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After dawn the next day , Zhan Wei went to his parents quarters .

Although he had his own quarters , he still had breakfast everyday with his parents.

The Clan Head mansion was located in the central area of Zhan Clan.

Before he entered , Zhan Wei saw a short fat figure approach him.

Seeing this fat figure Zhan Wei sighed , this short fatty was his little sister "xiaoyue".

" Big brother!"

A short cute fatty with dimples and hair tied to pony tails jumped on him .

Looking at the giggling little girl in his hands , Zhan could only smile.

This little girl probably used to seeing her older brother eat a lot , also stuffed herself with food.

She was only 7 years , yet she looked like a meatball , Zhan Wei could only hope she could curb her appetite.

Carrying the little fatty in his arms he entered.

The table was already set with large dishes , his Father sat on the main seat and his mother beside him.

After greeting his parents, he sat down on his sit with the little fatty still in his arms.

If he could , Zhan Wei wouldn want to come to his parents place for breakfast, but his mother insisted.

Zhan Wei ate a lot so there was always a lot of dishes in front of him.

Every morning this little fatty would jump on him and refuse to go to her seat , and as he ate she would stuff her mouth with food till she couldn eat again.

He always felt a bit of guilt anytime he looked at the little fatty in his arms but as he saw the joy in her face as she ate , he couldn bring himself to send her away.

" Weier , How do you feel about the betrothal ?" , His Mother asked.

Seeing the hint on worry of worry on his mothers pretty face , Zhan Wei replied " its ok , maybe I might find something in the imperial palace library that might help heal my meridians".

Zhan Weis mother "ling shaoyu " was simple woman , he knew she was concerned about him going to the imperial city so he tried to ease her fears.

Although he could see she was still worried, she had calmed herself a bit.

His Father didn say anything but he knew he was also concerned, if he could he would have rejected the imperial decree.

The imperial court was a very dangerous place , even the Crown Prince was killed .


After breakfast, He was about to leave when his mother told him his Father was waiting for him in the study.

He was about to knock , when he heard a soft voice say " enter ".

In the study, his Father was sitted cross-legged, in his hand was a old scroll he was reading.

Zhan Weis father Zhan liang was a tall burly man , his handsome face carried a stern look .

Zhan Wei stood and waited for him , after a while he looked up from the scroll.

" I heard about what you said in the Martial Pavilion"

Of course Zhan Wei was not surprised His Father "Zhan liang" knew about the incident, if even the Clan Head didn know what happened who would.

He continued, " Although your meridians are crippled, there are all kind of rare treasures in this world , if you can find one it is possible to heal your meridians.

After saying so he threw a ring to Zhan Wei.

" You don need to worry about being able to open the storage ring , I refined it with my blood those of my bloodline can access it "

Zhan Wei bowed his head and was about to

leave, then he heard his Father tell him

" Be careful in the Capital !"

As he walked to his quarters , Zhan Wei thought back to his fathers word , " it looks like its not that simple , my betrothal to the princess".

Still he had to go , although he was not interested in the marriage he was stuck in the first tier , the Imperial capital was the city of the Emperor he was sure he could get something to help him breakthrough.

And who could refuse the Emperor.

In his room , Zhan Wei inspected the ring in his hands , after dropping his blood on it , he felt a connection to the ring and he could open it at will .

The ring had a small space of 10 meters and was filled with gold, spirit stones , food , clothing and other necessities.

Spirit stones was the currency used among cultivators , it contained spirit Qi and could be used to speed up cultivation.

People in the myriad human realms began cultivation by opening their spirit meridians and condensing a Qi sea in their daitian through the absorption of spirit Qi.

They could also be used in weapon refinement and formations.


In a carriage drawn by Raging blood horses, Zhan Wei was headed to the Capital.

Raging blood horses were exclusive to the barren wastelands, they had a huge robust figure and blood red eyes , they could run for days without being exhausted.

Apart from his personal maid " Qinger" , he was accompanied by the Second Elder " Zhan Feng" , his daughter Zhan Xiaomei and a group of warriors .

He was surprised when Zhan Xiaomei accompanied her father to follow him.

After leaving the barren wastelands, as they approached the capital, Zhan Wei could see grasslands,villages, towns and magnificent buildings.

Compared to the barren wastelands that was filled with jungles and mountains , the rest of the Great Xia empire was obviously more prosperous.

They stopped at a few towns to rest during the journey but most of their time was spent ridding nonstop to the Capital.

After days of travel , they finally got to the Imperial City.

Seeing the huge City in front of him , Zhan Wei couldn help but feel astonished.

The Imperial City had tall walls that encompassed it with four entry gates around it.

he could see soldiers on top of the wall , they all had weapons with them and carried a fierce cold aura.

The barren wastelands was north to the Imperial Capital, so they naturally would enter through the northern gate.

When they were about about a 100 meters to the large gate , they were obstructed .

" Who goes there ?" , A soldier shouted .

As he shouted , the rest sheathed their swords and pointed at them.

From afar , he could feel a terrifying pressure, it was as if they showed any misbehaviour , they would be slaughtered.

" As expected of the city of the Emperor" Zhan Wei looked around apart from the Second Elder , the rest were shaken by this huge pressure.

The Second Elder carried the imperial decree in his hands .

After moving forward a bit , he opened the imperial decree and shouted.

" By the order of His Majesty, My Young Master has been betrothed to the Princess , open the gates let us pass ".

After hearing him a soldier went to relay what he said to the commander.

Although news that the Princess had been betrothed to someone had spread , they were still surprised .

Unlike the barren wastelands that had harsh weather and constant war , the rest of Great Xia was relatively peaceful.

Looking at their garments and appearance , they simply looked like barbarians.

Was the person the Princess was betrothed to among this barbarians.

When the Commander heard , he quickly had someone relay the news to the capital before sending a soldier to verify the decree.

After confirming the decree, the gates were opened and they were allowed to enter .


As they drove by the imperial city , Zhan Wei sighed.

Paved roads , huge beautiful buildings of all kinds and people all about , compared to the imperial city the towns they saw on the way felt like nothing.

The people all wore luxurious clothes and jewelry and all sorts of things were displayed.

They also received strange looks from people , from the clothes they wore, to the raging blood horses, things like that were not common in the capital.

The Commander himself personally escorted them to the Imperial palace.

The Imperial palace was in the center of the Capital, it had its own walls and was heavily guided , the buildings were majestic and were made from all kinds of precious stones and gold , Zhan Wei had never seen anything so luxurious in his life .

A group of eunuch were there to greet them and escorted them to their residence.


In Purple Cloud Pavilion, news had already reached Xia Yunzi of their arrival.

Although she didn show , she was still nervous, after all she was going to get married to Zhan Wei.

Even if she didn feel anything else, she was bound to have some curiosity.

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