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Primordial Chaos God Enlightenment

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The next day Zhan Wei began his formal training.

Literature , etiquette, basic Martial arts , history and so, throughout the whole day , he had been taught lessons on these areas.

As he walked back to his quarters, Zhan Wei thought about his day .

Most of his lessons were with imperial princess as his learning partner, the whole day felt long but he felt the lessons were worth while , everything about the imperial palace were just different even the basic Martial arts.

Compared to the foundation of the Imperial family, the Zhan Clan was still lacking.

After freshening up, he went to see the Second Elder, apart from cultivating, the Second Elder hardly left their residence unless it was important, he felt it made sense, this was the imperial palace, he couldn just go anywhere as he pleased.

Knocking on his door , he entered after getting a response.

The Second Elder " Zhan Feng " was one of the strongest experts in the Clan and Xiaomeis father.

Looking at the lean middle aged man seated on the prayer mat with his eyes closed , Zhan Wei bowed and greeted .

Opening his eyes , he nodded at him.

" What is the issue?" , Knowing Zhan Wei wouldn come to him for no reason, he asked.

Zhan Wei cupped his fist ," Id like to explore the the Imperial Capital, I wonder if the Elder can escort this junior and advice on where to go".

Zhan Feng nodded his head , after all his job was to protect Zhan Wei, so his request made sense.

"What are you searching for ?".

" I wonder if theres a place in the capital, that sells cultivation resources , rare items and treasures " replied Zhan Wei.

His main reason for wanting to check the city was to see if he could find cultivation resources , he had felt his bottleneck loosen and hoped he could find resources to breakthrough.

After hearing him , the Second Elder replied.

" There are many places in the Imperial Capital where all sorts of treasures or cultivation resources are being sold but there are few that have rare items or resources of high quality".

" Then Ill have to bother the Elder ".


The Imperial Capital was always bustling with people and all forms of things were displayed around.

Zhan Wei accompanied by the Second Elder and Xiaomei went around.

After going to some places , he didn find anything suitable till he came across the " Treasure Pavilion " , according to the Second Elder, the Treasure Pavilion extended beyond the great Xia empire and the building in the capital was just a branch.

Looking at the tall magnificent building in front of him , Zhan Wei felt the Treasure Pavilion was not so simple, just a branch already dwarfed other places they had been to.

Entering he came a across a luxurious interior, the items in the treasure were each displayed in separate compartments with their names and functions.

A maid came to attend to him and asked him what he was looking for and he asked to check around.

This was his first time coming in contact with so many items , just by looking at the things displayed and their uses he felt his horizons broaden, so he asked to look around.

After a while he come to the cultivation technique section , all kinds of manuals were displayed there.

Scrolling through the cultivation technique section, he came across body cultivation techniques , compared to Spirit Qi techniques the body cultivation techniques he saw were few , in these world most people cultivated spirit qi.

All sorts of legacies and cultivation sects existed that propagated spirit qi cultivation ,Spirit qi was more versatile and it was easier to seek the Dao.

As he looked through the body cultivation manuals displayed, he felt compared the qi cultivation manuals they were crude and had limited potential, still he looked through them.

He cultivated the Primordial Chaos God Scripture but he felt he could gain a lot of insight by seeing other body cultivation manuals.

After glancing through, he also checked the qi cultivation manuals, all kinds of qi techniques were displayed with different varieties of abilities although his meridians were crippled and he couldn cultivate any he was still fascinated seeing them.

As he looked at the myriad forms of techniques in front of him , he subconsciously said " The Great Dao is wide and encompassing, the myriad heavens and its inhabitants, all is Dao, I am Dao ".

Zhan Wei felt a sense of enlightenment, in his Sea of consciousness , his Primordial Chaos God spirit opened its eyes and roared towards the sky , immediately Zhan Wei felt the vital essence of the five elements pour into him from all directions.

Above the imperial city, a cloud of vital essence could be seen hovering about the treasure pavilion, although the vital essence of the five elements was scarce in this world , it was still the there.

Vital energy from thousands of miles gathered together to form a cloud of vital essence and poured towards him.

His body was like a bottomless hole as he devoured the vital energy, Every expert in the Imperial Capital and nearby could feel the vital energy gathering to one point and forming a massive cloud above the treasure pavilion.

In the Imperial palace, the Emperor felt something and rushed towards the sky , looking at the vital energy cloud above the treasure pavilion, he peered through the treasure pavilion with his spirit sense.

Looking at the source of the cloud , he was shocked , vital energy poured into Zhan Wei from above , his eyes were closed as he absorbed it into his body.

Everyone in the treasure pavilion could also feel the vital energy, although the bulk of it was observed by Zhan Wei not just the the people in treasure pavilion everybody in the imperial capital under the vital essence cloud felt the vital energy pour into them.

The vital energy of the five elements was different from spirit qi , everyone felt the five organs strengthen from the core, as it nourished them , the five organs were the foundation of the body , their strength, vitality, everything increased.

For cultivators although there was no increase in their cultivation they felt their vitality increase, even mortal were affected as their life essence improved.

Zhan Wei felt his five organs absorb the energy that poured into him , the faint glow of before became more visible as he felt his body reach towards grand completion of the first tier.

Immediately he reached reached grand completion he felt a boom in his sea of consciousness, this time around as his Primordial Chaos God Incarnation roared towards the sky, Zhan Wei opened his mouth and roared too.

The imperial city occupied a large area , yet everyone felt their heart tremble as they heard that loud roar , the vital essence cloud scattered but immediately gloomy skies replaced them.

Zhan Wei opened his , looking at the gloomy skies that loomed above the skies , he knew it wasn over .

If the vital energy cloud from before was a blessing, then this one was for destruction, a violent stormy cloud kept gathering above the treasure pavilion, it didn increase in size yet it kept accumulating energy .

As they looked up and saw dark clouds above everyone felt fear in their hearts , even Zhan Wei felt fear , it was like the heavens wouldn tolerate his existence .

Yet within those eyes of fear was hope , desire , the next tier in the Primordial Chaos God Scripture was the primal lightening realm , he had to birth lightening of the five elements in his five organs.

Looking at the looming tribulation above him , he knew he had to leave when he still had time , he couldn undergo his tribulation here , it wasn safe.

He turned towards the maid , Id have to trouble you to take me to the spirit herbs section.

The maid had a look of fear in her eyes as she nodded her eyes , she knew the sooner

he left the better.

Reaching the spirit herbs section, he scrolled through, all kinds of herbs , spirit fruits and treasures were kept on display, yet Zhan Wei browsed through quickly as he needed something to aid him in his tribulation.

As he scrolled through, he quickly paid for several thousand year old blood ginseng and left .

The Second Elder and Xiaomei were with him , although they were shocked, they knew the urgency of the matter so they just followed him.


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