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[Host, quick! I will use the novice gift to transfer us to the next world.]

Escaping the wolfs den, did not put the system at ease. He was paranoid and almost hysterical. At first, he wanted to deny Chu Yans peculiarity, but even the blind man would discover that there is definitely something going on. Huhuhu. System 069 couldn believe his first mission would be issued as a failure.

Back in the System Academy, he was one of the most dedicated system in their batch. Although, his talent and intelligence quotient was quite mediocre, his determination and drive earned few compliments from his superiors.

[Ancestor, are you listening? We can give up this world but the next world, we obviously needed to complete the task!] Receiving no response, System 069 warned again.

Different from the frightened expression that the system expected, Lian Zhinan was actually calm. The lights in the room were already turned off, and the radiance of Lian Zhinans skin glowed faintly against the dark. There is no trace of panic in his overly gorgeous face.

System 069 was confused and finally…dumbfounded.

What about the chicken reaction a while ago? He was actually quite calm in the middle of this crisis?

Understanding his thoughts, Lian Zhinans lips rose a little. He ignored the protest of the fat system and proceed to explained his ideas, "If we give up this task, is it worth it?"

[Of course it is! The next task, I will surely choose a body suitable for the hosts temperament, and for the failure of the camouflage potion, I will write a bad review! Scam! I got actually scammed!]

"As long as I don get out of character, everything I do would be alright, right?"

System 069 couldn discern his hosts attitude but still give an answer, [As long as we don get discover by the worlds consciousness, everythings fine! Nonetheless, its better to leave than to be discovered!]

"Silly." Lian Zhinan chuckled softly, "If I don get revenge, then I wouldn be called a man."

The systems invisible eyes widened. He looked at his host unbelievably. His host was surprisingly a vengeful person?

After several coaxing and persuading, the system was finally convinced and didn use the novice pack to abolish the current mission. Although doubtful, the system in the end decide to believe his host and went back to the systems space.

Perhaps, Chu Yan had still conscience left and did not appear in Lian Zhinans front for the following days. During this time, Lian Zhinans life went smooth sailing.

However, Lian Zhinan soon faced a terrible fact.

"System, what is school?"

Lian Zhinan innocently asked. Wearing a blue and white uniform, he appeared docile and delicate. He was quite obedient, sitting in the car while staring at the road. The beret hat on his head faintly covered his hair, only showing a small amount of bangs.

The system floated beside him recalls his experience back in the system world, [Ancestor, school is where people learned things and experience new things such as friendships and of course, love!]

Back in the past, the system still remembers how he hardly chases his unrequited love. Systems does not have a physical body, and they multiplied asexually. Howbeit, some proofs could provide that even asexual individuals had some strange desire and the basic attraction towards other system is considered normal. As the systems preference, the brightest the body was, the highest attractive value they had. System 069 could recall that his object of love was one of the brightest system he had seen.

Lian Zhinan rose his eyebrow. The systems explanation did not clarify all his thoughts. If he were to describe in short sentence the actual meaning in school based on what he heard.


Nonetheless, Lian Zhinan surprisingly find himself dedicated to this job; hence, his anxiety was occasionally displayed on his face.

Butler Zhao, who was watching from the rearview mirror, discovered the young mans discomfort. Lian Zhinan looks outstanding in the school uniform, but the frequent pinching of fingers and the pursing of lips made him noticed the subtle changes. Sigh.

He smiled through the mirror, "Xiao Lian, don worry. You will find good friends there." He comforted in a low voice.

"G-grandpa… what if they don like me?"

The voice was like a milk cat, shrinking and curling into a ball, like a weak and helpless creature. The comforting and nice words did not eliminate the nervousness in his body, it only aroused more.

Butler Zhao together with the driver looked startled. The boy was definitely talking gibberish. Even if Lian Zhinans personality is bad, there are no people who could hurt a pretty face.

Facts enough, is there still someone questioning the benefits of outstanding face? Just by doing nothing, you could be praised by many people. Stereotypically speaking, everyone would barely judge a beautiful person.

