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Zhan Wei left the dining hall together with Xia Yunzi and Ye Mo as they went towards their rooms in silence.

Although Zhan Wei was quite and looked like he was contemplating he wasn even thinking about the whole Bai Clan issue.

Zhan Wei was thinking about the food, when he was serving himself he had taken a piece of the octopus sea monster meat out of curiosity, after all it wasn everytime one got to eat something like that.

The truth was it wasn really a piece he took, it was a large amount, compared to other the other dishes the monster meat looked a bit grotesque so most of the youths didn really like it so much of it was left untouched.

Back then Wang Mang had cut one of the tentacle of the octopus like sea monster, the chefs of the treasure pavilion prepared it and among other dishes had served it in the dining halls of the spirit boat.

True Qi cultivators absorbed their qi into their innate sea, those that hadn opened their innate sea weren yet really qi cultivators while body tempering cultivators absorbed qi into their bodies.

Monster were very similar to body tempering cultivators they both cultivated the physical dao.

Zhan Wei discovered the amount of vital essence in the sea monster meat was very high, unlike spirit beasts or demonic beasts the qi of monsters were concerntrated in their bodies.

Eating this kind of meat would help speed up the cultivation of his Primordial Chaos God body.

Even now his body was still devouring the sea monster meat and transforming it to elemental lightning essence.

Zhan Wei licked his lips subconsciously, when next he was buying resources, apart from qi cultivation resources to help speed up his spirit qi cultivation he would try buying some monster meat for his body.

When they got to their rooms, Ye Mo turned towards Zhan Wei before saying, " You did well today", then entered his room.

Beside him Xia Yunzi was very happy, Zhan Wei made her feel happy today, smiling at him she entered her room

Zhan Wei smiled before entering his , sitting cross-legged he popped a qi condensing pill into his mouth before cultivating.


In a luxurious suite on the top floor of the spirit boat Wang Mang bowed towards Wang Jing who laid lazily on a silk couch, taking some spirit grapes from a crystal bowl in front of her she ate in bliss.

" Lady Jing why did we interfere, although the Bai Clan isn much, Bai Ze of the Bai Clan is a core disciple of the Mystic Heaven Sect, he is one of the most favored to be the true disciple of the sword peak, offending someone like that would do us no good.

Wang Mang didn know why Wang Jing would such a decision, although they recouped their losses by leaving the Eastern region and they still had a bit of resources, how was transferring operations without cost.

The Eastern region was already the territory of the blood demons so they had no choice but to leave, Wang Jing was in charge of the Eastern region operations so she had incurred a bit of loss.

The Wang Clan was a large Clan that owned treasure pavilion, with a history of more than thousands of years heritage, there was a lot of in fighting among the core members of the Wang Clan.

Wang Jing leaving the Eastern region meant she had lost her foothold, although it wasn her fault, luck was also a factor of strength, making an enemy of Bai Ze before even reaching the Canglan continent wasn even wise at all.

Wang Mang belonged to Wang Jings faction, his future was tied with hers so how could he not be worried.

Wang Jing smiled, how could she not know what went through Wang Mangs mind, the core teaching of the treasure pavilion had always been profit above all, ones worth in the Wang Clan was measured by the amount of profit they could bring to the Clan.

Losing her foothold already made her position weak, yet she was offending someone like Bai Ze but why would Wang Jing do such a foolish thing especially in her present situation.

Simple, it was worth it , compared to offending Bai Ze, Zhan Wei was worth it.

" Don worry I have my reasons, give him my nameplate and tell him to come see me whenever he has the time ".

Having followed Wang Jing for a period of time Wang Mang was confident in her abilities so he heaved a sigh a relief when she said she had her reasons.

But he was stunned when he heard the remaining part, giving Zhan Wei her nameplate granted him access to the top floor and her suite.

Yet saying he should come see her whenever he had the time, she was simply throwing the ball into his court.

It was her saying, come see me whenever you like, she really taught much of the kid.

Wang Mang left the suite and had a maid deliver the nameplate and her instructions to Zhan Wei.


Zhan Wei was cultivating when he heard a knock on his door.

Opening the door, a maid bowed slightly before giving him a name plate and telling him Wang Jing asked him to come see her whenever he had the time before leaving.

