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Primordial Chaos God War

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Immediately Chen Hong died Xue Mowang felt it, a frown appearing on his face yet he let go, in the grand scheme of things the death of a clone wasn much, especially one that had served its purpose.

As a mere clone how could his thoughts escape Xue Mowang, It was just that he was sealed and even though Chen Hong had rebellious thoughts he still performed his duties well.

Carrying his focus back to the matter at hand to Xia Tianming who was still resisting the spirit blood essence.

In fact Xia Tianming couldn resist much he just didn want the spirit blood essence to absorb more of his blood qi before leaving his body.

Seeing that Xia Tianming was unwavering Xue Mowang summoned the spirit blood essence, time was of essence he couldn wait for the spirit blood essence to win the battle of attrition in Xia Tianmings body and he felt the spirit blood essence had already absorbed enough blood qi over the years for him to recuperate.

The spirit blood essence turned to a blood red light and flew towards Xue Mowang.


Pei ling and Zhang Zhongqin who were flying to help capture Chen Hong and the rest of the insurgents came across Xiao Funji on the way.

Xiao Funji had a cold aura on her, seeing them she said, " the two elders don need to worry about Chen Hong, the seal has been broken lets gather the alliance army at the Qingmeng Mountain", saying so she left.

Pei ling and Zhang Zhongqin looked downwards to where she came from seeing the bodies and blood that littered the ground, they turned towards each other before turning back.

Dropping on the ground from the sky, Xiao Funji walked towards Xia Yunzis tent, entering she saw Xia Yunzi wearing a battle armour, Zhan Wei was with her as they prepared for the final battle.

Looking at her daughter Xiao Funji clenched her fist, walking towards her daughter she hugged her and after a while she let go.

looking towards Zhan Wei beside, she said " stay beside Yunzi and don leave my side ", without looking at Yunzis reaction she left.

Xiao Funji knew she was probably not going to see her daughter for much longer, the only thing that kept her going was that at the end Yunzi was going to be safe and away from the Eastern region.

Leaving the tent Xiao Funji crushed a talisman, an old man appeared beside her, looking at him she said, " immediately things get rough take the kids and leave ".

Ye Mo bowed," yes your Majesty !".

This time around Ye Mo didn leave , with the Empress in front he stayed behind Zhan Wei and Xia Yunzi as the alliance army rushed to the Qingmeng Mountain or what was once the Qingmeng Mountain.


The atmosphere at the Qingmeng Mountain was very tense.

Xue Mowang had taken his spirit blood essence from Xia Tianming.

Four demonic generals stood at his front, as he sat cross-legged to absorb the spirit blood essence and recuperate, beside them was the rest of the blood demon clan and Yan Yimin and the rest who had deflected.

In front was the Alliance experts, the rest of the alliance army had joined them , Xia Tianming had a pale complexion as Zhao Funji and Yunzi attended towards him.

Seeing his father Zhan Wei walked towards him, his eyes were red as grief engulfed him, would he see his father again.

Seeing his son Zhan Ming smiled as he hugged him, although he always maintained a stern face every time he still loved his son, he could feel Zhans Weis yet the only thing he could do was smile and comfort him.

The stalemate continued for a while still the demonic generals preferred it as it gave Xue Mowang more time to recuperate.

among these demonic generals one held a huge mace half the size of his bulky body, with blood red eyes and hair signature of the blood demon clan he gave off a savage evil aura, thick demonic mist spread from him as he grinned towards the Alliance army.

Beside him stood two identical female demonic generals, each one had a blood moon tattoo on their forehead as they both held a large scythe.

still the one who gave the most pressure among the demonic generals was the one directly in front of Xue Mowang.

He looked relatively normal compared to other demonic generals as he had his hands behind his back watching calmly yet his large claws gave a stifling deathly aura.

The Alliance army shivered in fear, just the demonic generals were this powerful, how strong was Xue Mowang.

From afar they could see his injuries healing rapidly as his qi rose even his missing arm was already regenerating.

Seeing the demonic forces most of the alliance army couldn even summon any courage to fight.

Jia Wuchen had a grave expression on his face as he felt their fear.

