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Walking to where he dropped Xue Fengs body, Zhan Wei wondered why no one had come yet, at least the noise from their battle should have attracted some passers-by.

Still from the beginning to the end of his encounter with Xue Feng no one came, Zhan Wei felt very unsafe.

Turning the body, he saw a black jade stone at Xue Fengs waist, grabbing the token he tried infusing his spirit qi into it yet he couldn find any difference but based on the way Xue Feng kept it on his body, it was probably something.

Keeping it he continued checking around but apart from the jade stone and his storage ring he couldn find anything else.

Taking the ring, Zhan Wei packed his few belongings into his storage ring.

He couldn stay here , if whoever sent Xue Feng felt he was still alive, there was nothing stopping him or her from sending another assassin.

Taking a few fire stones from his storage ring that he normally used as fire source when he made his vital broth, he burnt the body.

The fact that he killed Xue Feng couldn be exposed, as far as no one saw him do it then he didn , it would only bring unwanted attention if anyone knew.

Attention was even brought him to this mess in the first place, after thinking through the only reason he could think of about his attack was when he was suspicious about the Chen Clan gathering bodies.

Probably someone had seen his reaction before he could hide it and wanted to silence him.

Since Xue Feng was the same person that " mistakenly" , swept the wind spirit wolf to his side early, they had probably been watching him, it was likely when Xue Feng knew he was leaving his present tent he planned to silence him to prevent unnecessary threats.

Zhan Wei didn forget to clean every traces of the battle, taking his time he cleaned the blood on the ground.

After he was done, Zhan Wei lit his tent on fire and dashed towards the imperial camp.


Immediately Xue Feng died Chen Hong knew, all those who swore allegiance to the blood demon king had their spirit blood with him.

Unlike normal blood or blood essence, Spirit blood contained a bit of spirituality of its owner.

When the body died, the spirit blood which had a wisp of soul of the owner would lose its glow, most cultivators wouldn drop their spirit blood easily as it could be used to monitor and even control its owner.

Although he didn know Xue Feng died , Chen Hong felt Zhan Wei probably had an expert that had protected him , still Chen Hong was furious.

In truth, since the day he noticed Zhan Wei was suspicious a few days have passed, Zhan Weis lack of reaction had allowed them to gather more bodies, leaving now didn really affect their plans that much at all.

But the fact he had to leave made him unwilling, as a blood clone of the blood demon king Chen Hong had the same mannerism and attitude as his main body.

If it was his main body he wouldn suffer this disgrace but Chen Hongs cultivation was nothing compared to the main body.

Even in the black earth mountain with the top experts gone there were still people who could easily destroy him.

Calling a few of his subordinates they left immediately, as for the rest their purpose was to buy them enough time to flew.


After a while Zhan Wei came to the entrance of the Imperial camp.

At first the guards were startled at the late hour visitor but after seeing it was Zhan Wei, they let him enter.

On entering Zhan Wei heaved a sigh of relief , he was safe still he didn stop, this time around unlike his previous visits he went to the Empresss tent, he had to tell her of his suspiciouns.

After a while Xiao Funji flew towards the sky leaving Zhan Wei in the tent.

When he first asked to see the Empress , the head Eunuch had first asked him to wait till day break but Zhan Wei insisted it was important and it couldn wait.

Immediately he explained what he knew to the Empress she flew without saying anything, although he didn say anything about Xue Feng attacking him, it was enough for the Empress to move to action.

As an expert after having listened to Zhan Wei how could she not understand, she immediately left before Chen Hong could escape.

Zhan Wei sighed, he felt it was a bit to late, some time had passed since he killed Xue Feng and from Chen Hongs cautious character he would have already left, Zhan Wei regretted not saying anything immediately he became suspicious, he just wasn sure yet.

Leaving the tent, he heard a loud war horn as soilders moved rapidly gathering their weapons.

Zhang Zhongqin and Pei ling the two remaining top experts also flew to the sky in attempt to capture Chen Hong and his cohorts that escaped.

Although Zhan Wei knew there were traitors in their midst he didn know they were this much, apart from the Chen Clan so many other forces and rogue cultivators had gathered arms against the alliance army, he just couldn understand why they would do this .

