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The scintillating sun beams through her blinds causing me to stir awake. The light shines brighter on my face and suddenly I feel the space behind me on the bed lower. Nick groans I wake up feeling guarded in his arms from all the dangers of the world.

When I turn over, his tousled hair are woven into strands of gold and auburn lights. His nostrils flare slightly, matching his slow, breathing pattern. I nestle up against him with our chests touching and our racing heartbeats in sync. He leans in until hes so close that we

e exchanging each others warm air. He examines my lips before his pleading eyes silently as for consent.

"Would it be okay if I kissed you?" he verbalizes his lustrous thoughts in a raspy voice that makes my insides melt. I nod and our lips brush against each other at the slightest and softest touch before parting. "Good morning, beautiful."

Im too mesmerized by this moment we

e sharing that I don even hear what he says next. "Huh?" I frown.

He repeats, "I said that I deliberately woke you up early because you said you wanted to go study at the library today."

I gasp, "You remembered that?"

"I remember everything."

His words strip me out of this pipe dream and back to the real world. I observe that our bodies are still entangled and buried underneath the covers. "I need to go take a shower."

"No... stay with me just a little bit? Theres still time, its still just before 9AM," he begs with warm, honey eyes.

"I have to check up on Ruth," I think up a list of excuses I can use to escape this moment. Its insane how I was enjoying it and living in the moment, until I decided to overthink everything.

"She left about 20 minutes ago and I walked her out. She said she had a lovely night by the way."

Hes onto me. He knows my plans and hes trying to evaporate each and every one of them. A deep sigh escapes from his lips and his arm around me loosens, "I can see that you want to get out of here. I won force you to be in my arms if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I don ever want to be the reason you make that, face you

e making right now."

I bite my lip as I try to find the right way to say how I feel. "Im the time Ive known you, I can definitely say that you

e one of the most amazing people-"

"But?" he interjects. "Of course theres a ut."

"I don want to sound cliché, but we

e literally from two completely different worlds. I mean, you barely have time for school when youve got modeling photoshoots and press events and all these upperclassmen things. Why so you even still come back to this place when youve got a whole condo? I don think could ever fit into your world, youd never have time for me. For us."

He quietly nods and sits up, "So you admit it then? You like me too?"

"Is that all you gathered from- Yes, Nicholas Baldwin. I really like you. You

e the perfect boyfriend that I read about in romance novels."

"Okay, so give me a chance to take you out. Let me show you that I can make you a priority and not an option," he takes my hand in his and kisses it.

"Wait! Didn you just break up with Aspen? When did you come to the conclusion that you like me?"

"The moment I punched that boy in the furniture store for you. Thats the moment I knew I wanted to know you and be the one to protect you."

I shake my head, "We met the day before. You

e crazy."

"All the best people are crazy, sweetheart," he grins.

I shake my head confusedly. He can just dump all this on me and expect me to react the way he wants me to. Hes been with Aspen all this time and as much as Id slowly started to like him with the amount of time we spent, I knew I couldn have him.

1. Our worlds would collide eventually. Hed realized that I wasn enough. All my exes always wanted me to prove to them that I was enough to love, but in the end I never was.

2. This could throw off our entire friendship and roommate agreement and plan.

3. He was in a relationship.

I get out of his bed and ask him for time to consider his words. I exit the room without turning back around, because Im too afraid that if I do his golden eyes would invite me back into his arms with invisible strings. I need to clear my head.

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