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The next day a piece of news that shook the entire Eastern region spread.

The Sect Master of the Dragon Tiger Sect " Qi Yaunkui" was dead , no one knew how he died , only that a withered corpse was left behind.

The entire Eastern region was thrown into turmoil, Qi Yaunkui was the Sect Master of the Dragon Tiger Sect and one of the most powerful expert in the Eastern region , yet he died with no clue of his death .

Zhan Wei had a look of contemplation on his face, " Qi Yaunkuis death only meant one thing ; either enemies forces had spread into core of the Eastern region, the blood demon clan had the ability to demonize wild beasts or human that had weak mental strength , whoever killed Qi Yaunkui could only be an expert , with the Demon king sealed , who had the ability to demonize an human expert , all experts had strong mental fortitude, then it could only one thing there was a traitor.

Recalling the Emperor being poisoned and members of the imperial family who died mysteriously, Zhan Wei sucked a cold breath , it probably wasn as simple as that , it could even be a group of people that had betrayed the humans.

Clenching his fist , Zhan Wei was angry , every expert was a core strength of the war against the blood demon clan, yet before the war one was already dead , who knew how many more experts were already on the side of the Demon king.

Zhan Wei felt as if dark ominous cloud loomed over the entire Eastern region.

This war involved everybody he knew , his Family , his Clansmen, Yunzi , even the Emperor had saved his life before , more than fear for himself, he felt anxious about the lives of his loved ones.

The only thing he could do now was to increase his strength as much as possible.

Although his meridians were healed, they were still fragile, it would require nurturing before they were strong enough, although some cultivation resources could hasten the process, he couldn increase his battle strength in a short period of time cultivating Spirit qi.

Ever since his tribulation and he formed his Primordial Chaos God Heart, his strength has been increasing rapidly.

The next realm of the Primordial Chaos God Scripture was the Nine Divine Transformation.

One of the reasons why Primordial Gods could dominate the myriad races under the Heavens was the ability to devour the innate abilities of other races .

The devoured ability could be similar to that of the being it came from yet it was also different , even from the same ability, the innate ability that manifested in each Primordial God was different.

The Primal law of every Primordial God was different and unique to itself.

For example there could only be one Primordial God whose primal law was fire , and any ability he devoured would be related to its Primal law.

Primordial Gods took the innate abilities of other races and made their own innate abilities from that source.

The amount of innate abilities that could be devoured was relative to the strength of its primal law, Zhan Wei could devour nine.

Of course the heavens would restrict them , after every divine transformation, Primordial Gods had to deal with life threatening tribulations .

Tribulations were test from the heavens for cultivators but for Primordial Gods tribulations were opportunities for the heavenly Dao to vanquish them , Primordial Gods went against the heavenly Dao, they seized the essence of the heavens and made it theirs.

Looking into his storage , Zhan Wei counted all the spirit stone in his storage ring , although he had some gold it could only by normal things , cultivation resources were bought using spirit stones.

This time around he planned to spend all his spirit stones , the war was close by , he had to increase his strength as much as possible, if he was lucky and found a suitable ability, he planned to create his first divine ability.


After telling Yunzi of his plans , they went together.

If possible he wouldn want to go to the treasure pavilion again after the last time, but it had the best cultivation resources in the entire Eastern region.

Zhan Wei couldn be bothered about it with the war almost at hand.

Sitting in the carriage together with Xia Yunzi and Xiaomei, they left the the Imperial palace.

Looking through the window of the carriage, he could see the streets of the Imperial Capital, apart from soilders and Cultivators going up and down, he hardly saw any citizens walking about.

The usual vibrant imperial city had a very sober atmosphere , most people that went about were looking to buy anything to increase their chances of survival.

Beneath the quite atmosphere, he could feel a lot of panic , according to Xia Yunzi some Nobels and merchant were selling their properties to be able to bid for tickets by the Treasure Pavilion to leave the Eastern region.

