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Shen Xueran didn expected this situation at all.Almost everyone present was looking at her weirdly right now.

Damn….Im screwed ….She thought internally, screaming.

She wanted to leave right away, but someone called her from behind.

"Hey… aren you Shen Xueran, What are you doing here in this class?", asked Lu Ming as he stepped forward.

" Nothing at all, I just got into the wrong room, brother. Ill get out right now!", Shen Xueran exclaimed as she was going back to door. Mu Yanran wanted to stop her from living.

But before her, another person came forward to seek trouble this time.

"Yo, isn that Young master Shen?What brings you here in this class? " Qiao Jin sneered as he spoke nonchalantly.

"Did you came here to sweep the floors? ", " If so, then you don have to do this at all….you will only make the floor even more dirty".He was provoking her intentionally.

"Did Young Master Qiao got beaten by dogs or something? Why does he talk with that weird attitude? Should I call a doctor to check on him? " Shen Xueran mocked him back, living no space for him.

The entire class bursted out in laughter. No one dared to mock Qiao Jin like this before.So everyone was stunned at this attitude of Shen Xueran.

"You….how dare you mock me?You can even take a fist from me and you are here mocking me, You a**hole". Qiao Jin cursed her, making her mad.

" If you are wishing to get beaten then just let me know, Ill fulfil your wish…..Why curse people? "Shen Xueran said as see looked at him coldly.

" Oh….you want to beat me up now? how funny…. ",he observed her thin delicate body that seemed like it will break down with a small blow of air.

" Then how about we have a spare to see who beats up who", Qiao Jin snickered as he challenged her for a fight.

Shen Xueran smiled faintly as she asked him, "What if you lost the challenge ?".

" If I lose then I will knowtow to you in front of the whole school and apologise to you, and if you lost… then you will have to leave this school forever ".He made the bet.

" Did everyone listened what the Young Master Qiao said. If so, then shall we start the match right now? ", Shen Xueran said with a nonchalant expression.

"Aren you going to change? ", Lu Ming asked her to change into gym clothes.

" Theres no need for this,since he can touch me at all…. so my clothes will not get dirty". She challenged him face to face.

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