Moreover, the letter took up five pieces of paper, but those were all written for Xu Sizhi.

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