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“Okay,” Lu Yan agreed to the proposal to watch the movie, obviously he didn’t want to be watched like a gorilla there.

Qin Rou secretly praised: This person is really good and cooperative!

It was not that difficult.

The two got up and were about to leave when Director Sun came.

Seeing the scene, she was immediately stunned, “Where are you going Why don’t you sit and chat for a while”

Qin Rou said with a bright smile, “Director Sun, I thought of going to watch a movie with the army officer.”

Director Sun put her eyes on Lu Yan, who nodded.

Director Sun: “…”

The two of them sat together, one didn’t quarrel, and the other didn’t make a fuss, and they planned to… go to watch a movie together

In her understanding, Qin Rou was shrewd, and would start to act as a demon as soon as she met people.

When her niece arrived, the man was gone.


Qin Rou and Lu Yan went out of the art troupe compound and took the bus to the movie theater in the city.

When Qin Rou thought of the expression of the group of plastic sisters when she left, she thought it was funny.

She really wanted to stand proud for three minutes in front of them.

——I just like the way you look at me but can’t beat me.

Do you have the ability to follow me

Qin Rou was immersed in the results of the battle just now, and the more she thought about it, the more comfortable she felt.

Her brows and eyes were curved, and she smiled like a smug little fox.

She turned her head to look out the window, the more she thought about it, the brighter the smile on her face.

It was a good breath of anger.

After she got on the bus with Lu Yan, they sat down in the two free seats, Qin Rou sat by the window and Lu Yan sat on the side.

Qin Rou didn’t take the initiative to speak, pretending to be looking at the scenery, and reminiscing about the comfort she experienced a while before.

Lu Yan’s back was straight, his eyes were ahead, his body was tense, as if he could enter a combat state at any time.

He peeked at the person beside him, but skillfully kept her from finding his sight.

She smiled so beautifully.

Her voice was also nice.

Lu Yan had never been so nervous in his life.

On such a small bus, he was more nervous and excited than his first time on a ship.

He had lived for more than 20 years, and it was the first time he had experienced such a heart-pounding feeling.

From the first sight of her, Lu Yan’s habitually flexible and clever mind began to knot, and until the moment, he had not fully recovered.

If the little girl beside him continued to smile, he might not be able to find his mind again.

Lu Yan fixed his eyes on the bus driver in front of him and tried his best to ignore the woman beside him.

Only then did he feel his reason gradually returning to his mind.

The more he regained consciousness, the more he knew the strong desire in his heart.

He wanted her, he wanted to hold her hand, he wanted to hug her, and he wanted to see her smile every day.

He thought of her smiling like a little fox and calling him “Army Officer” sweetly.

Just imagining the sound of “Army Officer” when she was talking to Director Sun and the smile when she looked out the window, combined, was like a color bomb exploded in his mind.

He thought back to that smile when they first met.

The explosion made him lose his mind, as if he had returned to the era of artillery fire.

On the small bus, Lu Yan organized what little sanity he had and tried to devise a combat strategy.

Although he had several blind date experiences in the past, even Lu Yan, whose brain was broken, knew that these past experiences could never be repeated.

He couldn’t do that to her.

— Lu Yan, tell me, with your face alone, how many women like you But with your stinky temper and your mouth, which woman can stand you in the future

Lu Yan thought:

— Then try not to speak.

The less he said, the less wrong things may be.

First impressions were the most important.

Until the two got off the bus, they didn’t talk on the way.

When getting off the bus, Qin Rou thought to herself that Lu Yan was just there to go through the process.

It was the first time she had met someone who cooperated with her like that.

Qin Rou took the initiative to buy a movie ticket, and actively chose the best viewing location with the conductor.

Lu Yan waited and paid when it was time to pay.

Qin Rou was not polite to him, and went to the side to buy three or four taels of melon seeds, put them in a paper bag, and gave some to Lu Yan.

The movie wouldn’t start for a while, and the two of them wouldn’t talk.

So it was better to eat melon seeds.

Lu Yan didn’t eat melon seeds usually, but when he saw her hand it over, he didn’t refuse, and stood with her eating them.

Crack- Crack-

Qin Rou: “…”

It was probably the most silent and strange blind date she had ever experienced.

The army officer was so thorough.

Did he forget that he was there for a blind date He didn’t ask the usual questions about age, graduation, salary, and what was the requirement for his future partner.

Didn’t he want to say anything

Didn’t she hear that Lu Yan was a difficult person.

Shouldn’t he take the initiative to pick things up It was strange to be so quiet…

While she was wondering, Lu Yan was also wondering.

He heard that the girl was like a little pepper, but it didn’t seem so.


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