The Eastern region was separated by large expanse of water and was far away from other regions, only the Treasure Pavilion a large force that had connections and branches across so many regions had the ability and resources to transport large amounts people to other regions.

Compared to the rest of the Imperial city the atmosphere of the Treasure Pavilion was unusual, the customers were clearly rushing about to buy things they could find , in another floor an auction was being carried out with all sorts of people bidding aggressively for tickets on a large spirit boat that was leaving for the Canglan continent yet the staff of the Treasure Pavilion were fairly relaxed.

Although it would be shame to remove the branch from the Eastern region, they could always set up else where.

Xia Yunzi was trembling seeing all this , this was her people yet she couldn do anything to help , she didn blame anyone even the ones clearly running away.

Seeing her Zhan Wei took her hand into his palm and held it.

He didn say anything but he didn let go of that hand.

Looking at the hand holding hers , she looked towards him.

" Itll be ok " , he said

looking at the resolve in his eyes she calmed down.

Nodding her head in response, they went around the treasure pavilion.

As they checked through, Zhan Wei bought anything he felt was useful , he bought some spirit herbs and beast meat.

After forming his Primordial Chaos Heart , Zhan Wei found out he could devour anything to refine primal lightening essence.

Although the rate of conversion was low compared to specific body cultivation resources, he could still make use of spirit herbs and beast meat.

he also bought a black spirit amour and large broad Sword.

For Yunzi, she didn really buy much after she was from the Imperial Family, she had most things she need , her main purpose of tagging along was to see outside the imperial palace.

Xiaomei also bought things she felt could be useful to her.

Looking around Zhan Wei didn forget his purpose for coming to the Treasure Pavilion, apart from cultivation resources he planned to find a source to absorb his first divine ability.

After a while , he came to rare treasure section, compared to other sections like the spirit herbs section or weapon section that was specific , the rare treasure section contained cultivation resources of all kinds.

All kinds of rare objects were placed here , checking through Zhan Wei, he didn find anything suitable, he only had the opportunity for nine divine abilities, he had to make sure it was something that suited him moreover it had to be something that could help him in the upcoming war.

After while he came across a piece of bone , according to the description beneath it , the bone belonged to an herculean might ape , the might ape was known for its massive strength, Zhan Wei felt if he could obtain a divine ability from it , it could help him.

He was about to choose it , when his sight came across a strange drop of blood, this drop of blood of blood was very big about the size of baby fist and contained dense blood red demonic markings, looking at the description beneath, it was the Blood Essence of a Blood demon King .

This was probably blood essence from the blood demon king from centuries ago

After hearing about the Great war from Xia Yunzi, he had gone to the imperial library to read about the blood demon clan, the innate ability of the blood demon clan was what cemented its position as an high ranking demon clan , their innate ability made the blood demon clan very difficult to kill.

Leaving the bone he went towards it , although the herculean might ape was very strong, he necessarily didn need it , could it physical prowess compare to that of a Primordial God.

The innate ability of the blood demon clan was very useful in battle.

Although he wanted it , he couldn afford it , he had only few thousands spirit stones left after obtaining all the things he bought , not one to shy from something and he really needed it , he looked towards Xia Yunzi for spirit stones , as the princess of Great Xia empire, he was sure she had enough spirit to buy that drop of blood essence.

Knowing he wouldn ask if it wasn important , Xia Yunzi payed for it and the left.


After a while a maid walked to towards a hidden chamber in the Treasure Pavilion.

She knocked, after getting a response she entered.

In the room, she knelt towards a figure and said " Your lordship, the boy you asked to look out for came today, apart from buying some spirit herbs and weapon , he also bought the blood essence of the blood demon king ".

" You can leave " , a faint figure answered from behind a dark curtain.

The maid bowed and left.

" Why did he buy it ?" , The figure mumbled to itself , back then the Treasure pavilion had spent a huge sum to obtain that blood essence after the Great war , that was the only drop left , the rest had been used and it cost a huge sum , he didn think Zhan Wei would buy it for no reason.


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