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Primordial Chaos God Dragon Vein

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The black earth mountain just a few miles from the Qingmeng Mountain was the location of the Eastern Alliance army.

The Eastern Alliance army comprised of all the forces of the Eastern region joined together.

Looking at the sea of people, Zhan Wei was amazed by the multitude of people gathered.

Different factions all under their respective banners camped around the black earth mountain, in the center was a massive tent , the Alliance headquarters where the leaders of all the factions joined together to discuss matters.

the Zhan clan was one of the nine war Clans and since it also fell under the Great Xia empire, it was relatively nearby.

After telling Xiaomei of his intentions, they both went with the area where the Zhan Clan army gathered.

Seeing his Clansmen , Zhan Wei felt a bit of nostalgia, it had been months since he left the Zhan Manor , apart the one time he had seen his father in the capital, this was the first time he was seeing his family, well except Xiaomei and the Second Elder who left together with him.

Although he didn really have a relationship with most of them, family was family.

Looking around he didn see anyone from his direct family, his father as one of the generals was in the main tent with the rest of the experts.

He also didn see his mum and xiaoyue , his mother " ling shaoyue " didn really have any battle prowess , she mainly cultivated to stay healthy and her cultivation was rather low, coming to the war would actually make her more of a burden than assistance.

And with xiaoyue being so young, it made sense that they both weren here.

Although he was glad they weren around, he was sad about him not probably seeing them again, after all nobody knew if anyone would survive if the blood demon clan defeated the alliance.

In fact Zhan Wei didn really see much of his peers , even in the Sects the truly talented ones were no where to be seen.

The Sects had probably migrated their truly talented disciples to preserve their lineage , Zhan Wei didn blame anyone.

At least compared to some nobles he saw in the treasure pavilion buying tickets that had probably migrated elsewhere completely by now, this sects were far better.

At least the older generations and some of the younger generation stayed behind to fight.

Still he didn even blame anyone even the deserters, he wasn an hypocrite, if he had the chance he would also choose to save himself and his loved ones, such was life.

From inside the main tent , the Eastern Alliance experts were having a discussion.

The amount of people gathered around the black earth mountain was so much, so only the leaders from each faction were allowed in.

All sorts of discussion flowed by in the main tent ; who would become the Alliance head , the method and details of their attack and all sorts

When people of different origins gathered together, it was natural for there to be a bit of friction.

As the Strongest cultivator in the Eastern region , the Emperor was naturally asked to lead the Alliance but he refused.

He wasn interested in commanding anyone to do anything, in the end the Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect " Jia Wuchen" became the Alliance head and Azure Spirit Sect Master " Lan Yue" the vice.

Xia Tianming was also satisfied with this , few people had enough knowledge and experience as Jia Wuchen and he probably had enough patience to handle the various leaders.

As for lan Yue as a Master of all kinds of seal and formations, she was an integral part of this battle.

Although there was some minor changes the plan was still the same as they had discussed among themselves before the death of the Sect Master of the Dragon Tiger Sect " Qi Yaunkui".

Only now , most experts would go to the Qingmeng Mountain to see if the seals binding the blood demon king could be strengthened , if it couldn , using their collective strength they would injure the blood demon king as much as possible before he could break free.

Perhaps they might be able to win if his battle strength dropped deeply due to injuries.

The rest that stayed behind would gather the remaining forces to hunt down the demonized beasts around.

The demonized beast had been wrecking a lot of havoc in the barren wastelands since.

The Nine War Clans had actively killed a lot of them before but they were simply to many , this beast were naturally normal animals and some spirit beasts who under the influence of the demonic qi from the Qingmeng Mountain had become demonized.

They were very violent and destructive with no instinct for survival.

Although they possed no threat to powerful cultivators , leaving them was folly, they had to kill them all or else if the demon king broke through his seal and commanded this beast , they would have another large set of demonic army to deal with.


The next day after leaving instructions to their forces , the experts all flew to the sky towards the Qingmeng Mountain.

only three experts was left behind to command the forces to deal with the demonic beasts.

" Zhang Zhongqin" the Sect Master of the green cloud sect a relatively small sect in the Eastern region, Pei ling a powerful rogue cultivator and surprisingly Xiao Funji the Empress of Great Xia.

Clearly the always smiling Empress was very powerful, together they gathered all the forces of the Eastern Alliance to hunt down the demonic beasts.


On getting to the Qingmeng Mountain , the experts dropped at the core area.

The atmosphere in the Qingmeng Mountain was very eerie, unlike before the blood red cloud on top of the mountain had almost doubled in size , numerous cries of excitement and bloodlust could be heard from beneath the mountain , even the already dimming seals on the chains that bound the demon king was almost non existence.

Walking from the midst of the experts, lan Yue walked through to check if the seal could be re-enforced.

In fact she already knew the answer in her mind , they couldn , even if it could it wouldn matter, the main issue was the dragon vein beneath the Qingmeng Mountain.

The whole Qingmeng Mountain served as a massive formation that imprisoned the blood demon clan , it was actually clever ingenuity, the blood qi of the demon king from above restrained the demons below and vice- versa.

This was only possible due to the dragon vein, the dragon vein served as the energy source of this prison, without it replacing any seal was a waste of time.

Seeing the look on her face , how could these Experts not understand, they had expected it , they just carried the false hope that maybe something could happen, still looking towards her Jia Wuchen the now Alliance head asked , " Can the seal be strengthened ".

Lan Yue shook her head, " Im afraid not "

Not surprised by this response, he continued, " how long do we have left ".

" 1 week or some days, anytime soon ", everyone felt some tension after hearing Lan Yue.

This time around it was Xia Tianming who

took action , " then lets begin !" , With a wave of his hands , his intrinsic magic sword flew to the sky , with a loud voice, he shouted, " Sky sword descent".

The spirit weapon grew from its normal size to a giant sword tens of meters and slashed downwards leaving a deep gash on the body of the demon king.

The rest not willing to be outdone all summoned all kinds of treasures and deployed their attacks , large injuries covered the body of the demon king , at first the injuries healed , then not even the powerful regeneration of the blood demon king could keep up.

for days they kept bombarding the blood demon king , blood filled with demonic markings littered the ground.

Lan Yue placed a formation that prevented the blood from being absorbed into the ground or being absorb back by the demon king.

after a while the sealed demon king opened his eyes , different from what they had expected he had a wide grin on his face like it was mocking them , with his scattered blood and the injuries that occupied his body the grin looked unusual yet they couldn shake off the feeling that something was wrong.


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