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After sending Yunzi , Zhan Wei began his daily cooking and practice.

Although he neglected his body cultivation it still progressed, most of what he ate was digested to elemental lightning essence that nourished his body.

he had already created his first divine ability unless he could accumulate to the peak of his first divine transformation where he would have to undergo his tribulation, it didn really require his focus.

Sitting cross-legged Zhan Wei practiced the Basic Qi condensation technique.

Actually with his background even without the help imperial family Zhan Wei could access far better cultivation manuals, but all powerful qi cultivation manuals had various requirements, some even required certain treasures or constitutions.

With his fragile meridians Zhan Wei had even failed the most basic of requirements, practicing other cultivation manuals might do him more harm than good and even lead to his already fragile meridians being damaged.

Only the ordinary and gentle basic qi condensation was suitable for him.

Actually this was one of the major reasons why his qi cultivation was so slow , he was using an ordinary technique and had to take time nourish his spirit meridians to make them stronger and he also couldn cultivate to much in fear of straining them.

If not for these he wouldn spend most of his time killing those demon beasts .

Although he liked battling he wasn a fool that wouldn know his priorities or a clown that would perform for others.

Although the vital broth was important, he didn need to kill so much.

Most people didn take theirs , only a weirdo like him or maybe Chen Hong bothered about them , even if the rest took, it was just little to eat.

his kill could even sustain him, most went to saving as jars in his storage ring.

Yet there was nothing he could do , since he couldn cultivate all the time , he could use the rest of his time to kill those beasts and reduce the pressure on the Eastern region.

Maybe in the future when his meridians were sturdier he could switch to a better Cultivation technique.


In the Qingmeng Mountain after another round of battle , well one sided infliction of injuries on the Demon king, the Alliance experts retreated to recover their strength.

After having passed away the mantle of Alliance head Xia Tianming had been relatively quiet, of course as the undisputed strongest of the Eastern region he still carried a lot of weight amongst the expert.

The Alliance head was just a title born from condition, at the end strength was king and as an Emperor who founded his empire from scratch, Xia Tianming had both strength and charisma.

Unlike the rest who sat down cross-legged, Xia Tianming had his hand towards his back as he looked towards the the core of the Qingmeng Mountain where the demon king was, his face in contemplation.

he still stood tall tens steps away from where he was bound before, with his eyes closed.

Even with the chains still restraining and blood flowing from his wounds he didn open those eyes, not even when they inflicted all sorts of wounds across his huge physique.

his demeanour really instilled fear into the experts.

After a while Xia Tianming turned towards the experts and said something everyone already knew, " The demon king is very powerful, at his peak without any form of suppression from the world, he can easily wipe us all out ".

Then he continued, " Our only hope is to make us of the sealing formation to reduce his strength, I refuse to believe our strength is doing nothing, the only thing is we aren doing enough ".

Looking towards Lan Yue, " Sect Master Lan , as an expert in formation is there any formation that can gather the strength of everyone here ".

The experts all intrigued by his opinion regained their hopes.

formations could effectively make use of the strength of a large number of people it wasn an issue of addition, depending on the grade of the formation it could be multiplication of so many times.

As the Sect Master of the Azure Spirit Sect, Lan Yue should know some powerful formations that could help them, with that they refused to believe the Demon king wouldn feel it.

Standing up they all cupped their fist towards Xia Tianming, there were hardly fools amongst expert , which one of them hadn stepped on others one way or the other to get to their present level.

Even if there were fools amongst them it was only relative to themselves, compared to people below their realms they were wise , the truth was that they had clearly experienced more.

It was just that due to the intimidating aura of the Demon king and after having unleashed their strength for a while to no avail they felt hopeless so they didn calm down to think.

Even Lan Yue as the Sect Master of the Azure Spirit Sect that specialized in formations wasn an exception, how could she forget something so simple.

Before they cupped their fist towards Xia Tianming in flattery because of his strength, after all they were all experts enjoying adoration of their underlings , no one felt comfortable flattering others.