It was like a repetition of the Great War centuries but unlike then there was no dragon vein to make use of to set up a formation and after centuries the worldly suppression on the blood demons was already gone.

After all the Heavenly Dao was fair, unless their strength exceeded the limit of the world it would only suppress otherworldly beings temporarily.

They were clearly fighting their enemies at their peak and their strongest expert was injured while the Blood demon king was regaining his strength, still there was no turning back.

Jia Wuchen turned towards the alliance army and with bloodshot eyes he said, " At this point there is only life and death , we might not be able to choose how we live , but we can choose how we die , Im scared and I know your scared , maybe I die today but one thing, one thing is certain, they die by me before I die by them".

The Alliance army all clenched their fist at him words.

No one wanted to die but even if they were going to die they had drag some of these blood demons down to hell with them.

Fear blossomed into anger , then anger blossomed into rage, grabbing their weapons they roared loudly as the charged towards their foes.

The four demonic generals had a sneer on their face, as they watched the alliance army rush towards them.

Large waves of collision occurred as the battle spread across the Qingmeng Mountain.

The alliance experts split into four as each part rushed towards one of the demonic general.

Grabbing his huge mace, the bulky demonic general swept it at an expert smashing him away, his chest caved in from impact.

With a wide grin, the bulky demonic general licked the blood from his mace as he said, " let me send you trash to Yama ".

The two identical demonic generals swept off among the alliance army slicing heads off before two group of experts rushed to contain them.

Throughout no one could near the last demonic general in front of Xue Mowang, from afar Zhan Wei could only see a blur and any that entered a ten meter radius from him had their heads cut of and he was back in his original location.

Zhao Funji infused her qi in attempt to help Xia Tianming heal his injuries, although he still looked weak a bit of complexion was appearing on his face.

He and Xia Yunzi stood beside them as they cut anyone that came near, if it was stronger blood demons they could not deal with the old man behind their backs would move forward to help and after doing so return back to his original position.

Zhan Wei didn leave where he was, one the Empress asked him not to and wherever he was, the blood demons would still come by themselves to attack.

At first the alliance experts had a bit of upper hand due to their numbers then the blood demons triggered their innate ability.

Their already towering height double as they unleashed their blood demon transformations , with their increased battle prowess they turned the tables increasing the amount of casualties among the alliance army.

Panic spread across the battlefield as two or more experts had to band together to fight against one blood demon.

Only Sect disciples and Members of the bigger forces who had better training and weapons.

The Sect Masters of the four main sects gathered their disciples into large formations, using their formations they recked havoc on the blood demons.

Although it looked like things were going well for the Eastern region Zhan Wei knew it wasn so, the other side still had a demonic general that hadn join the fray, he just stood beside Xue Mowang protecting him.

After a while Xia Tianmings condition was better, Zhao Funji left his back as he revolved his cultivation to recuperate by himself.

As if sensing his condition, numerous blood demons swarmed towards them in attempt to distrupt him.

It seemed the demons had the same plans as the humans, they wanted to stop the top power of the opposite force.

Even with his stamina, Zhan Weis hands were a bit numb from fighting, his normal body strength without awakening his Primordial Chaos God Heart which he disguised as his innate strength could only do so much.

In fact it was surprising he could hang on till now, beside him Xia Yunzi fought, with every swing of her sword purple lotuses bloomed, these purple lotuses all contained terrifying sword qi as they cut the blood demon around into pieces, still she was clearly pressurized there were just so many blood demons.

Gritting his teeth Zhan Wei used the Sacred blood demon transformation to the limit he could bear normally.

His body bulged as demonic qi surrounded him , clenching his great spear he thrust at one of the blood demon in her front killing it .

The blood demons around him looked towards him sensing a familiar energy but seeing he was fighting against them they rushed towards him in anger.

With the Sacred blood demon transformation Zhan Weis confidence soared, as far as it wasn one of those stronger blood demons he was confident he could handle them.

From beside him Xia Yunzi and the rest looked towards him but seeing he was still the same they didn say anything, Xiao Funji even walked towards him and patted his back,it didn matter whatever technique he used as far as he was still their Zhan Wei then it was alright.

Zhan Wei smiled warmly, this were his loved ones.


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