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“I submitted a marriage application report.”

Wang Yuanzheng was so frightened by his words that it took him a long time to find his voice, “Comrade Lu, are you kidding It’s not funny.”

It took less than five days before and after, everyone was busy with the assessment and review, but the person suddenly said he handed in the marriage application report.

Even if he started late, he wouldn’t marry so early.

Lu Yan said calmly, “No kidding, she sings in the art troupe.”

She was so beautiful, her voice was nice, her eyes were so fascinated that he lost his soul, and the way she cried was even more interesting… … Of course, these things shouldn’t be told to outsiders.

“How many times have you met”


“You… you met once, but you are going to get married What did you say Do you know what kind of woman she is Once you know her, can you take good care of the family”

“Marriage is a lifelong event, how can you be so sloppy! We are going to Qiongzhou Island soon, have you considered if she is willing to go with you Why will she go to Qiongzhou island three thousand miles away from home”

Wang Yuanzheng had repeatedly asked Xiao Ma if she was willing to go to Qiongzhou Island with him.

Even if she was willing at first, later when she understood the specific situation, she disagreed.

Although he was sad, he could respect and understand her decision.

“This modern war is like a blitzkrieg war.” Lu Yan gave him a sidelong glance, “Who is like you, babbling and procrastinating for so long”

(blitzkrieg: surprise attack)

“Lu Yan! Your attitude is not correct! Compared to war, have you considered every aspect Have you considered family life in the future” Wang Yuanzheng had heard the words of countless people, thought it over and over again, and considered every aspect thoroughly.

“Lu Yan, you must have been kicked by a donkey in the head, right”

“F*ck you!” Lu Yan rolled his eyes and scolded him.

Lu Yan felt that his mind was clearer than ever.

He just wanted her, he wanted her crazily, and if a man wanted a woman, why did he still need to think so much

“I’m about to go to Qiongzhou Island soon.

If I don’t act fast, wouldn’t I miss her and she might become someone’s wife Even fools know that it’s  better to strike first, and it’s more important to make a brand and stamp it than anything else.”

Wang Yuanzheng: “…”

This Comrade Lu was really stubborn.

No, he had to find out what kind of woman he wanted to marry.


“Hey, this wild b*stard, this b*stard—”

Lu Zongyi gasped for a few breaths, cursing non-stop.

As soon as Jiang Ping entered the room, she could hear the old man scolding the younger son, and she couldn’t be bothered to hear it.

“Old Wang came to chat with you again”

Since this time, every time Old Wang came, Lu Zongyi scolded his son, blaming him for being unsatisfactory.

Old Wang next door was Lu Zongyi’s old enemy.

They were both enemies and friends.

They were always at each other’s throats.


Old Wang next door had two sons and a daughter.

In their Lu family, Jiang Ping gave birth to four sons and a daughter to Lu Zongyi.

Although the eldest son died early, he had the second, the third, the fourth son and the third daughter.

Yes, at least the number was better than Old Wang’s.

Lu Zongyi had always been complacent about it.

Later, when the children grew up and wanted to start a family and business, problems began to arise.

Old Wang’s eldest son got married when he reached the age of twenty.

His daughter married at the age of twenty.

Even Old Wang’s youngest son married at the age of twenty five at the latest.

As for their Lu family, the second son got married when he was thirty years old, the third daughter got married when she was thirty years old, and the eldest had not married yet.

Because of that, Old Wang kept laughing at Old Lu, “My children get married earlier than yours.”

Under the cynicism of Old Wang, Lu Zongyi pinned all his hopes on Lu Yan, hoping that the brat would fight for him and find a daughter-in-law to get a marriage license at least before the age of twenty-six.

But it was just that the heavens didn’t always fulfill people’s wishes.

Jiang Ping sighed, she also heard about her younger son’s blind date record. 

“Your ancestors had a late marriage, so don’t struggle,” Jiang Ping said.

Comrade Lu Zongyi did not get married until he was thirty years old, and the two of them were regarded as revolutionary husband and wife.

A comrade-in-arms, Jiang Ping was a military doctor before retiring.

“You—you know sh*t!” Lu Zongyi gasped, remembering what he heard on the phone.

His wife didn’t know yet, and the problem was not the matter.

“Yes, I don’t understand.” Jiang Ping rolled her eyes, “You forced your son to see the last one, and you also searched for someone to introduce him to a hot-tempered girl.

They saw each other, but didn’t quarrel, what are you thinking about”

Lu Zongyi: “…”

He was a little afraid to say it.

Lu Zongyi’s scalp was numb, and he raised his hand and scratched his chin.

He whispered beside Jiang Ping, “I suspect that you want to sing the opposite of me.”

Jiang Ping glared at him, “That’s what you deserve.”

“My wife, you still don’t know the seriousness of the matter.

Just now, Lao Jiang called me and said that Lu Yan was going to marry that sassy girl, and handed in the marriage report.”

Jiang Ping was taken aback, “What Yan is getting married”

“…Well, with that sassy girl.

Old Jiang told me a few things about her, would you like to hear it”

Jiang Ping: “…I seem to remember your son’s temper is not very good.”

Lu Zongyi: “You remember correctly!”

Jiang Ping: “…”

Lu Zongyi: “…”

Jiang Ping’s scalp was numb, “Then tell me about our little daughter-in-law.”


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