Zhan Wei smiled as he held the nameplate, Wang Jings way of doing things really suited his personality, if she wanted him to come see her now he would go but he wouldn necessarily like it.

Zhan Wei didn like doing things he didn want to, Wang Jing letting him come see her whenever he wanted made him pleased at her, not even when she interfered in his favor in the dining hall was he this pleased at her.

Zhan Wei knew Wang Jing help him because she wanted something in return yet her telling him to come whenever he liked showed her sincerity.

Zhan Wei smiled, " what an interesting woman ".

Dropping the nameplate aside, Zhan Wei threw another qi condensing pill into his mouth and continued cultivating.


In another room the elders of the Bai Clan looked at the unconscious Bai Chen who was lying on a bed.

Beside him an old man was checking his condition, this old man was a member of the Bai Clan but wasn a core member, the only reason he hadn been left off in the Eastern region was because he was a good physician and the elders of the Bai Clan thought he could come in handy.

Raising his head the old man cupped his fist at the Bai Clan elders and said, " Young Master Chens condition is okay, as far as he rubs the ointment on his face for a few days his face should be ok ".

Probably because the old man was someone who couldn read the atmosphere in the room he continued, " whoever did this is clearly talented, he just used enough force to bruise his head without inflicting serious injuries ".

As if excited at seeing a masterpiece the old man continued, turning Bai Chens face to the side he said, " if you look at this side of his face its a bit caved in, the other side too, even though his nose looks a bit deformed they are all just superficial injuries, even ..., the old man let out spittle from his mouth as he talked.

The face of the Bai Clan elders twitched as the listened to him.

The head elder of the Bai Clan waved his hand stopping the old man from continuing, he almost even felt slapping the old man, it was just that the old man looked like a bag of bones and he wasn even sure the old man would survive the slap.

The foolish old man was very stupid and clueless, if not for the fact he was good in medicine and alchemy they should have left this fool to die in the Eastern region, he just kept on blabbing his mouth.

He almost felt like transferring all his aggression for Zhan Wei on this bastard.

After sending the old man away, the elders of the Bai Clan started discussing.

The aggreived Bai Mu said, " are we just going to let that brat go".

Bai Mu really hated Zhan Wei, to him not even the unconscious Bai Chen hated Zhan Wei as him, at least Bai Chen and Zhan Wei were of the younger generation, but him, him, Zhan Wei called him trash and he had even failed to kill him.

In this room among the elders his cultivation was the lowest, although it had always been a sore spot for Bai Mu, he had always pacified himself that he was in the peak of the Qi refinement realm and soon, very soon he would reach the Core formation realm.

Now he couldn just just remove the condescending look on Zhan Weis face as he called him trash.

Yesterday night that was what he taught of throughout, Bai Mu felt Zhan Wei was already an heart demon for him, if Zhan Wei didn die he didn think he could rest in peace.

His heart was full of hatred, he wanted that bastard to die, he wanted him to die.

The head elder looked at Bai Mu then said, " of course not, its just that we can do anything to him now on the spirit boat ", the Treasure Pavilion or the Wang Clan wasn a force they could afford to offend.

Then he clenched his fist, " but I refuse to believe lady Wang Jing would be able to protect him in the Canglan continent ".

The head elder was also angry, the Bai Clan was just a small merchant Clan yet in recent years a extremely talented youngster arose from their younger generation.

Bai Ze was a core disciple of the Mystic Heaven and could even become a true disciple in the future.

A true disciple was different from other disciples, if Bai Ze became the true disciple of the sword peak he stood a chance of becoming the peak lord of the sword peak in the future.

A peak lord of the Mystic Heaven Sect was just below one and above thousands, it was simply the same as ascending the heavens.

When one ascended the heavens even his dogs benefited, as his family the Bai Clan felt they could ride the coattails to greater heights.

But even if they tried to hide it the issue today would still spread, they couldn silence everyone in the spirit boat.

In the future as they followed gallantly behind Bai Ze in pride, wouldn those that knew mock them.

The Elders of the Bai Clan felt very angry, they wouldn let Zhan Wei off .


Note : ( Ride the coattails: to succeed by virtue of association)

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