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Chapter 500: Siblings with a rocky relationship

All credit to original author: Yi Yi Lan Xi

TN: 500 chapters! We’re one third of the way through the story! Thanks for reading, guys!

Don’t think that just because your family saved me that you’ll be able to ride my head and make a fortune, coming to cry when things are not so good!

Did she really think Lian Fang Zhou was so kind

Hua Xiao Hua obviously felt that since Yang Huai Shan had saved Lian Fang Zhou’s life, then no matter what she did, Lian Fang Zhou should endure it.

She hadn’t expected Lian Fang Zhou’s attitude to be so tough.

Shocked and annoyed, she just mouthed ‘you’ over and over without speaking.

Lian Fang Zhou’s face was cold and she didn’t say another word.

Relying on saving people, don’t bring such an attitude.

It wasn’t Hua Xiao Hua who saved her!

Hua Xiao Hua was furious! She was the one who was wronged and the source of this grievance was treating her like this!

She wiped away her tears and complained heavily: “If he hadn’t been there to save you, his shoulder wouldn’t be hurt! Since then, his whole shoulder and arm can’t bear any heavy work.

I can’t convince him and the whole family is upset with him! Even the concubines are sarcastic and rude to me! Originally the eldest brother and second brother were expecting him to come and get benefits from you but he refused and you said that others aren’t allowed to use his name.

Who doesn’t hate him in the family”

There were tears in her eyes as she continued: “Originally my mother-in-law and father-in-law has some feelings of sympathy for him but lately my mother-in-law asked him to come to you for more cotton seeds and he quarreled with her because of this, now she won’t even see him! I am her daughter-in-law, so she and my sister-in-laws are always tossing me! My dowry was taken by them without a drop! But what do I get It’s just ridicule! Laughing at me as a useless person who’s husband would rather die to save his ex-fiancee! Just three days ago, my parents-in-law scolded us as unfilial and despised us for working less and have kicked us out of the family home!”

Remembering this painful experience, Hua Xiao Hua burst into tears and covered her face with her hands, her shoulders gently trembling.

Suddenly, she put her hands down and stared at Lian Fang Zhou with red and swollen eyes and cried: “You are the culprit! You, I should hate you!” Then she smiled bitterly and said: “I can’t do anything to you with your ability.

I can’t do anything but hate you.”

The two Hua family daughter-in-laws sighed.

“Miss Lian, Auntie, what she said is true.

Yesterday, her two older brothers, our mother-in-law, and our aunt went to the Yang family and almost got into a fight with them!”

“Yes, yes! The Yang family is too shameless! Our Hua family went to insist that they at least divide two acres of fields and settle them with five taels of silver, otherwise they would be penniless!

Hua Xiao Hua’s sister-in-laws helped her tell her story, sighing as they spoke while she lowered her head and sobbed.

Lian Fang Zhou and Third Aunt were shocked, they had not expected that the inside story would be something like this!

As a woman who had also had a bad experience, Third Aunt couldn’t help but feel little sympathetic towards Hua Xiao Hua and unconsciously looked towards Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou’s face was calm.

When the two daughter-in-laws of the Hua family were finished, she asked Hua Xiao Hua lightly: “Who gave you the idea to come to my door to make such a fuss Was it your mother”

She seemed neither surprised, nor sympathetic and she did not sigh or comfort her.

Instead, she suddenly asked this question.

Hua Xiao Hua, who had been crying, immediately choked and her trembling shoulders froze slightly.

The two faces of the Hua family’s daughter-in-laws also changed.

Lian Fang Zhou’s eyes lightly swept across the room and said: “I seemed to have guessed right.”

“Fang Zhou—no, Lian— Miss Lian, my mother-in-law, she is just distressed for my sister—”

 Before the older daughter-in-law could explain, Xua Xiao Hua suddenly raised her head and looked straight at Lian Fang Zhou: “Yes, it was my mother, so what! My mother is right, you are the culprit, so why can’t I come find you”

Her mother’s original words were: It’s best if she could pay you and if she doesn’t, she will disgust others! If our son-in-law hadn’t saved her, she would have been turned into a pile of bones long ago.

How could she have enjoyed her current wealth You are the wife of her savior, and a husband and wife are of one body.

You should go to her!”

Lian Fang Zhou laughed.

If Hua Xiao Hua had refused to admit it or tried to hide it, she would have looked down on her!

It seemed that she was fairly straightforward.

“You’re right, this matter started because of me and I am the culprit.

It’s fine if I didn’t know anything but since you came to me, I can’t ignore it.”

She didn’t look away but looked straight at Hua Xiao Hua and said cheerfully: “What else did your mother instruct you Did she teach you want to do next What did she want you to ask me to do”

“…” Hua Xiao Hua opened her mouth in astonishment, even forgetting to cry.

Her two sister-in-laws were also stunned.

They looked at each other and asked silently: Did I hear her right

Yes, we heard right!

At the same time, they sighed and thought: Miss Lian is so generous!

Excited, they both looked at Hua Xiao Hua with shining eyes, indicating that she should hurry up and make her request!

However, Hua Xiao Hua suddenly panicked.

Helpless, she hurriedly retracted her gaze and her mind was blank, she didn’t know what to say!

For no reason, the first thought that popped into her heart was actually guilt, guilt towards Lian Fang Zhou.

Maybe she wasn’t as bad as she had thought…

If Lian Fang Zhou knew what Hua Xiao Hua was thinking at this moment, she would be so depressed that she would vomit blood.

Did she actually think that Lian Fang Zhou was the bad guy It was clear that the Hua family had taken a fancy to her fiancé and forced her to break off their marriage, but how was it that the one who was forced is the villain!

The logic of the Hua family was really powerful!

Hua Xiao Hua squeaked for a while and finally whispered: “My mother didn’t tell me… I, why don’t I go back and ask my mother now…”

“…” Lian Fang Zhou rubbed her temples and said: “Don’t be so troublesome! If you want me to say that your mother-in-law is not a good person, to go and talk to your in-law family and call them heartless, I can.

But since you are separated from them, this matter is now easily.

Now! I think your husband and I should become brother and sister with different surnames, what do you think”

Lian Fang Zhou felt like she was being drenched in blood.

Her ex-fiancé was now her brother, ahem, sure enough, this was very meaningful!

“Ah” Hua Xiao Hua was stunned again.

At first, the two sister-in-laws were startled but quickly they became overjoyed! Their thoughts had immediately turned to Aunt Zhang’s new house.

If Hua Xiao Hua’s husband really became Lian Fang Zhou’s brother with a different surname, wouldn’t the Hua family also have a relationship with her family Moreover, there was also a life-saving grace.

How could it compare with the simple kindness between Aunt Zhang’s family and Lian Fang Zhou’s family How could the Hua family not follow her to drink broth

TN: Who wants to image YHS’s face when he hears the news XD


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