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Throughout Zhan Wei kept drinking his spirit wine as he watched.

It wasn that he enjoyed Bai Chens antics, it was just that although he liked Xia Yunzi and would still keep his promise to Xia Tianming he didn want her to bound to him by their engagement.

He didn know about the Canglan continent but everywhere followed the law of the jungle, if Xia Yunzi left him to be safe he wouldn like it but he would her let go.

Zhan Wei wasn really a nice person, things he wanted he made sure he got but Xia Yunzi was different to Zhan Wei, he would give her a choice.

Still when Bai Chens dogs mentioned Xia Tianming being dead Zhan Wei was already getting angry, Xia Tianming was someone Zhan Wei really respected and felt gratitude to.

Yet when he saw Xia Yunzis reaction after hearing their words, rage brewed in his heart.

Few things could faze Zhan Wei, fewer things fazed him much yet Xia Yunzi was something different to Zhan Wei.

Not just because of his promise to Xia Tianming and although he didn know why but deep down in his heart Xia Yunzi was someone very dear to Zhan Wei.

Her sorrow he would quench them, her fears he would wipe and her anger was his rage.

Taking the gourd he had been drinking from, Zhan Wei took on large gulp as set it down then looked at the two lackeys.

His cold eyes watched them as he said, " Bow! ".

Since these people felt they could insult Xia Yunzi because they felt Xia Tianming was gone, he would make them know she was still royalty.

He would make them bow as they used to anytime they saw her.

At first everyone taught they had heard wrongly, even the two lackeys asked with a sneer, " bow to you".

Not bothered by their question Zhan Wei shook his head, " Not to me " and pointed to Xia Yunzi, " Bow to her ".

The whole dining hall was silent as they watched what Zhan Wei wanted to do.

Wang Jing smiled as she watched, he was finally reacting to something , although she really couldn pinpoint Wang Jing had never felt Zhan Wei was ordinary.

Bai Chen sneered who did Zhan Wei think he was, even Xia Yunzi who was a princess couldn tell any to bow anymore.

The two lackeys said coldly, " and if we don ".

The cold look on Zhan Weis was replaced with his usual indifferent look, he couldn be bothered to play games with these trash.

Standing from his seat he said, " Ill make you ! ", taking a step towards them, his usual demeanour changed.

Today he was going to let everyone know that Xia Yunzi was not triffled with, willing the limit of his Sacred blood demon transformation, his aura changed akin to that of an ancient demon king.

Demonic qi rose from his body as his blood qi exploded, on his forehead were four golden ancient characters " Sacred Blood Demon Emperor ".

All those in the room felt fear crept into their hearts at his transformation.

Apart from cultivation his spirit qi, Zhan Wei had spent some time studying his first divine ability.

the Sacred Blood Demon Emperor was a demonic Emperor that had mastered the essence of blood qi, apart from his increasing blood qi and strength Zhan Wei could also suppress those nearby by affecting their blood qi.

Although the blood demons didn really have the ability except those that had evolved their innate ability to a very high degree, Zhan Wei had obtained his divine ability from the Sacred Blood Demon Emperor himself, his control of demonic blood qi could equal the Sacred Blood Demon Emperor himself in the future.

The two lackeys stood rooted on the ground, they tried moving but they couldn as their blood and body wouldn follow their will.

Wang Jing stood up from her cushion as she looked at the ancient characters on Zhan Wei in suprise.

Unlike before where it just looked a bit different from the usual Blood Demon transformation of the blood demon clan , Zhan Wei transformation now looked more powerful, more regal, more ancient.

Hadn Zhan Wei just absorbed the blood essence of the blood demon king, his present transformation was even more mysterious than that of the blood demon king himself.

Although she had not participated in the Great war, with the resources for the Treasure Pavilion getting a spirit recording of some of the war scenes wasn difficult, after all they had even gotten the blood essence of the blood demon king from when he was injured.

Zhan Weis present transformation was more perfect that his.

And those characters on his forehead, was that the ancestor of the blood demon clan?.

Wang Jing was really baffled, had Zhan Wei traced his blood demon bloodline to atavism.

Atavism was when one traced their bloodline down to its source.

As descendants of powerful powerhouses procreate the bloodlines of later generations thinned.

Atavism was extremely difficult almost impossible, it required massive opportunity, resources, time, comprehension, it was really really difficult.

Zhan Wei had absorbed the blood essence of the blood demon king, naturally that should have being his limit even if he evolved his bloodline.

Even if they was hope of atavism for it was extremely low almost impossible.

Even if he evolved his bloodline there was a lot of stages , for the blood demon clan for example there was normal blood demons , demonic generals, demon kings, demonic lords , High lords then finally Demonic Emperor.