So, Lian Zhinan asking this is a pure nonsense!

"Xiao Lian is a good child. Who wouldn like Xiao Lian?"

In the end, Lian Zhinan nodded. He drifted his eyes into the road and sense that they are getting closer to their destination.

He was enrolled in a prestigious school in the city, the closest to the villa. The school had strong standards in examinations, strong background and highly excellent academic achievements, although, Lian Zhinan doesn have the two, Chu Yans influence was enough for him to be admitted.

Thinking about Chu Yan, Lian Zhinans calm face cracked.

"Young master, we

e here."

Lian Zhinan looked at the huge school gate and instantly feel a strong amount of pressure. The air was blown out of his lungs and his fingers couldn stopped gripping at the string of his bag. He was unable to calm himself and glanced pitifully at the butler.

"G-grandpa, can I not got to school?

Butler Zhao who already opened the door was helpless. If he were to declare the decision, he would follow all Lian Zhinans wishes, but his master had the final say, he could only choose to oblige.

He patted his head in a comfort manner, "Xiao Lian, school is a good place for you to learn."

Lian Zhinan finally nodded.

Because Chu Yan personally handed the documents of Lian Zhinan, the schools principal waited in the gate. He couldn understand why such a stern and cold president privately handed this matter. What is the identity of this student? Could it be the Director Chus canary? No. Remembering the cold face of the head of the Chus family, the principal stiffened. Chu Yan had no desire for beauties. He instantly removed his thoughts.

Principal Wen had been in the school for a long time. He was an ordinary middle-aged man, even with his common face, his demeanor nourish by years able to separate him from the common folks. He did not lose his nice smile until a small figure arrived at his front.

Principal Wen who was slightly dissatisfied a while ago immediately lost his smile. The person in front of him was a young man with an overly charming face. If he was doubtful about this young mans identity before, now he was even more certain. His eyes couldn stop looking at Lian Zhinan a few times.

T-This… isn this a child?

Scum! Principal Wen couldn expect that the mature boss was actually a fraud. No matter how gorgeous and exquisite this young mans appearance was, isn he too young? Is he even an adult? Director Chu actually deceived a high school student!

Should he report him to the police?

But remembering the donations of the Chu family, Principal Wen quickly abolished his ideas.

Smiling nicely, he strode forward towards the handsome young man, "You must be Lian Zhinan. I am the principal of the school, Principal Wen."

Lian Zhinan was obviously startled by the sudden presence. His paces paused, and his feet were stocked on the ground. Thankfully, the old butler perceived his stiffness.

"Hello Principal Wen, Im Butler Zhao and our Xiao Lian was embarrassed to face strangers."

Only hearing the old voice that the principal discovered that there is still an old butler accompanying the young man. Principal Wen was lost for words. Isn Chu Yan too protective of the young man? Howbeit, with that face, he wouldn blame him if he was paranoid.

Principal Wen has able to adapt to the situation, "I will take care of Student Lian. Director Chu personally instructed me."

Hearing this, Butler Zhao was finally at ease. He spoke to Lian Zhinan a few more times before he finally left. Lian Zhinan could only follow the principal.

He was guided to his classroom and there is a teacher waiting for him at the door. The teacher who saw him for the first time was instantly stunned by his amazing face value. But after talking to the principal, there is a strange color in the teachers face. His smile became more friendly.

Before entering, the noises inside the classroom were loud and chaotic but after the figure of Lian Zhinan appeared, strangely, the noises abruptly stopped and there is a rare silence inside.

At this age, most teenagers start to develop appreciation toward others. And seeing someone with an extreme appearance made them put their etiquette on tracks. They couldn hear what the teacher was blabbering in the front, all their eyes were fixed on the young man.

An introverted and shy person was often mistaken as a snob. So, Lian Zhinan introducing himself in the class, armored with his cold and aloof expression, instantly labeled as the cold beauty in the class.

Withdrawn, reserved and indifferent. Just like the flower in the high mountain, only to be seen and not be pluck. Like the serene moon, distant and unreachable.

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