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Primordial Chaos God Sea Monster

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Traveling away from the Eastern region was extremely difficult as the continents of the Azure Heaven World were separated by the Vast Seas.

Even for Experts it would take flying nonstop for years before one could come across the next landmass, unless one was at Soul transformation realm where one could manipulate the qi of the world it was simply impossible to move between continents their qi wouldn be able to sustain it.

With all kinds of sea monsters and beast, the Vast Seas was simply dangerous even Soul transformation experts had to be careful if they came across some ancient sea monsters or powerful creatures.

Since Spirit boats ran on spirit stones , movement between Continents was usually facilitated by them, yet travelling on one was extremely expensive just this trip from the Eastern region to the Canglan Continent cost about million low grade spirit stone.

It couldn be helped spirit boats ran on treasure stones and a lot was needed to power them, all sorts of powerful monsters and demonic beasts existed in the Vast Seas and most spirit boats had large formations to help deal with these creatures.

The Spirit boat they were on belonged to the Treasure Pavilion, according to Ye Mo this was the last batch transporting people from the Eastern region to the Canglan continent.

All though a million low grade stones was very expensive there will some who could afford it, Sects , big Clans, noble families some relatively richer people even sold all their belongings to be able to be on the spirit boat.

For them apart from fleeing from the war, the spirit boat would provide protection and feeding till they reached their destination so it was worth it.

As far why this was the last batch, by now the Eastern region was already the territory of the blood demon clan, anyone that hadn left before wouldn be able to leave again.

For the past month, Zhan Wei spent most of his time cultivating in his room and due to his perseverance he had opened all his twelve main meridians and had already opened two of his eight extraordinary meridians.

The Old man Ye Mo rarely interacted with them apart from suddenly appearing anytime they planned on going anywhere, he seldomly left his room.

Zhan Wei laid calmly on a reclined chair as he sipped tea in Xia Yunzis room, in front Xia Yunzi sat on her bed cross-legged cultivating.

Anytime he had issues with his cultivation he came to Yunzi and at times he came to calm himself when he was agitated thinking about home and couldn cultivate.

For Zhan Wei, Xia Yunzis presence calmed him.

Most times it was nothing but sooting silence but the truth was that they depended on each other and found strength and solace in each others presence and whenever they felt alone and sad they remembered they had each other.

Not bothered by the silence Zhan Wei thought about his cultivation.

Although he had progressed Zhan Wei knew his cultivation speed was very slow.

He spent most of his day cultivating even using qi condensation pills to aid him yet he had just moved to opening his human meridians to his earth meridians, it was really slow.

If there were geniuses then Zhan Wei was opposite in qi cultivation, he was far behind his peers.

The rate of absorption of qi of the basic condensation technique was simply to slow and with his low grade talent Zhan Wei made snail like progress and this was just the foundation stage what about the realms above.

Still Zhan Wei wasn anxious, to him progress no matter how small was still progress, still that didn mean he couldn think of something to do about it..

his Primordial Chaos God Heart transformed anything he devoured into elemental lightning essence that nourished his body, it was simply instinct yet Qi cultivation was his cover to adapt to society.

he had to cultivate his qi, Qi cultivators were capable of all sorts of wondrous abilities, although he believed in the might of his Primordial Chaos God cultivation that didn mean he belittled Qi cultivation.

If he couldn cultivate qi he wouldn bother but if he could it was folly not to put effort in his qi cultivation but it was simply difficult for him cultivating qi.

Zhan Wei was in dilemma, one part of him was strong but could only be hidden, the other that wasn hidden was weak.

Back home he had others to shield him, protect him but now he was going to a foreign land with no one to rely on.

The spirit boat jolted backwards disrupting Zhan Wei from his thoughts, even waking Xia Yunzi from her cultivation.

Leaving the room they went outside to check the issue.

The Spirit boat was very big with just one floor a lot of room yet everyone was outside as they watched a large sea monster occupy their path.

It wasn that they hadn met sea creatures on their way, it was just the large formation of the spirit boat was enough to deter those monster from attacking.

For a sea monster to attack them, it meant it was confident in its strength.

With large sized lantern eyes, razor sharped teeth the octopus like figure shot its large tentacles at the spirit boat.

The Large formation engraved on the spirit boat came to live blocking the attack yet the might of the sea creature was clearly fearsome as it knocked the spirit boat backwards.

Zhan Wei watched in interest it was his first time seeing a powerful creature that relied purely on its physical bodys strength.

A stalwart middle aged man flew out from the top floor of the spirit boat a spirit saber in hand.

Unlike the lower floors, the top floor of the spirit boat was only occupied by staffs and the upper echelons of the treasure pavilion.

The middle aged man " Wang Mang" had a fierce look between his brows as he faced the Sea monster.

" Move aside!".

The Sea monster let out a loud growl and shot a tentacle at the middle aged man as if response of his words.

Seeing the tentacle the middle aged man drew his saber and slashed three times rapidly.

the three slashes formed three saber phantoms in the sky before joining together into one large saber phantom slashing towards the sea monster.

The large saber phantom pushed the tentacle hack leaving only a shallow wound on it, seeing this Wang Mang frowned.

He was in charge of this spirit boat and knew all kinds of monsters occupied the Vast Seas.

unlike spirit beasts or demonic beasts which gave off qi fluctuations monsters just possessed powerful physical bodies hence it was difficult to guage their strength unless one fought with one

Most sea monsters were weak due and had very diverse strength yet he had clearly come across a strong one, still he wasn bothered as it wasn this was the first time something like this happened.

For the Treasure Pavilion to make a fortune crossing the terrifying waters of the Vast Seas it meant they had the strength to guard against issues.

Flying back he entered the barrier of the spirit boat formation and cupped his fist towards the top floor, " this servant request Lady Wang Jing lends the Yinlong sword".

Zhan Wei watched in curiousity, wasn Wang Jing the name of the lady who took him around the last time he visited the Treasure Pavilion.

As if in response of Wang Mangs request a long sword shot out from the top floor of the spirit boat into his hands.

The Yinlong swords was a spirit armament that had the soul of a flood dragon sealed into it by the Patriarch of the Wang Family.

Unless one came across those extremely powerful seas creatures that resided in the depths of the vast seas the aura of the flood dragon could deter most sea creatures.

The long sword was about three feet tall and had narrow blade with a flood dragon engraved on its hilt.

Grabbing it, Wang Mang swung the Yinlong sword at the sea monster.

The Yinlong sword shone in azure light as it let a flood dragon roar as dragon shaped sword qi flew towards the octopus like monster cutting off one of its tentacles.

The sea monster let out loud groan in pain at its cut tentacle before diving back into the waters.

Wang Mang waved his hand grabbing the large tentacle with his qi before entering back the spirit boat.

Everyone entered their rooms back as the Spirit boat moved into motion.


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