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Primordial Chaos God Assassination

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Taking a qi condensation pill , Zhan Wei sat cross-legged as he channeled his qi according to the basic qi condensation technique.

The qi condensation pill turned to a large stream of qi that flowed through his meridians and in just few hours he opened two more of his human meridians.

Feeling the qi flowing through his body Zhan Wei felt satisfied, in just a few hours he had opened two more meridians, as expected cultivation resources were still the fastest way to speed up cultivation.

Pouring another pill into his mouth he continued cultivating , it was already late at night and he planned on cultivating to the better part of the next day.

He had even sent qinger back saying he would leave this place tomorrow in order to concentrate on his cultivation without any distractions.

Based on the rate the alliance army was killing the demon beasts and their movement, in a day or two they were going to converge with the main experts at the Qingmeng Mountain.

With the seal almost broken and the final battle close at hand, Zhan Wei felt he had to be prepared.

Making hand seals according to the qi condensation technique, he nourished his meridians and tried opening more.

Meridians were spirit qi channels , the more meridians were opened the more spirit qi could flow around the body and the higher the quantity of the spirit qi in the body.

Zhan Wei was so engrossed with the feeling of spirit qi flowing he didn notice the danger coming his way.


Xue Feng stealthily approached Zhan Weis


One of the reasons he came during the day time apart from trying to observe Zhan Wei and invite him over was to check out the terrain around his tent.

With his cultivation and expertise he was confident in killing Zhan Wei, after all even the Sect Master of the Dragon Tiger Sect was assassinated by him.

With his blood escape art, he could come and go and even mask his blood qi , he even had a treasure that could distort spirit sense that stopped experts from discerning his location till it was too late.

Too him killing a meridian opening realm kid was simple, still he couldn let his guard down, he was in the midst of the alliance army, any noise or disturbance could attract experts especially for Zhan Wei who had the ties with the royal family of the Xia empire.

With several qi concealing talismans pasted on his body, Xue Feng converged his breath and waited in a small bush beside Zhan Weis tent.

Even his blood qi the vital signature of every living being was undetectable.

Xue Feng was clearly talented, with his cautious attitude and his control over his breath, the blood escape art was like adding wings to a tiger and made him a formidable assassin.

Even Ye Mo who was in charge of watching Zhan Wei and Yunzi and swept down his spirit sense regularly didn notice him, he had simply blended with the environment.

After a few minutes, he moved in a shot breadth shortening the distance between where he was before and Zhan Weis tent by a few steps before stopping.

With his body covered in black all round he blended with the dark and crept slowly towards his target.

When he was just a few steps away, a cold glint flashed through his eyes as he pushed towards his target two daggers one in each hand.

After knowing Zhan Wei was born with Innate divine strength and having experienced the strength Zhan Wei erupted with when he dealt with the wind spirit wolf, he had already formulated the most appropriate way to kill him.

Assassination involved three principles, target , strike , escape and its essence was timing.

Timing was very important in assassination and the timing of the three principles shouldn encroach on each other or else the attempt could fail.

After monitoring Zhan Wei for a while with his physique and powerful physical prowess , if it was important to strike in the vital area normally then it was important to strike in a very vital area for Zhan Wei.

People with the so called " innate divine strength" although it was a bit rare, it still popped up regularly and as same with those that practiced body tempering due to their physical strength and blood qi , it was very important to strike in a vital area.

Although it was the same for every target, this people could easily recover from injuries so one had to be adamant on their vital area.

Xue Feng relished in killing, all sorts of things mattered in killing, it was simply an art.

For Zhan Wei he had chosen his heart as his point of attack, in case he was one of those weirdos that had their hearts in another side, he had prepared two daggers to plunge into both sides of his chest.

Xue Feng felt adrenaline rush through his veins, he could almost feel the smell of his preys blood.

Entering the tent quiet he saw Zhan Wei cultivating, Xue Feng had an excited grin on his face , his silhouette left a blood mist as he rushed to Zhan Wei thrusting his daggers at both side of his chest.

Looking at the blood that dropped from the dagger he was so excited,..... wait blood , what was wrong with the blood.

Looking down at the blood that dropped, Xue Feng froze.

As top grade spirit weapons the black twin daggers in his hands were very sharp, infused with spirit qi they could even slice through metal.

When he thrust his daggers daggers he met so much resistance, he couldn even push them in fully, yet what shocked him most was the blood dripping, it was thick , so thick , like mercury.

it had the same red color as normal blood yet he could see bright golden runes in them.

As a Cultivator , his senses weren the same as mortals , even an ant could be seen clearly by him, so he could see it well.

each golden rune had five different colored markings

Xue Feng froze , was this even the blood of an human , raising his head he faced cold merciless eyes.

Those eyes it wasn like he was facing a normal being, his very sense of existence shook.

