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On getting to the dinning hall , Zhan Wei saw two seated figures , one was the Yunzi , the other was an unfamiliar beautiful woman with striking resemblance to Yunzi, from her graceful aura and royal garment , he could infer it was the Empress " Xiao Funji ".

Walking towards her he bowed in greetings.

Xiao Funji smiled at him, " no need for formality , its a family dinner, take a seat ".

The dinner hall had been arranged with two seats on both sides along the length of the table.

Zhan Wei walked to the Seat beside Yunzi and sat down, with her tied into ponytails, Yunzi wore a plain white robe , with a bare face and no jewelry , Yunzi looked simple and beautiful.

Although he wasn a vain person that didn mean he didn think Xia Yunzi was pretty , in fact she was extremely beautiful, with mesmerizing purple pupils and charming figure , Xia Yunzi was simply bedazzling.

He just never allowed his feelings towards her in his heart be based on her looks.

Apart from the Empress asking him about himself, his likes, dislikes, hobbies, the meal was relatively quiet.

Beside him , Xia Yunzi had a hidden blush on her face , how could she not know her mothers intentions.

Although this was the first time they was meeting , they had talked about him, with Yunzi telling her mum about Zhan Wei.

Since they were already engaged, Xia Yunzi had opened her heart towards Zhan Wei .

She wasn in love with him , but only when one looked for love, could one find love.

They had spent time together, not once did she see anything but sincerity in Zhan Wei.

She wasn proud but she wasn stupid , Xia Yunzi knew she was extremely beautiful, with her talent and background, she knew people liked her , they would compose poems of adoration , claim undying love for her, but was it really real ?.

Sure one could love beauty , love wasn beauty.

In Zhan Wei, she saw appreciation of her beauty in his eyes but she also saw appreciation of herself as a person in them.

Naturally, Zhan Wei was very attractive with long black hair that reached his shoulders, he had broad shoulders and a tall physique, yet none of that attracted her to him as much as his character, he had a very transparent character, yet if one observed clearly, his transparency wasn really about honesty , it was arrogance deeply ingrained in his bones , he couldn even be bothered to hide.

Beneath that calm aura , was a wild dominating persona , he disdain hiding, what you saw was what it was.

Not good , not bad, just Zhan Wei.

The truth was, with the war close by and the survival of everyone not certain ,there was not much of a need for her to still be engaged to Zhan Wei. at first Zhan Wei was chosen casually, but now she wanted to be with him.

She didn love him , but she liked him very much.

Xiao Funji smiled at the sight of her blushing daughter, although Yunzi hadn told them of her feelings , how could her parents be oblivious to it.

Even when she hadn meet Zhan Wei she felt like she knew him to some extent by listening to Yunzi talk about him, although she would complain at times about him being indifferent, she had clearly refused when the Emperor asked if she wanted to rescind the engagement.

Only someone like Zhan Wei with a weird EQ could be oblivious to it.

Of course, she approved of Zhan Wei, if not anything he was trustworthy, she was happy Yunzi had someone she could rely on when they were gone.


It wasn till late at night Zhan Wei got back to his residence.

Shutting his door , Zhan Wei planned to create his first divine ability.

Taking the bottle containing the blood essence from his storage , he sat cross-legged.

Some races had powerful innate abilities, some had more than one , but one thing was certain, powerful innate abilities created Dao runes on their source.

Primordial Gods could devour the origin of innate abilities from their source to create their own divine abilities.

Taking a spirit dagger from his storage , Zhan Wei made a cut between his brows.

Normally a low grade spirit weapon wasn enough to hurt Zhan Wei so he kept make the cut.

With his strength and purposely controlling it from healing, Zhan Wei made a slit in between his brows.

To create a divine ability, Zhan Wei had to merge his spirit blood with the dao runes within the source.

The spirit blood was blood essence that contained a part of ones consciousness.

Taking a bit of blood essence from his heart he willed to between his brows , from his sea of consciousness he divided a bit of his Primordial God spirit and merged it with that blood essence.

Zhan Wei felt like a piece of his mind was in that blood essence , controlling the spirit blood it flew into the bottle.

He felt a sense of weakness as that spirit blood left his body , that spirit blood contained a part of his blood essence and consciousness which weakened both his body and mind.

At first the blood essence of blood demon king kept rejecting the spirit blood and Zhan Wei had difficulty merging them but after a while the spirit blood merged with the blood essence.

Zhan Wei felt his consciousness had entered another world , a large sea filled with blood red demonic dao markings .

Zhan Wei knew this world was that drop of blood essence, in between that sea was blood red avatar , looking closely this blood red avatar was fairly discernable, yet it seemed to be the source of the dao markings that filled the source of blood.

Zhan Wei knew why this avatar was a bit vague , innate abilities were simply dao rules condensed as rune in the body of a primogenitor , descendants of their lineage also carried these runes , as their descendants profilgated these dao runes became faint .

It was similar to bloodlines actually it was the same in a way

Innate abilities could be used instinctively from birth while bloodlines required awakening, understanding .

Bloodlines could be left by powerhouses , but only Supreme experts that had touched the dao could leave innate abilities.

When an innate ability devolved to a certain extent it could also became a bloodline.

Of course both innate abilities and bloodlines could devolved till it became non existent.

Looking at the the avatar in front of him that was only a bit vague , Zhan Wei frowned , it meant the blood demon king was very strong and talented for his innate ability rune to be this compact.

How strong was the demon king now , Zhan Wei didn believe he just spent his time being sealed doing nothing, that was foolish.

Sure he was injured and weakened, even if his cultivation might not have reached its peak , he could still contemplate the rules of world.

Even if he couldn , what about the rules in his own body his innate ability, because an innate ability could be used didn meant that was all , one could still perfect them.

Cultivation wasn the only way to increase ones strength, sure it was the foundation but ones comprehension, techniques, abilities, treasures and weapons all mattered.

Not willing to waste anytime , the spirit blood flew towards the blood avatar.

Entering the blood avatar, it was another scene, if the former place was a sea , this one was a large world of blood, countless dao markings filled everywhere.

In the center of this blood world was a divine throne with a massive blood red sun stood behind it.

A towering giant hundreds of feet tall wearing a blood red imperial robe sat on the throne , with long red hair the color of blood , he emanated powerful demonic might.

On his forehead were three golden ancient characters " Sacred Blood Demon Emperor " .

These characters gave the might of the dao as if the dao itself had acknowledged this title .

Looking at this figure, Zhan Wei contemplated, " is this the ancestor of the blood demon clan".

Unlike the sea of blood where the dao runes flowed randomly, the dao runes in the blood world flowed orderly as if under control.

As Zhan Wei approached the figure , it opened its eyes , its blood red pupils staring at him.

Mighty pressure erupted from those eyes , Zhan Wei felt like the real " Sacred Blood Demon Emperor" was looking at him from somewhere through space time , gritting his teeth he flew towards the ancient characters on its forehead and merged with it.


Qingmeng Mountain , Barren wastelands

Beneath the blood red cloud , the demon king opened its eyes and looked towards the direction of the imperial capital.

With a frown on his face " My bloodline ?" .

He had clearly felt a faint connection to his lineage from the imperial capital, worst that connection came from himself , he had not sired an descendants in the world.


Sacred Blood Demon Realm

A massive figure on a divine throne opened its eyes , looking towards a certain direction .

With bloodlust on his face he smiled , " The audacity to dare defy this Sovereign!".


Note: what I meant by saying the MC Zhan Wei has a weird EQ ( Emotional Quotient) is this , Zhan Wei does not have a low EQ , in facts its high hes just more sensitive to certain emotions than others.

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