The issue of the Eastern region was just a battle between two forces , it was a battle between two races, if the demons occupied the Eastern region no matter their contribution to the Demon king , they wouldn have equal say as the demons, it would be a land ruled by demons.

In anger , Zhan Wei drew his swords as he swept towards those insurgents , not just him the rest of the alliance army were also furious.

Still within Zhan Weis anger was guilt and grief, even though he had noticed he hadn done anything, maybe, just maybe if he had said something he would have spoiled their plans a bit.

The Eastern region was his home, he lived in these lands, his family lived in these lands, his loved ones lived in these lands , yet he hadn taken action.

Grief swept him as rage overtook him, these bastards, with bloodshot eyes he slashed the person in his front into two.

As the alliance army battled the insurgents, they heard a loud sword cry and the ground shook , looking at the course of the turbulence it came from the Qingmeng Mountain , the whole Qingmeng Mountain had crumbled.

Massive demonic qi erupted as it spread far across the barren wastelands, from afar loud screams of excitement could heard.

The alliance army had a look of terror on their faces, the demons were free .


After setting up the Spirit formation, with Xia Tianming as the core axis , the alliance experts erupted with their qi as they transfused it into him.

As the strongest expert in the Eastern region, Xia Tianming was very powerful, with the full qi of the formation, his qi bellowed as his whole aura erupted towards the sky.

When experts reached a certain realm , their powerful souls started to touch laws , laws not just of the heaven and earth but also of themselves, their beliefs, their convictions, and if it blossomed to its peak their dao.

At its roots , these laws that emanated from oneself was called ones " intent" , when ones intent reached a certain strength it could influence the forces of nature.

Although Xia Tianming always kept calm and angry , he was furious very furious, as Zhan Wei thought he had a lot of descendants yet all of them had died, massive anger surged in his heart as the intent to destroy the demon king in front erupted with all his heart.

The floating sword beside him shook as terrifying sword intent emanated from it, pure sword intent that sought to destroy.

Grabbing his natal weapon "the Sky sword" , he roared " Xue mowang !" and slashed towards the blood demon king.

Xue Mowang was the name of the blood demon king and that strike contained the entirety of his qi , his sword intent and the might of qi from the alliance experts.

The simple strike contained a terrifying might that sought to tear asunder, the sword intent darkened the sky and it swept forward.

looking at the attack coming his way , Xue Mowang narrowed his eyes , although he was sealed he exerted his demonic energy and blood qi to its peak as he prepared to resist it.

The massive slash swept across everything in its sight, not just the blood demon king, even the Qingmeng Mountain and seal was blasted into pieces from the attack.

The alliance experts shook in shock at the attack, even the Sect Master of the Raging Flame Sect and the spies of the demon king felt fear at the attack.

Dust and smoke covered everywhere and there was silence.

After a while small coughs could be heard within the dust after a while it erupted in weak laughter.

Waving his hand , Xia Tianming swept his qi blowing the smoke away.

The entire Qingmeng Mountain had been destroy, a large hole was where the Qingmeng Mountain once stood as bodies littered around .

In front Xue Mowang knelt with his huge body , one of his hand was torn off as a large wound stretched from his missing hand to his lower limb , dense blood with demonic markings littered the ground as his internal organs could be seen.

Xue Mowang had a cold look on his face as he smiled at the the alliance experts, at his back loud noises of excitement could be heard amidst the pile of corpse as numerous blood demon clawed themselves out of the hole they had been sealed in.

Xue Mowang was very furious, that strike earlier had seriously injured him and slaughtered a large number of his forces.

Looking at Xia Tianming he smiled widely, a large grin on his face, among this group of vermins only Xia Tianming deserved his attention.

" Xia Tianming, are you so angry at this king , this king just made sure your descendants died , as far as I know you still have one ".

A cold glint flashed through Xia Tianmings face at Xue Mowangs words.

Seeing his reaction, Xue Mowang smiled a maniacal glow on his face, standing up he said " Since you don want this king to play with you anymore I won ".


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