Golden color the same as those runes covered those eyes, there weren even pupils in them , just markings, five different markings, each with a different color and form floated in that golden color like fishes in a sea.

Zhan Wei was angry , he had been cultivating when two sharp objects had stabbed him.

staring at his attacker , Zhan Wei erupted with the full might of his body.

His Primordial Chaos God Heart shook as it pump elemental lightning essence round his body.

Usually he made Primordial Chaos God Heart dormant, suppressing it, but now....

Massive Primordial aura rose from his body, grabbing the hands of his attacker Zhan Wei stood up , his huge height towering that of his attacker.

As someone that had two souls, it wasn as simple as different personalities, it was two different beings yet he always kept his other side at bay but...

Zhan Wei was a Primordial God, a Primordial God, his entire being was majestic, divine and immensely powerful, he just kept it at bay, but now he unleashed that side.

Xue Feng felt he was in front of massive divine sun , the aura the figure in front gave him made him feel weak , mortal, it was like his entire being acknowledged the authority of this being.

with bloodshot eyes in the midst of life and death Xue Feng unleashed his entire potential .

Waves of qi channelled through his body to the daggers as he attempted to pulverize Zhan Wei from within.

Zhan Wei sneered not minding the havoc wrecking inside his body, although this assassin was strong he wasn the one dying today.

Vast demonic qi erupted from his body as he used his divine ability.

This time he used the limit of the Sacred blood demon transformation his body could handle, his entire body bulged as his vital energy multiplied by many times.

Xue Feng knew about the blood transformation of the blood demon clan and how it increased their strength.

Although Zhan Weis was a bit different, he could feel his massive aura increase after using, Xue Feng became frightened.

As an expert , he had so many ways of attack but his hands were stuck in Zhan Weis palms and he couldn even move them.

Not willing to accept defeat he channeled his spirit sense , a large saber flew from his storage ring and slashed towards Zhan Wei.

Looking at the large saber swinging down at him, Zhan moved, using his tight grip he tore both of Xue Fengs hands from its sockets leaving a bloody mess.

At the same the saber cut into his neck lodging its self few inches into it, splashing blood to the ground.

After losing his two hands, Xue Feng had no intent on battling again, using the time when Zhan Wei dealt with the saber strike, he attempted to escape.

Channeling the last of his qi, Xue Feng turned to a blood mist and tried to escape, waves of pain gripped him as blood flowed from the two stumps that were once his hands.

But how could Zhan Wei let him, stomping his feet on the ground, he pushed towards him, the earth shook from his attack and even the fleeing Xue Feng lost his balance from it.

Although Zhan Wei had not cultivated any movement technique, with the might of his body how could his speed be slow.

In just a few breaths, catching up with Xue Feng he punched out blowing his head into pieces.

With a large saber lunged into his neck and two daggers in his chest, he looked very gory.

Dragging the body of his attacker he went back into his tent and sat cross-legged closing his eyes.

When he opened them, his black pupils were back , his face indifferent as if he hadn just escaped death.

Pulling the weapons from his body, Zhan Wei hissed in pain as he thought back.

He didn know who attacked yet he was clearly powerful but Zhan Wei felt his attacker had made one grave mistake.

Getting close to him, at that distance he was already as good as dead.

If his attacker was further, with his level of cultivation any technique he employed would be enough to severely injury him and even kill him.

Even at that it was a close shave, a really close one.

he couldn think of any reason why any one would want to assassinate him , even his survival right now was by luck..

Zhan Wei frowned.

luck wasn a good to leave ones life into, that was the whim of circumstances and the Heavens.

In just one day , he had two close encounters with death.

Thinking so, he left his tent once more to check the head of his attacker, well whatever remained of it.

With patience Zhan Wei put the pieces back together.

it wasn perfect but he could make out a face in his mind.

" Xue Feng! " , That means his so called mistake earlier wasn a mistake, he probably the intention of killing him from then , still Zhan Wei felt it was not that simple.

Pushing it to the back of his mind, he sat down and recuperated from his injuries, taking a large jar of vital broth he poured it into his mouth, devouring and turning it to elemental lightning essence that healed his injuries.

Zhan Wei felt another thing that saved his live was his heart, after having formed his Primordial God Heart, it was now his core heart and most vital area.

Xue Feng had clearly plunged his dagger into both sides of his chest , he had injured his normal heart but his main heart, his Primordial God Heart was in between his chest, in front of his lungs.

Any attack on any other part wasn vital for him.

that didn mean his Primordial Chaos God Heart as a vital point of was weak, it was the core of his strength how could it be simple.

but any attack strong enough to injure there would affect him.

With his body , it didn take long for his injuries to heal, standing up he cleaned the traces of blood in the tent especially his and approached the body.

He planned on finding out more about this Xue Feng.


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