Each rank was very difficult for even blood demons not to talk of an human.

According to ancient texts Demonic Emperors were existences on par with Immortal King, these were extremely powerful powerhouses, yet Zhan Wei had the bloodline of one in him, how was that possible.


Although Wang Jing was wrong about Zhan

Wei having the bloodline of the Sacred Blood Demon Emperor he did indeed have the ability of the Sacred Blood Demon Emperor in him.

Although Zhan Wei knew exposing the Sacred Blood Demon Emperor rune on his forehead would garner a lot of attention but at times being too inconspicuous or low key would make people step on you.

In fact Zhan Wei had planned to reveal it before, Bai Chen and his dogs just brought it forward.

Xia Yunzi was very talented and if he couldn show his worth, after reaching the Canglan continent he could be tossed afar from her.

Carrying his focus back to the matter at hand, with steady steps he walked towards the two lackeys, carrying them by their necks he brought them in front of where Xia Yunzi was seated before pushing them towards the ground in a kneeling position.

" Bow !", Zhan Wei said in a cold voice.

Bai Chen erupted in anger," How dare you !".

One had to look at the master before beating his dogs , although this lackeys didn mean much if he allowed them to be humiliated wouldn that affect his reputation, how could others follow him in the future.

Zhan Wei looked at Bai Chen and sneered who told him he was going scot-free, grabbing the sitting Bai Chen by the neck Zhan Wei put him beside his dogs and said, " Bow ! ".

Bai Chen felt so much anger and shame, although he was really a genius he was still better than the two lackeys, when Zhan Wei tried grabbing him he had erupted with the full might of his cultivation yet he felt body weaken even his blood was not flowing in his body and Zhan Wei had grabbed him like he was nothing.

The whole hall was silent, the usual Zhan Wei was very normal now Zhan Wei gave them a really demonic aura.

Although Bai Chen wasn really strong and relied on his familys power, Zhan Wei lifting him up even when he resisted was enough to instill fear them.

From the top floor Wang Jing watched on from the screen, although she had expected a reaction from Zhan Wei, she didn expect him to be this domineering.

He was clearly not sparing them any mercy, Wang Jing liked it, compared to these greenhorns Wang Jing knew, how could one show mercy to the enemy.

Zhan Wei said coldly once more, " Bow ! " , seeing they weren willing to budge Zhan Wei brought his feet on the head of the first lackey, stomping his head towards the floor.

The ground shook light as Zhan Wei used little force, he wasn interested in injuring any of them, he wanted them to be well and enjoy the shame.

Injuring them would only give them a reason to hide away, raising his leg once more he stomped the head of the second lackey.

Fear creeped through Bai Chen, he didn know if it was purposely Zhan Wei had made him the last.

Zhan Wei wanted him to witness shame and fear of his lackeys before it was his turn and he was doing it slowly.

When Zhan Wei grabbed Bai Chen, one of those that flattered Bai Chen had run to tell one of the elder members of the Bai Clan.

On getting to the dining hall, seeing that Zhan Wei was about to humiliate Bai Chen, Bai Mu was furious.

As a place where only those of the younger generation gathered, the elders stayed off, yet here he was seeing his Young Master being humiliated.

" You dare, stop !", Bai Mu shouted in rage.

Seeing a member of the elder generation was about to involve himself, Xia Yunzi wanted to stop Zhan Wei, in fact everything had happened so fast before she could react.

Knowing him Xia Yunzi knew Zhan Wei wouldn listen, she knew he was angry.

As someone who spent the most time with Zhan Wei she knew he was indifferent to most things yet he was angry for her sake.

Xia Yunzi was happy yet she knew things were serious, she clenched the talisman Ye Mo had given her.

In fact Ye Mo hadn expected anything to happen after all this was the spirit boat and they were just going to the dining hall to eat, what could happen , so he was a bit surprised when he sensed it still he rushed towards the dining hall.

In the dining everyone watched waiting to see what Zhan Wei was going to do now that an Elder was involved.

Zhan Wei looked at Bai Mu although he didn know what level exactly was Bai Mus cultivation, he could feel he was in the Qi refinement realm.

those who were in the Core formation had evolved their qi to another level, as far as they released their breath their aura was enough to pressure those below their realm, Bai Mu didn give him such pressure.

A mere Qi refinement dared tell him to stop, it didn even matter even if he was in the peak of the Qi refinement realm, to Zhan Wei those that couldn kill him weren worthy of his attention and a mere Qi refinement cultivator wasn enough to stop him today.

Zhan Wei sneered coldly at Bai Mu, " Trash !".


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