But now they did it in respect , to able to think in this situation , he had to have good control over his state of mind and deserved their respect.

Of course not all of them were happy, in the midst of the experts a few had frowns on their faces before changing them to smiles in a split second.

The area where the experts gathered wasn far from where the blood demon king was, hearing what Xia Tianming said he was pissed.

Although he closed his eyes when they attacked him, that was because he was confident, confident in his strength, confident that what ever damage they inflicted on him couldn affect him much.

He already had some plans in place but the use of a formation would clearly injure him by much and affect those plans, formations weren a joke and he could only stand as they would use it on him, he couldn even defend or resist.

Opening his eyes for the first time since he closed them , he grit his teeth in anger, " Xia Tianming! , You dare oppose me ", as a Demon king he had his ego and always kept a prideful demeanour yet this hateful bastard was make things difficult for him.

No one would like being injured injury was pain , he was a demon king not a fool, even when he stood still and received their attacks he still felt the pain.

Xia Tianming had an indifferent expression as he looked towards the roaring demon king.

When the experts saw the demon kings reaction, they became even more eager to carry out the plan.

It was now up to Lan Yue to figure something out.

Lan Yue was in a bit of dilemma, it was up to her to figure out which formation was suitable but the issue was the experts gathered were all heads of different factions.

Different factions meant different lineages, techniques and all sorts , if everyone were sword cultivators perhaps she could make do, but the experts gathered all used all kinds of weapons , some powerful rogue cultivators even used some kind of strange weapons.

After another round of discussion, Jia Wuchen suggested the spirit channeling formation, as the alliance head and based on the fact it was the most suitable they finally settled on it.

The Spirit channeling formation was relatively ordinary but it was very easy to grasp, one person would be the core of the formation and the rest would channel the qi into him or her , it was like taking the qi of the rest and putting in one person.

In the hands of people who belonged to the same faction and cultivated similar techniques, it could unleash strong battle prowess.

In fact the Spirit channeling formation was the foundation of most Sect protecting formation.

Of course due to difference in cultivation techniques and qi , there would be a lot of wastage still the resulting might would be very powerful.

As for who would be the core of the Spirit channeling formation, they would naturally choose the strongest in their midst and channel their qi to him.

A lot still had to be done, Lan Yue would first teach the experts and while they learned it , they would still continue inflicting damage individually on the Demon king.

They wouldn give him a breather, although the method was despicable, nobody cared.

Among them Yan Yimin the Sect Master of the Raging Flame Sect and three other rogue cultivators had a hidden frown on their face.

By receiving the qi transfusion of so many experts , Xia Tianming could clearly inflict a huge damage on the Demon king.

But after seeing the calm look on the Demon kings face they also called down, after all their discussion was not far from the sealing area and since he had not given any instruction , everything was still under control.


The next day after his usual daily killing , Zhan Wei brought out his sled to gather his daily supply

But unlike before he discovered that they were also other people gathering the bodies around, not just beasts , even humans corpses were gathered.

Zhan Wei found out that among those involved in the gathering were people of the Chen Clan.

According to those around, the reason was to clear the battlefield and bury the dead human companions but he didn buy it.

Recalling Chen Hongs recent behavior, Zhan Wei felt there was something at miss.

One of the reasons he remembered Chen Hong from the banquet was his unusual calm aura, in the midst of kids he gave a sense of maturity.

Being calm meant one had good control of their emotions to some extent, so why was he so agitated about the dead bodies , to the extent he had started gathering them.

Zhan Wei didn believe it was a coincidence, although the Chen Clan weren the only one involved in the disposal he still felt there was a connection.

If they were so humanitarian, why did they wait till now.

If it wasn that then the only other reason was that it had some use to them, but what use, to sell the dead bodies of the beasts ?.

Zhan Wei didn think it was that simple, if it was, why carry those of humans, it meant they both had value.

What value could these dead bodies have , value that could make Chen Hong agitated and the Chen Clan start gathering bodies.


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