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In the evening Zhan Wei went together with Xia Yunzi to the dinning hall to have their meals.

The spirit boat provided meals for their passengers and each floor had its own dining hall.

The dining hall was filled with small tables of four, in front was where the area where the food was served.

The meals on the spirit boat was a buffet, people served themselves and walked to tables of their choice.

Although the food served on the spirit wasn too luxurious it was good enough, after all the fare was a million spirit stones

Everything on the spirit boat was relatively liberal and passengers could do as they pleased.

The treasure pavilion provided transport, security and meals, apart from that they didn interfere in anything that happened.

As far it wasn excessive or causing much of a commotion the treasure pavilion turned a blind eye to anything that happened.

Taking their meals Zhan Wei and Xia Yunzi walked to a table and sat down.

All sorts of discussions rang out in the dinning

Most of the people in the dining hall hall were the younger generation since those who could afford the spirit boat were the rich and powerful, apart from the younger ones with lower cultivation the elders could go longer periods without eating.

In facts some of these youths didn need the meals of the spirit boat, their forces behind them could provide better meals but having been on of the spirit boat for months the only form of leisure they could get was when they gathered at the dining hall.

Zhan Wei and Yunzi sat down and ate in silence enjoying their meal, their table of four having only two.

Although some of the youths had recognized Xia Yunzi and used to come over to talk and socialize since they just kept to themselves they stopped after all the great Xia empire was already none existent as the whole Eastern region had been conquered by the blood demons so there was need to need to flatter Xia Yunzi.

Compared to them that only had Ye Mo by their side, those that had migrated with the entirety of their forces were the ones that had real power on the spirit boat.

Still that didn mean there weren those that had ideas about them.

Xia Yunzi was simply very beautiful, her purple pupils like bright gemstones, to those that felt that she was out of reach before she now felt obtainable for them.

During their meal a tall youth walked to their seat and sat down.

The tall youth had a fair skin and was relatively handsome with sword shaped brows.

he wore a white robe and held an hand fan, with his other hand behind his back he gave a pompous arrogant aura.

Seating down the white clothed young man smiled at Xia Yunzi, waving his hand he introduced himself, " Lady Yunzi this Young Master is called Bai Chen, this Young Master has always been an admirer, after seeing you today I came in hope of spending time in your company".

Throughout Bai Chen neglected Zhan Wei like he didn see him

It wasn that he didn know Xia Yunzi was engaged to Zhan Wei.

he just didn care, compared who only had his very good looks, he was handsome and had power to back himself.

The Bai Clan was a big merchant Clan with ties in the Canglan continent, compared to the rest who were going to start afresh they had roots.

Most of the main members of the Bai clan were in the spirit boat, although it cost a million per person it wasn much for them.

Bai Chen didn think he couldn have Xia Yunzi, with only Ye Mo what hope did she have at going against him.

Zhan Wei ate his food in silence as if oblivious to the intruder.

The truth was he didn care after all it was a table of four, Bai Chen could seat anywhere he liked.

Xia Yunzi frowned at Bai Chen, his intentions were a bit too rude and offensive, he neglected her fiance and was trying to woo her in front of her him.


From a wide screen on the top floor Wang Jing laid on a silk cushion and watched everything happening in the dining hall in amusement.

She knew Zhan Wei was on the spirit boat and had been paying a bit of attention to him yet he just kept to himself, only interacted with Xia Yunzi and did nothing out of the ordinary.

Wang Jing felt finally there should be some fun, she was eager to see what was going to happen.

As someone who dealt with a lot of people, Wang Jing was used to seeing all sorts of people.

Good, evil, righteous, perverted, arrogant corrupt and all sorts of manners yet Zhan Wei didn really fit into any classification.

If she could describe him, Wang Jing would say Zhan Wei was a Fiend.

Fiends did as they pleased, they was no buffer zone between their intentions and their actions, they weren necessarily good people nor were they evil ones or hypocrites, fiends just did according to their desires, they were very unpredictable.

yet it wasn so easy to be a fiend, how could it be easy for one to do as they pleased

to really do as they pleased, no faking no compromise, to do as their hearts pleased.

Wang Jing was really interested in seeing Zhan Wei was going to deal with the situation.


Those in the dining watched in interest, it wasn everytime they had entertainment in this boring spirit boat.

The distance between the Canglan continent and the Eastern region was much , even with the speed of the boat it was still a journey of months.

As if he was oblivious to her displeasure, Bai Chen smiled as he continued, " I could come visit lady Yunzi regularly to get to know you better".

Xia Yunzi knit her brows, this Bai Chen wasn even asking her, he was telling her.

Zhan Wei had finished his food, using his handkerchief he cleaned his mouth before taking a bottle of spirit wine from storage and drank like a spectator.

Bai Chen sneered at his reaction, " What a coward ", he thought.

Xia Yunzi shook her head and and replied Bai Chen, " Im afraid not ".

Not taking no for answer Bai Chen asked, " why! ".

Xia Yunzi answered, " We are not acquittances and its not proper for Young Master Bai to visit me regularly, I have a fiance ".

Bai Chen looked at Zhan Wei as if seeing him for the first time and sneered, " Im sure he wouldn mind " , before turning back to Xia Yunzi and saying in a condescending tone, " My Bai clan has a ties with the core disciple of the Mystic Heaven Sect, the Canglan continent is a chaotic place filled with all sorts of powerful forces unlike the Eastern region, I can protect lady Yunzi if you agree to my terms.

Bai Chen felt Xia Yunzi didn have a choice, she wouldn be able to refuse him.

The truth was that with Xia Yunzis talent, how could she have an issue settling in the Canglan continent, no matter chaotic the Canglan continent was geniuses would still be wanted and it wouldn be too difficult for Xia Yunzi to join a force.

In fact Bai Chen was sure with her looks and talent , Xia Yunzi would be sought after by those geniuses when they reached the Canglan continent, clearly he was trying to use his edge to force Xia Yunzi now to be his.

As for Zhan Wei, to him he wasn even even an option, although they were engaged why would an engagement to a mere weakling stop those talented geniuses of the Canglan continent.

Still he had to admit Zhan Wei was extremely handsome, with his attractive physique and aura maybe he could catch the fancy of a powerful female cultivation, still he Bai Chen looked down him.

Xia Yunzi clenched her fist in anger, Bai Chen was clearly trying intimidate her because he felt she had no hope of refusal.

In the Eastern region someone like Bai Chen wouldn dare to say something like that to her but now he felt she had no backing again he was showing his fangs.

Since Bai Chen spent some time socialize with the youths and the fact he had a core disciple of the Mystic Heaven Sect as backing he already had some lackeys.

Two of his lackeys stood and approached them, " Lady Yunzi, Young Master Chen is right, with his protection you can be safe, with your Father gone there is no need to stick to your engagement to this trash, especially when the is a far better person".

They grinned as they said, "Young Master Chen can cherish and love you ".

Xia Yunzi grit her teeth in anger, these people were clearly going to far , they even brought up her father.

Bai Chen had a playful look on his face as he watched on, everything was in his control, even if Xia Yunzi wasn willing did she have a choice.


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