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Xue Mowangs body shook, Boom!... , Blood red demonic rushed to the sky, as if to herald his recovery, feeling it the blood demons including the demonic generals all stopped and knelt towards Xue Mowang.

Fear gripped everyone as that massive aura felt like a huge mountain blotting the sky and suppressing everyone.

Subconsciously the alliance army retreated backwards gathering together.

Xue Mowang opened his eyes, blood red demonic eyes filled with disdain watched everyone, standing from his cross-legged position Xue Mowang stretched his limbs and smiled.

Silence engulfed the battlefield at that smile.

Zhan Wei felt an aura from Xue Mowang, one of confidence, absolute confidence, like he cover the sky with his hands.

Not just Zhan Wei, everyone felt the same, like they couldn fight, like there was no point fighting.

Zhan Wei was a Primordial God yet he was still human, the part that was human made him feel from the depth of his soul like he was facing an extremely powerful being, so this was the blood demon king at his peak without suppression from the world.

As if he could smell the fear of his preys Xue Mowang took a deep breath, an intoxicated look on his face, " I can feel your fear, good , good, it is wise to fear this king ".

The last demonic general that stood by his side brought a large black throne over two meters tall, with blood red demonic runes it gave an evil domineering aura one befitting Xue Mowang.

Xue Mowang sat his massive body on the throne, one of his hand on the armrest as he lay his head on it the other tapping tapping the second armrest.

Looking at the alliance army Xue Mowang had a playful look on his face as he watched the whole battlefield.

After a while he said, " Bow and live, resist and die !".

At first no one answered then some of the those among the alliance army looked at each other.

with a dejected look they knelt and bowed to Xue Mowang, at first it was just a few then little by little more knelt.

The blood demons had a look of disdain on their faces as they sneered at their actions.

Those who knelt had a look of shame on their faces, still more joined them.

They didn want to die, even if it meant they would live as slaves, as dogs , it was better than dying.

The rest had tears in their eyes as they looked at those kneeling, they felt sadness and sorrow as their fellow human beings knelt for mercy.

Xue Mowang watched on with a smile, whether it was those kneeling or those crying for them, they all amused him.

at first it was just normal cultivators then some smaller clans, even the disciples of the Raging Flame Sect knelt, after all their Sect Master had since deflected maybe by joining him their lives could be a bit better than normals slaves.

Yan Yimin nodded as if in recognition of his Sects disciples, to him there was nothing wrong in surviving as for the rest that still stood they were fools.

Xue Mowang looked at Xia Tianming with a smile unlike before this smile had a hint of emotion, although he wasn the only one not kneeling among these group of trash only Xia Tianming deserved his attention.

" Xia Tianming! , won you kneel , who knows I might spare the life of your loved ones if you do ".

Xia Tianming looked at him and said calmly, " Everyone to their own choice, survival is right , dignity is right".

That was the truth, he didn have anything against those kneeling, even back then before the war when some nobles of his Empire fled he just watched on.

There was nothing wrong with trying to survive to him, of course if it was his officials or soilders he would kill them, those ones owed him allegiance.

After having recuperated from a while Xia Tianming had regained a bit of strength, standing up he faced Zhan Wei.

His voice wasn loud but it echoed in the silent battlefield, " Back then you said something I liked when someone asked you why you still kept on when your meridians were crippled ".

Zhan Wei didn know why Xia Tianming was asking him in this situation, as for how he knew Zhan Wei didn think it was strange even Zhan Ming who was nearby wasn surprised, clearly as the Emperor wouldn Xia Tianming investigate who he was planning to marry his daughter to.

Zhan Wei closed his eyes and taught back to what he told Xiaomei when she asked him and said "All living things are not born equal under the Heavens, yet the Great Dao is fair as far as one is willing there is a way"

Xia Tianming chuckled at his words, " I spent hours listening to those words, its fascinating coming from a kid, I admire your will ".

Hearing their conversation, Xue Mowang looked at Zhan Wei for the first time, from his clone he already knew about Zhan Wei, apart from the fact the kid noticed their plan and being Yunzis fiance, he also knew Zhan Wei had absorbed the blood essence of the blood demon clan, still all those weren really enough to warrant his attention.

Yet those words were, to others those words apart from sounding good wasn much but to experts Zhan Weis words were an amalgamation of his spirit and will to push through no matter the unfavorable circumstances, even if every road was blocked it meant he believed there was a way.

" Yet the Great Dao is fair ", what powerful words and strong dao heart, even he admired him.

To others " will " didn mean much, but powerful experts knew when ones will reach a certain extent, with a powerful soul one could influence the forces of nature.

Spear intent, sword intent, blood intent and any other intent, they were all formed from ones mind and will.

Xia Tianming turned towards Ye Mo, Ye Mo cupped his fist and bowed, although Xia Tianming didn say anything he knew what he meant.

After that he turned towards Zhan Wei and said, " Since you showed me your will let this Emperor return the favour, Yunzi watch your Father ".

Yunzi had tears in her eyes as she heard Xia Tianming.

Zhan Wei clenched his fist in indignation then suddenly he felt his body bound by something and he couldn move , looking at his waist he saw a black snake like rope binding he and Yunzi together.

The other end of the rope was held by the Old man beside them, although he didn know this old man and his name but from the fact he stood beside them with both the Empress and Xia Tianming, Zhan Wei knew he was trusted by them.

Xia Yunzi was also surprised, looking around the Empress and Emperor weren bothered at this, even his father beside them looked calmly like he expected it.

Zhan Wei had an ominous feeling in his heart at their reaction, what was happening.

Knowing they wouldn endanger them, he and Yunzi kept calm.

Zhao Funji walked towards Xia Tianming and stood by him, Xia Tianming smiled warmly at her then faced Xue Mowang with a cold face.

Taking a step, Xia Tianmings aura rose and said loudly, " This land belongs to my Great Xia, everything below the sky of these lands belongs to this Emperor, you are trespassing ".

Taking another step, his natal weapon the Sky sword flew to his side and let out a sharp cry.

By the third step, a silhouette flew from between his brows formed a giant manifestation at his back.

this manifestation was very similar to Xia Tianming and wore imperial robes with a jade crown on its head and held a sword in its hand, its two eyes were bright like the sun and carried an aura of authority and might.

Seeing this manifestation Xue Mowang rose up from his throne, a serious look on his face he looked at the manifestation behind Xia Tianming.

Not just him the demonic generals and the alliance experts all looked at him.

Xia Tianmings aura had clearly changed, the only person that gave off that kind of powerful feeling was Xue Mowang, although the feeling Xia Tianming gave wasn as powerful as Xue Mowangs, it was similar, like it was in the same level, same realm.

Cold sweat flowed through their body, clearly Xia Tianming was more powerful than they thought.

Even Zhan Wei and Yunzi was surprised, only Zhao Funji was calm like she knew.

With a frown on his face Xue Mowang said, " With your strength at the Soul transformation realm you can clearly go anywhere, even the Vast Seas of this world which requires spirit ships to cross can be covered by you, why did you still choose to stay ".

" Although youve ascended to the Soul transformation realm the same as me , you are still not my match, so tell me why , why !".

Xue Mowang was furious!.


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